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After reading over these stories: Michelle Malkin Clown Alert: Janet Napolitano says the "system worked."

What I'd like to know is when Napolitano said that the system worked, was she being facetious or truthful? Because if she was being truthful and the system was working as intended that means, by extrapolation, that the Department of Homeland Security is a superfluous organization. Completely meaningless except that it pays paychecks out to people who do nothing. The people on the plane, and also by extrapolation, the people everywhere in the United States are on their own.

So I ask again, was she joking around or did she really mean that the system worked accordingly?

On an offhand? Yeah, I think she's a stupid twat. How's that for not sleeping? Hahahaha...I scare myself sometimes.


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Feeling the melancholy thing, but on the whole much better than the last week. Got punched in the head by a double dose of depression, added in a shot of anxiety and a splash of mania. Not a very nice cocktail. So I indulged in the legal medicinal services available to one my age and just about choked on my own tongue. Which was fun, let me tell you. No...really. I was laughing too hard and bit down on my tongue. Didn't change the funny, just added a little pain.

Then it sort of hit me that I could laugh through it. So I did. Kinda neat those mini epiphanies that come out of nowhere.

Sent another email to the local college. Apparently they have a transit system between my shitty town and their campus now. Although I have no clue when it runs, I've not seen it here. If it exists that'd rock. I could take a couple of classes and not have to worry about the car breaking down on the way. Or the fact that it gets 5mpg.

Told my brother I'm a bit of a transgender. That was hard. Not that I don't enjoy being female, I'm just too dominant to be happy with anyone NORMAL. God, that feels so good to say. Sorry, but I can't see myself living with anyone who isn't afraid to be stronger than me. Everyone I think I might be capable of loving in that way turns out to be so damn weak where I need them to be strong. All I ever asked for was a backbone, a huge fucking heart, and a complete understanding of the fact that...I honestly hate myself. I do. Always have. Still do. Not gonna change. If I could not be me for a million bucks? I'd sell a kidney.

So there you have it. My need for someone to understand that I'm not male or female, I'm both. And I'm neither. Sex is more a play on dominance and submission to me and anyone strong enough to dominate my huge fucked up personality usually goes to find someone a bit more stable in the emotional facilities. I'm nothing anyone has ever dealt with before, apparently. Not even my shrink wants to discuss it. Hell, in another era I'd be a nun..I have no doubt...Mother Superior. Hahahahahahaha. *walks like a penguin*

Ah hell, I'm over 40 and I have no dreams. How pitiful is that? I need to find a few somewhere.

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Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

~~~ William E. Henley


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Christmas sucks. Haven't had a good one for a while now so I think next year I'm just gonna let it slide. Hurts too much. Being forgotten every year is shitty. Next year I will find someone else to celebrate with. I'm sick of hoping and praying for someone to look in my direction during a time made for families and togetherness. Fuck 'em.

Anybody wanna get drunk next Christmas? I'm taking reservations. And I'm opening a Christmas Club account so I can get my shit out of here when the time comes. That's right, I'm spending it all on ME. Maybe in Vegas or somewhere with a beach. So blah.

And because this is a shitty message, I'll add something nominally funny. Ray Stevens is great. If you ever get a chance to catch his show in Branson, do so.

Merry Christmas...

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Beautifully describes my angst (and sense of humor). Happy Ho-Ho. :)

How I feel...

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Aside from mourning Alex, things are plodding along okay. Another Christmas with sadness along for the ride. Watching more Carlin to perk myself up and found this gem. The holidays need to come with a disclaimer....

Safe Schools Czar my ASS...

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Breaking: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom– Kevin Jennings and the GLSEN Reading List

You have GOT to read this (via Gateway Pundit). I've just gone to check out the books that were cited in this report and what he's got as examples is only the tip of the iceberg. These people actually want to indoctrinate YOUR children into thinking of deviant sex as normal. Keep in mind I don't include homosexuality in that description, oh no. The deviant material includes sexual encounters with adults, public masturbation, glorified prostitution, etc. Homosexuals would even find this stuff completely disgusting.

Scott Baker from and Co-Host of ‘The B-Cast‘ submitted this shocking report today on Obama’s deviant Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.

—-Warning on Content—–

I was recently approached by a team of independent researchers that I have known for some time and have come to trust. They prepared this report involving ‘Safe Schools Czar’ Kevin Jennings and the organization he founded, GLSEN, and asked that I find a way to help draw attention to what they uncovered. Knowing that Gateway Pundit has followed Kevin Jennings since his appointment, as we have on The B-Cast (here, here, and here), and on (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), I felt this would be an appropriate place for this report.

Warning: The following material is very explicit.

Scott Baker


Co-Host, The B-Cast

Go read it. But don't forget to take your barf bag with you. Good Lord...

Junk Science...

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So glad that's over. I hope they shove a polar bear down Al Gore's throat.

Why being a Teabagger isn't so bad...

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It honestly boggles my mind the way people have been so incredibly insulted by being referred to as a 'Teabagger' instead of a 'Tea Bagger.' There is a huge difference, of course, but it's not the difference that the news media are hawking. The left uses it as a deroggatory insult. The right gets all puffed up at the affrontery at being called a deroggatory insult. When both sides couldn't be more wrong.

It is the world of FPS (First Person Shooter) games that coined the term 'Teabagger' in the first place. Sure, it was known as a sexual perversion beforehand, but was largely unknown. The ladies and gentlemen of the gaming sphere are the ones who took it to it's natural progression. You see, regardless of the gender of the small pixellated people on the screen they all have testicles. In uniforms such as those in Call of Duty or Halo or any number of other FPS games there are no females. They are all anatomically male. This isn't sexist. It's simply easier to make the game you want to make if you aren't worried about such things as gender and breast placement. Besides, it'd take away from the grandeur of battle as men and boys everywhere do nothing but turn on the game to look at female endowments. No, the developers want them to play the game.

Thus, in this genre of FPS gaming, the Teabag Maneuver was born. When a player has won in a fight against a weaker foe the common celebration is to stop and dip your avatar down onto the head of your fallen enemy. Teabagging the dead is a way to show superiority in the FPS sphere of gaming. A coup de grace. A denouement. The icing on the cake. You KNOW you lost the game when someone is doing the complicated finger moves to dip his character's buttocks down at your head several times in celebration.

Keeping this in mind while you watch Keith Olbermann and Tingles Matthews you might get a chuckle at them when they use the term 'Teabagger' in reference to the Tea Bag Movement. Because every time they say it, they mean that the Tea Bag Movement is aimed at their heads.

Every gamer knows this. And we're all laughing. HARD.

CRASH goes 2012...

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Millions May Have to Repay Part of Obama Tax Credit

More than 15 million taxpayers could unexpectedly owe taxes when they file their federal returns next spring because the government was too generous with their new Making Work Pay tax credit.

Taxpayers are at risk if they have more than one job, are married and both spouses work, or receive Social Security benefits while also earning taxable wages, according to a report Monday by the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration.

Read it all. Once all those people find out that Obama lied about more than just stimulus money? It's all over for the socialists. He can pretty much kiss his ass goodbye on this one. At least one would hope.


Pelosi the whore...

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Yep, she whored. Only she's the pimp buying up sluts. Bitch done cheated in a House of Representatives race.

Pelosi certified the democrat candidate as the winner before all the votes were counted. Bitch cheated and I bet nothing will happen. If she hadn't jumped the gun and ignored honest votes the healthcare bill would never have passed. Period. It really is down to one or two people now.

I hope sincerely that the senate has more brains to split amongst themselves so that this monstrosity won't actually happen to the USA.

Finally, some truth about the piggy flu...

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Get out your reading glasses. It's worth it, though.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

See them all. Truthfully the best critical thinking I've seen about this stupid flu since it all got started. And now they want mandatory shots for everyone? And a new healthcare bill the shitrich Dems are trying to shove down our throats supposedly for 'our own good.' Cowmuffins!

Watch these. :)

So much for granny's jewels...

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How safe is your safe deposit box?

That's right. States are gearing up to confiscate or barter for YOUR heirlooms and other deposited items. Best get your goodies out of there before the jackboots come. Seriously. This isn't a joke. It's ABC News...oh wait...hahahhahaha. But anyway, get your shit out of those deposit boxes before it's too late!

I laughed so hard I almost puked...

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A Novel Idea. Register non-gun owners!

Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has read the Second Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, as well as Vermont 's own Constitution very carefully, and
his strict interpretation of these documents is popping some eyeballs in New
England and elsewhere.

Maslack recently proposed a bill to register "non-gun-owners" and require
them to pay a $500 fee to the state.
Thus Vermont would become the first state to require a permit for the luxury of going about unarmed and assess a
fee of $500 for the privilege of not owning a gun

Gotta love it!! That's right, ladies and gents. If you're not packin, you're gonna be payin! This actually has some wonderful implications in the preservation of the 2nd Amendment if you stop and think about it. It's ingenious in that it disallows taking away the right to bear arms and makes those not prepared to defend themselves easy to find. Awesome idea. I like this guy...wish he were in Illinois.

So true...

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This has got to be the greatest thing I've seen out of Congress in weeks. This guy is speaking God's honest truth and I bet you the majority Dems aren't even paying attention. This needs to get out to everyone. the whaaaaaambulance!! XD

Payday rocks...and so does Monty...

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Btw, if you want to see a neat youtube feature, try this: Replace watch in the URL to warp.swf. So if you have a video who's address is:

You put it in the browser as:

Go try it. Any youtube link at all. Kinda nifty.

So the cheese-eating surrender monkey says...

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Iran and Israel in 'race to confrontation.'

Noo! Ya think?!? Fuckin French are still the slowest bastards on the planet. What tipped him off? All those flying mortar rounds? The screaming of bomb alert sirens? Oh, maybe he saw it in a pretty dream! With Obama unicorns and Putin rainbows!!

Now if we can only get our servicemen out of the way before these countries explode Obama would be vindicated in my eyes. Seriously. If he cared one whit more for someone other than himself I'd be damned surprised. Hell, I'd endorse the son of a bitch, send him christmas cards, and lick his goddamn shoes if he'd let all of them come home before Israel nukes the shit out of Iran (or vice versa).

Long boring fall...

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Not much going on. Got my new sidewalk and porch put in finally. They barely squeezed it in under the wire. The next three days after they pulled up the wood from around the concrete it rained. Now if they can finish up the walk at the front of my yard we'll be happy.

The world is going to hell. No new news there. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are systematically destroying our economy. For what, we aren't sure yet. They're trying to grab control of everything in the interest of 'spreading the wealth'. Unfortunately, to do that your wealth declines along with the standard of living while the rich flee to other countries. There's nothing I can do about this, being who and what I am. Other than flip the bird at politicians.

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." -Bill Hicks


Ribbons and Unicorns...

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Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

Check it out. There's a big winding ribbon between us and the universe. Proof of god? Or just another anomaly to add to all the others? I'm sure Benny Hinn will be taking advantage.

On a different note, I've decided not to renew my cable TV. The more I watch bits and pieces, the more I read newspapers and magazines...the more I am convinced that the media is no longer a haven for journalists. They are all after the same thing. Ratings, money and the advancement of the 'progressive' agenda. Entertainment has trumped any journalistic integrity any network or paper or news organization ever had. MSNBC? Good lord, can they get any worse? Their main star, Olbermann, just did a monologue protesting DEATH. What. The. Fuck. And Matthews? He just called for the murder of Rush Limbaugh over a series of FAKE quotes. Simply because he's popular and conservative. If a conservative entertainment talking head had said anything similar about a liberal the news would be COVERED with sympathy for the poor-downtrodden-misunderstood liberal. Has decency completely gone the way of the dodo? And here we find the dryest paper in the universe, The Wall-Street Journal, has now become #1 in the USA!! A conservative rag that covers finance. Can you believe it? It'd be really funny if it weren't so friggin sad.

The US is coming up on a serious crossroads. Fox News, a channel I'm not fond of to begin with, has become #1. A pompous bloviating asshole like Bill O'Reilly can actually point and laugh at the other networks for sucking WORSE THAN HIM. Christ, it's like watching a cheesy plotless spaghetti western.

So I can honestly say...the US not fit to print. Or air. Or anything else for that matter.

So Obambi got the peace prize...

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This post at Ace of Spades HQ shows who might have gotten the peace prize had Obama not been a dick and accepted. Go read it. I can wait...

Now that you've read it (I assume) are you as pissed off as I am? Do you wonder just HOW this nobody who's done jack shit got a prize that could have documented and shined a light on human rights abuses? What the shit has Obama done for anybody but himself? NOTHING.

God, I hate this administration SO MUCH. Bush had nothing on this assface. I hope he survives his entire one term. Cuz when this is over with? There's gonna be a LONG reign of republicans.

Why I like EVE (NSFW)...

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Again.. NSFW. This is the staff of CCP, the makers and administration behind EVE Online. Hahahahaha, I gotta turn this back on. This game rocks.

Evil in WoW? Who'da thunk it...

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Please keep in mind that I don't subscribe to this particular brand of weirdness, but it is pretty cool to see what's in the game. What this guy points out is actually there. Though I can't really imagine that they did all of this on purpose as is suggested. It's more a case of fantasy reflecting our current reality than anything else. I think.

Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world....

SW:ToR needs to get done. I'm getting bored.

Praying to the almighty O...

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No, not Oprah, but the connotations are the same. Each one is his/her own religious icon. Think I'm kidding? Google is your friend.

These people are certifiably boned. A previous post has a listing of descriptions of the antichrist. Obama just slipped into another point flawlessly. Are the left so incredibly deluded that they can't see that Obama is just a politician from Chicago? And not a very good one at that. Now, I'm not saying Obama is the biganbad AC, but these insane and overly mind altered people aren't helping the agenda of their almighty by praising him in public as if he were god. God is God. Obama is a pimple on God's ass (if God actually had pimples...or an ass).

Come to think of it, L. Ron would probably be laughing his drugged out ass off at this one. The resemblance is uncanny.

Prelude addendum...

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Saudi Arabia offers Israel airspace to attack Iran

Mmmhmm. 6 million people on the line. Who's gonna shoot first?

Prelude to yet another war...?

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Euro to replace dollar in Iran's Forex Reserve Fund

Which basically means (if you don't like clicking links) that Iran is now trading it's oil for Euros instead of the Dollar. Something they said they'd do by 2005, but put off because of what happened to Iraq. Iraq ALSO changed their oil fund option from the Dollar to the Euro. And as a consequence was attacked.

(At the same time Avigdor Lieberman is giving us all notice of impending Israeli air strikes on Iran. Hahahahahahah..suck it, Fox.)

See a pattern here anywhere? Iran believes the US to be weak with a weak leader. Obama is kissing the asses of all the wrong people, destroying the security of our allies, and taking away our ability to defend ourselves. Instead of actually finishing the conflict in Afghanistan by either pulling out or heaping on more assistance, he's leaving the men there to rot with new rules of engagement that so closely resemble the mire that was Vietnam that it's no longer an issue of politics. Hell, even the UK is willing to hop in and kick Iran's ass.

While Obama is destroying our credibility and pissing off our allies, keep in mind that Iran has developed over the years some pretty tight allies themselves. They already have a rather massive standing army, they have Syria as an ally, they have (still) the Iraqi shia army at their disposal, Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, Pakistan and all the hoity toity jihad bands as well (Al Q, Hezbollah, the Taliban, etc.). Obama is sitting on top of a giant nuke that's about to go straight up his narrow bunghole.

In all fairness, however, you can't discount the fact that the Obama administration has made the Dollar worth less than a roll of toilet paper. Double ply. Everyone on the planet is nervous about their US investments and most are slowly pulling out. Unless Obama suddenly declares that we owe nobody anything and becomes isolationist (which is likely, surprisingly enough) we are clearly boned. Personally, I feel sorry for the poor schmuck that has to deal with the mess once he and his congressional cronies are finished screwing up our country.

So, how long until Iran becomes the next quagmire? Anyone want to start a pool?


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You say you want a revolution...

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Massachusetts proposing legislation that would allow police to forcefully quarantine residents and even impose martial law without a warrant. Could that possibly be constitutional?

Is it possible to do this at all? To force people to take the vaccine or toss them in jail? Forcibly take their children and vaccinate them as well? I honestly have no hope of avoiding it. If I don't take the flu shot I'll lose my insurance and I can't afford for that to happen. This is absolutely mind boggling.

F-You Poland!...

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Putin calls US missile U-turn a good start; Now in addition...

Coincidence he decided to announce this on the anniversary of the Russians rolling over Poland? No...really?

Obama is a dick.


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Goodbye Dommine. I'm sorry I was too old. RIP

So, you want to be president for life...

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Why not repeal the 22nd Amendment so you can! (H. J. Res. 5) Coming to a Hill near you, brought to you by the wonderful Democrat from New York, Representative Jose Serrano. Repeal the 22nd Amendment and be the next Hugo Chavez!!

What is the 22nd Amendment, you might ask? Here you go:

1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President, when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

2. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years from the date of its submission to the States by the Congress.

Got designs on the top office there, Jose? Think you got the cojones to fool the people of this country twice over? Or are you just an Obama fluffywuffy asslicking lapdog? I'd bet on the latter.

Check out some of the other things your congress is bringing to the table:

H.R.45 - To make firearm licensing mandatory.
H.R.675 - Amend Title 10 of the US code to give civilians the authority to execute warrants, make arrests and carry firearms. That means ACORN, people. A-FUCKING-CORN.
H.R.875 - Makes organic farming ILLEGAL.
H.R.1444 - Civil conscription.
S.729 - Allows illegal aliens to bring up to 7 members of their family to the US. And then makes them citizens.
S.787 - Gives the Federal Government the power over all water resources in the US.
S.1261 - REAL ID, giving everyone a national ID card and recording all identifiable information.

There's a ton more, too. Go look around for a while. Some of this stuff is straight out of Orwell's brain.

Continuing construction...

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A photo of what's happening in my front yard. Took this with my cell camera. I'm told once it's time to put down the concrete slab for my new porch that I'll be unable to leave for at least 8 hours. The work continues later today (it's early morning) extending the trench under my front windows to where the quasi sinkhole was fixed a couple years ago.

That's directly in front of my drawbridge. You can see it here, this is from when the moat wasn't filled with sand and I had no screen door. But it's still there all the same. Only now it's got a bunch of gravel and dirt from where they hurriedly filled in the path out so I can pay the rent later today.

That's my life for the summer. And they're not done. They still have to give me a new porch, sidewalk, and sodded lawn. This should continue to be amusing.

And I still don't have to mow.

About that piggy flu...

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People around here and everywhere else I notice have gone completely apeshit over the swine flu. H1N1 or something like that. Finally I got tired of the speculation and tossing out of random numbers to go and have a closer looksee at what is going on. What I found is a bit amazing, a little frightening, and kinda stupid.

First, let's look at what H1N1 actually means. So many bandy about that little phrase without even knowing what they're talking about. It's scary because it has a couple of ones in it? Please. What this phrase is, is what's called a 'Nomenclature.' They are a designation for the names in which they represent.

H = Hemagglutinin
N = Neuraminidase

These are proteins that are in every influenza A virus. However, they can change over time, or mutate from strain to strain. The number after each letter determines what strain we're talking about.

So ignoring the letters, we get 1 and 1. Which flu strain are those, you might ask? Well, let's have a look at the numbers and what they designate.

Hemagglutinin comes in 16 strains (or subtypes). Each subtype varies slightly from the other and that variation determines what living creature the virus infects. Only H1 through H3 commonly infect humans, but H5, or the bird flu, is known to infect at a very very low rate. [1]

Neuraminidase comes in 9 subtypes. Unlike the above, each number here designates the antibody that each virus neutralizes. Think about it! Viruses with this protein in any designation is designed to completely neutralize the antibodies that will kill it. Neato, huh? Nature kicks balls. Each of these subtypes can be in any particular type of influenza, but when they mix up with a host that matches their strain it can cause a crapton of problems. [2]

Okay, then. What makes H1N1 so damn scary? Why is it different from, say, H2N3? Well, to be totally honest not all strains of H1N1 are particularly deadly. Most of them are the normal flu that anyone gets every so often. The only reason they call it the 'swine flu' is because it has been found infecting pigs. Big whoop. What is scary about H1N1 is that H and N. Even though the strain is 1 (human), slight variations in that 1 (human and how they attack YOU) can cause the virus to be more virulent. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, "H1N1 is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

If someone tells you that you've caught the flu it's wise to take precautions, to be sure. But it is completely UNWISE to panic and lock yourself away from assistance. Call your doctor. Do what you would normally do for a flu (drink liquids, stay in bed, chicken soup) and if it gets to the point where you say 'wow, this flu is worse than any other I've ever had' it's time to go to a hospital.

And there you go. Completely demystified. Congrats, you now know more about Influenza A Swine Flu than most newscasters. Go you!

[1] April 2006 Molecule of the Month; RCSB Protein Data Bank
[2] May 2009 Molecule of the Month; RCSB Protein Data Bank

Too good not to pass on...

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That's just awesomeness incarnate. And so very right. Hahahah..pun.

Life is slow with the balance issues here at home. Still no relief in sight, but I guess I'm getting used to it. Laundry day was certainly interesting. Navigating a basement stairwell is exciting when the world is shaking from side to side in your head. It's all done, though, which makes Mom's birthday better. Can't be griping or anything tomorrow. Too important.

Check out the links on the right if you want to know what's going on out there. I haven't kept many links on-hand lately because it's tough to write without feeling like my chair is falling out from under. It'll get better eventually.


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There's been few updates lately and for that I apologize. The bad news coming from our government is clearly pervasive in the country's media (assuming one doesn't watch network TV) and I find no reason to compound the issues. It's depressing. I do not want to be depressed anymore.

This dizziness has gotten out of hand. Though, granted, it's a LOT better than it was just a few days ago. It's gone from actual pain from feeling as if my head were spinning in two different directions at once to a general unsteadiness whenever I move. Considering I don't move while I play games, that's pretty much what I've been doing the last few days. The trash needs to go out and I need to sweep the porch. Plus the laundry needs done. I have an appointment to see a local guy about this dizzy stuff. AGAIN. Somewhere, somehow, someone has something that will get rid of it completely.

The MD3 pills seem to be working well. Although I do have an alarming sensation of detachment from time to time. While writing this it feels as if my feet are not mine. Weird. At least I'm conscious of it, though, and according to the literature it should go away in time. No waverings, no rollercoastering, no urges to shop. I like this thing called normal.

On a side note I'm absolutely amazed that anyone resembling a friend continues to speak to me. After the last month of hell I'd have had about enough of me, too. Dizzy, sick, tired all the time, agitated, irritated, and pretty much just ready to put a gun in my mouth. People didn't run away screaming. Amazing. Right now all that's annoying me is a horribly stiff neck, light dizzies, and this fucking fly that just won't die. >_<

If you want to see news articles, here's a good one of John Voight titled 'Is Obama creating a civil war in America? Go read. It's good for you.

Netanyahu has all the answers...

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And check this out, guys.

WSJ: Death Book for Veterans

I can't believe they're going to reinstate this piece of garbage. To actually tell them that they're a burden on their families so ending it all might be the best choice? What the fuck is this?

Are all Obamacrats soul-less monsters?

Eminent Journalist Speaks Truth...

Posted by Kogai | Posted in | Posted on 9:40 AM news about it in the United States, of course. Truth is anathema to our mainstream media.

Think about that. Bush and Obama are almost the same damn person.

About that castle...

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They're filling my moat with sand now. After repairing the gas lines and shoring up other things it's almost finished. Except they're about to dig a huge trench down the center of the lawn (horizontally), cut out most of my sidewalk, and tear up my grass to fix the water line. I guess it's now a zigzag for some god-forsaken reason.

I raise my glass to the end of mowing for this year. :) Always gotta be a bright side to things, yanno.

In case it isn't clear...

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No, I don't like eugenics. No, I'm not for killing the elderly and infirm. No, these people should NOT continue to represent me. No, this is not what the founding fathers wanted for their descendants. In short:


Democrats at Work...

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"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have." Thomas Jefferson

The healthcare bill isn't about healthcare. It's about taking away your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's a direct anathema to the Constitution of the United States. None of the people who want to sign this into law has read it all the way through (and they freely admit it). The Democratic Party has begun the next Revolution by calling out their thugs to beat down dissent.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

Read the bill. Read the 'Cash for Clunkers' bill. Read anything else up for grabs on the floor in Congress and you will see a disturbing trend. Money goes from your pocket to the hands of special interests in EVERY SINGLE ONE. Lobbyists have finally taken over the country. Lobbyists for companies all over the world.

You live in a fascist state.

Positive Contact...

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Here's your warning. We knew it was coming. This is socialist-marxist America.

The CARS.GOV (DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE) disclaimer reads:

"This application provides access to the DoT CARS system. When logged on to the CARS system, your computer is considered a Federal computer system and is the property of the U.S. Government. Any or all uses of this system and all files on this system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected and disclosed to authorized CARS, DoT, and law enforcement personnel, as well as authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic and foreign."

Small Update: You know, I have to wonder what the impetus is behind this so-called program, it's computer piracy, and subsequent loss of rights. Does anyone even realize that 'clunkers' are typically /without/ most electronic devices? My old car is wonderful. It's easy to maintain, easy to fix, and easy to run. It has nothing electronic that would stop it from starting even if the electrical system were put out of commission. A screwdriver and a push would start it in an emergency. Can more modern cars say the same? I doubt it. Nor does it have anything even remotely resembling GPS. Something to think about.

Guilty Giggles...

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These are so interesting and yet for anyone with a logical non-religious forward brain so incredibly funny. If this is true we're all boned anyway. Just enjoy!

Interesting stuff...

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Of daily crap...

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So today I had to drop off my mother's dog at the kennel. Which is no big deal. I went out to the country, did her dishes, played with the cat, and relaxed for a bit before loading up big Rex for the trip. It's about a half-hour drive since I drive much slower with a dog in the back of the wagon. The dog's toys were forgotten, but when I got there the lady said not to worry about it. The toy and bone I'd loaded up with him were fine since Rex doesn't play with them while he's there anyway. He plays too much with the other dogs. There's just too much for him to do.

Well, on the way back I could feel the front left tire pulling a bit to the left. Immediately I thought that maybe the tire had sprung another leak. The seal there is like a bad penny, it happens to leak from time to time. At first I was going to stop at Wal-Mart and let the radiator cool off a bit since it was starting to overheat (I could smell something cooking). But instead, with the tire pulling, I went up to the convenience store/gas station up the road. As I was stopping to turn I could see smoke coming off the front left from under the hood. Juuuuust wonderful.

Since it does no good to flip out during the inevitable, I simply said a very loud 'SHIT' and parked by the air pump anyway. Got out the cell phone and called dear Momma. Eventually I called the fixit place in MY town and a tow truck in the town I was in and got things sorted out. Mom called a friend to pick me up and take me home. Though truth told I would have liked to have rode with the tow driver. Heheheheheh. Good lord, he was huge. Strong, about 6'10" easy, and works with his hands. I like that.

*cough* Anyway, that's today's wonderment. Not too keen on politics for a while. Religion is coming to the fore and almost nobody wants to hear about that. So I'll keep it for another time. Doom, gloom, blah blah blah. Maybe I'll get my car back in a couple of days.

Today's lesson...

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Today's blog post brought to you by the letter F. As in Fascism. Remember Fascism? Back in the days when the Bush administration thought it would be a great idea to make corporations into government entities? Well, it seems as if our lovely Democrats have decided to take everything Bush did just a few steps further. Right into the heart of Mussolini's old regime. Take a peek at this gem.

Political opposition is not a hate crime But it will be if Rep. Hastings gets his way. And it's all a-buzz on the Dem side as a way to get rid of the opposing faction. Didn't talk radio warn of this years ago? Well, here you are tinfoil hatters. Proof.


Check this one out from HotAir. The rogue government of Los Angeles LA wants to retroactively tax businesses when they fall into a certain category. And we're not talkin a few months. They want to go back YEARS to tax companies within LA, CA to collect back taxes that the companies never owed to begin with. Fascism is pretty ugly, isn't it?

So our lesson today, kids is this: Democrats = Fascists :) Enjoy your aesthetically pleasing and vaguely nutritious lunch, boys and girls. Tomorrow it won't be there and you'll be living with someone the state deems 'safe'.

Lazy updates...

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So far this summer has been predictable and boring. Boring because of the heat wave that had everyone trapped indoors followed by the cool lull that has me sleeping while the sleeping is good. Supposedly our gas lines are to be replaced here, too, which means there's markings on the lawn that grow more faint at every mowing. I don't know what posessed them to mark the lines so far ahead of time. Baffling.

MJ dead, Farrah dead, Ed dead. And now, for a limited time, you get ONE FREE DEAD CELEBRITY!! They tossed in Billy Mays as a hat trick bonus. Blah. Life is unfair.

Korea still rattling sabers, but now they say that it's an act of war for the US to put missle defenses around Hawaii. No link atm since I'm reclining in the dark and I don't much feel like finding it again. Go look. Your fingers aren't broken. So not only can we not police our own waters we are restricted from defending ourselves from an obvious and blatant threat. Amirite? Obama is so weak. *headshake*

The Iranians who believed in democracy have been beaten down. The mullocracy is still in place with an old pedophile at the helm. And Amahdinnerfuckwit still thinks his islamic messiah is on his way to save the day. All they have to do is make these people live like slaves until he arrives. Or something like that. I read the speeches he made to the mullahs, but I don't have the link. Go look. Yaddayaddayadda.

It's not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination. But it is a very violent time in human history. This one is gonna be remembered as being fairly insane. Can you imagine being a schoolkid in 20 or so years opening up a history book to see this?:



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US Takes Back July 4 Invitations to Iranians. And all I have to say is: IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME YOU USELESS FUCKS!!!

Though I understand why Obama is going the route of the Isolationist, it doesn't change the fact that everyone in the world realizes how incredibly weak he is as President of this country. Damned if you do and damned if you don't is the issue of the day. But you DO NOT invite murderers and thugs to your banquet. Period. Iranian mullahs step one foot in the United States and they should be put in irons for human rights violations. But oh, that's right, the UN is RUN by these despicable 7th century warlords.

Isn't it time we left the UN behind? The United Nations is utterly useless and does nothing but filter money/food from the rich to the warlords who keep people poor and oppressed. All those hippy organizations sending all those millions upon millions to Africa or wherever? Why? What are any of them doing to help themselves? NOTHING.

And North Korea. N. Korea has OFFICIALLY threatened the United states. Officially. They are pointing their baby nukes at us right this second. What's happening in Washington D.C. that there's zero response from our useless President?

Thanks, leftists. Now we're all fucked. The economy has gone to hell, there's war brewing on no less than THREE fronts, and nobody wants to trade with us. Think you can concede that MAYBE Republicans aren't in it for the quick cash and putting down the poor now? Can any of you even bother to think for yourselves at all?

It's hopeless.

Iran part deux...

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First of all, if you use Twitter, please change your settings to reflect that you are posting from +3.30 GMT in Tehran, Iran. It seems that the government henchmen are searching for people from within Iran by their Twitter settings and are shutting them down. Whether or not they are within the country or not. So go change your settings and confuse the shit out of them. I AM SPARTACUS! *cough*

The only news coming out of Iran now is either state-run news which shows little to nothing other than the coup leaders or these internet devices that allow bloggers/tweeters via proxy to post. Not even our own news sources are worth a shit in this circumstance.....but they haven't been worth a shit for years anyway. Some links:

IranElection on Twitter to follow what's happening. There are other tweet lines, but this one seems to be the most busy. Lots of counterfeit Iran regime posts, easy to spot. Hundreds are dead, beaten, jailed, and the Iran army is visibly scaring citizens off of their own streets. It's a revolution happening right in front of us and all our news stations care about is sucking on Obama's anus. Hot Air has a video of college kids killed in their own dormitory. Where is CNN? HNN? Anyone?

ABC Network has finally gone fully nationalized. They now report from within the White House and decline allowing a dissenting view. With the fact that GE/NBC is already mostly owned by the Obama Administration that leaves only CBS on the outside. Want to take bets on how long it takes them to tow the party line? (Wtf is all this robust bullshit, anyway?)

Meanwhile, Obama has no opinion on Iran one way or another. That's right, our President hasn't decided a foreign policy when it comes to Iran's problems even though his buddy Sarkozy has already condemned the violence and voter fraud openly.

Yes, our President is a despotic socialistic foreign policy retard.

I would suggest reading Michael Totten over at Contentions to get the latest real news from a slant that isn't leaning towards Obama. Another decent column at Slate.

Ah, hell. It'd take me a few hours and several pages to type what's happening in the world. Maybe I'll type up something about the UN connection later. It's better that the Iranian struggle remain uppermost in people's minds.

On Iran...

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It seems that their past election was a giant pretend-fest to keep the kiddies in line. It didn't work, though. Students are actually being killed (50-100 at last reports) protesting a fraudulent election. Apparently Ahmadinnerfuckwit wasn't that popular with the populace and the huge surge of voter turnout was a sure sign that his opposition, Mir Mousavi, was winning.

Big bombshell when it was announced that Ahmaeatshitanddie was given a pass for another stab at the presidency. Reuters reported it was nothing more than a show, a fraud. Today Reuters reports Mousavi seeking to overturn the election. Gateway Pundit is keeping a closer watch on things than I am.

Some have actually put up some kind of anger or protest in the US that someone could possibly 'steal' an election in the modern world. Citing, of course, the last three elections here in the US. To them I say: Are you an idiot? In order to even /run/ for president in Iran you have to be an Israel demolishing, United States hating, fundamentalist willing to let the mullahs stick their hand up your ass to do their bidding for them. It doesn't MATTER who wins because the freaking mullah child molesters are the real power behind the throne. And don't any of you forget it.

If the people of Iran can't get rid of the current theocracy they might as well bend over and take it like their leaders already do.

What scares me? Now that the elections are over and the mullahs show they don't actually give a shit what the majority wants, all that nuclear technology they've been building up doesn't need any pretense to be used. It was their plan all along to support the eradication of Israel, there's no reason to hold back now. On top of that, their allies in North Korea are also gearing up for a regime change and are stamping their little feet. Add into that our State Department's utter spinelessness in foreign relations and our weak Presidency and you get a recipe for disaster.

Something needs to break soon. Or someone needs to step up to the plate. I'm not counting on a Democrat to do anything...

Calling Gloria...Gloria?....Beuller?...

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This is what happens when you piss off a man in the middle east. Among lots of other disgusting and brutal things. And these are the survivors. It really bothers me that women's organizations seem to be turning a completely blind eye to this kind of thing. Nobody stands up for these women and they are so drowned out by testosterone, covered up from the time they might be showing a little breast, beaten lawfully, all pleasure removed from their lives, all happiness squeezed out so they can be the perfect fucktoys for their men.

WTF? This organization shouldn't exist. I'm glad they do, but they shouldn't. This kind of barbaric mysogeny has to end.

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Acts 12:21-23

Romans 1:18-32

2 Thessalonians 2:11

And here's what everyone is /thinking/:

He is a man. Daniel 7:24-25
He will confirm a covenant for seven years. Daniel 9:27
He will arise among a union of ten kings. Daniel 7:24 & Revelation 17:12-13
He will destroy three kings. Daniel 7:8 & 7:24
His ten nation union will merge into a world government. Daniel 7:1-8 & Revelation 13:1-3
He will use peace as a weapon. Daniel 8:25
He will be promoted by a so-called religious person who can supposedly work miracles. Revelation 13:11-14
He rises to power, loses his power, then rises to power again. Revelation 17-8
He will be preceded by 7 kings. Revelation 17:10-11
He will look different than his fellows. Daniel 7:20 & Daniel 8:23
After 3 and a half years after the covenant, he will sit in the rebuilt Jewish temple stating that he is god. Daniel 9:27, 11:31, Matthew 24:15-21, & 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
He will persecute God's people. Daniel 7:21 & Revelation 20:4
he will dominate the world, but will be resisted. Daniel 11:44, Daniel 11:40-45, & Revelation 12:14
He will change the times and laws against God. Daniel 7:25
He will not have a desire for women (have you SEEN Michelle Obama? Oinkolas!). Daniel 11:37
The number of his name will be 666. Revelation 13:18

And if you believe news of the weird, apparently he is supposed to have been born in the late 60's because of a bizarre correlation to the Six-Day War.

Now, if you believe all of that you might be thinking to yourself: Now who do I know fits most of these criteria? And you should also be whacking yourself in the head a few times if you come to a solid conclusion based on these. If religion has taught me anything, it's taught me that there's NOTHING solid about religion.

Sad Clarifications...

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First of all, David Carradine did not die of suicide. Which is good. He died the cool way as all super cool dudes should. He died of Auto-erotic Asphyxiation. That's just I'm lifting my glass to a permanent orgasm, Dave.

Second of all, Jim didn't make it. And, of course, nobody told me anything until I called a couple of times to see what was going on. Yes, I am a mushroom. No, I will not belittle a great man by being a whiny bitch. RIP Jim Braun. You were awesome to a shitty little troll when you never even had to bother. Thank you.

Ah hell...

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David Carradine apparently dead from suicide

Blah...blahblahblah. RIP Dave. You were just too fuckin cool for this world.

No word yet on Jim, but things didn't look good last night. I'll call Mom and find out if he made it or not. Jim fell from a high beam at work and broke his neck, shoulder, and banged his brain. They took him to surgery to alleviate pressure on his brain, but there was already much damage. He was such a nice guy. He's the one who picked me up from the hospital after a particularly painful surgery because his truck would allow me to travel without bending overmuch. He even brought a pillow for me to hold. The guy quit smoking to save his heart only to fall. I hope for the family's sake that his work gets sued into the ground for allowing men to work that high off the ground without safety gear. Truly. :(

Shocking stuff...

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I want to see this movie SO bad.

And in other news it looks as if the Huffington Post has yet another giant rotten egg in their midst. Not long ago a writer named Allison Kilkenny wrote for the HuffPo: Update: John Bolton Still Crazy. Well, now that North Korea has tested another nuke are they gonna apologize? Hahahah, yeah right. N. Korea is lobbing nukes, Iran is getting nuclear material from Venezuela, and Israel is having war games designed to train their military to take out Iran's Mullah regime. Something's gotta give. Obama's such a foreign policy pussy they're all ready to go.

And so far nothing Obama has done will stop it. Come on, Asia! Don't let us down!! :D

In developing news, it seems that the Chrysler dealerships that were put out of business by the government due to bankruptcy are heavy with REPUBLICAN DONATIONS. Doug Ross has the run down. Ochimpy has gone full blown communist.

Told ya so.


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Lots of news happening, none of it worth repeating. It's all old and kind of stupid for the most part. Mainstream media is so busy kissing liberal ass they forgot about reporting news and became news themselves. It's disgusting. I still end up reading most of it, but it leaves me shaking my head and wondering just wtf happened to journalism in the world. All the sensationalism and focus on the irrelevant is yawnworthy. Real news is gleaned from small sources cherry picked from around the globe on a daily basis. Even though all these sources can't possibly be verified all at once, they are more credible than some bleached asshat with a tingly leg screaming obscenities on cable TV in prime time. Personally, I don't give a rat fart for anything Olbermann has to say. And Garofolo's opinion is meaningless. What is going on with the government that isn't being reported by the White House press? And no, I don't mean the 'press corps' because they ceased to exist when their left leanings finally placed them flat on the carpet. I mean the White House Press. The one they now own; lock, stock, and barrel. The propaganda machine spins in all it's glory and the unwashed masses eat it up like homemade mashed potatoes.

Here's a cute story for you. But it's nothing you'll see in the NYT or Time Magazine. At least not with any viewpoint like this one. Home: No place for Bible study - County demands pastor spend thousands on 'Major Use' permit to host friends. This means the government is forcing him to stop conducting Bible Studies in his living room to 15 or so friends. Can any of you count the various Constitutional provisions that this violates?

If you're a liberal, then no. Huh?

The reason for silence...

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Okay, it seems to me that the Obama administration is pretty much screwing the pooch in about every single area they've tried to dominate. For example, this waterboarding thing and who knew and when. Republicans could care less about who knows. They wanted waterboarding to keep the country safe from terror attacks. However, Democrats seem to be hoisting themselves on their own petard. At the time Pelosi was briefed and knew exactly what was happening when the waterboarding was actually going on. Then she lied and said 'no, I didn't know.' Even the Dems are calling bullshit on this one, there's a paper trail several states long showing she did know and she knew DETAILS. Pelosi just screwed her own future in politics by being an incredulous lying turd.

And how about this releasing of pictures from the worst of the worst at Abu Ghraib? For two weeks we see 'Obama administration releasing abuse photos!' and the liberal press is lining up drooling to get copies of these photos. Republicans? They don't fear these photos. The people involved were already tried and damned. It's all in court history, the names and dates and what they did and to whom. It's been common knowledge for years. But the Democrats seem to want to sensationalize the errors of Republicans after the cleanup has already happened. At the risk of destroying a military that THEY CONTROL. What? It's enough to make even the most hardened cynic laugh until it turns to uncontrollable coughs. Next thing we know Obama closes the picture line and refuses to release the so-called incriminating photos. Too little too late, Chairman?

It occurs to me that the Democrats are too busy screaming and carrying on violently to realize that what they're doing is what they've been preaching against since the 60's. Flower power? Screw that. Get some clubs, call the press, launch the attacks!! Anybody who doesn't fall into the 'progressive' line is to be destroyed at ALL COSTS!! That's what Democrats have become. A very sad, very thin carbon copy of Chairman Mao. Complete with their very own American cultural revolution. Let's hope they don't take millions to their graves with their hippy largesse.

It's just too funny. And just too sad. Watch the Democratic party change, watch it mutate. Night after night. From hippy tree-huggers, environmental warriors, lovers of love and life.......into hideous violent blooded monsters intent on social order and destroying the strong in favor of keeping everyone weak and controllable. The banks, the press, big industries, will never NEVER never be allowed to pay back so-called loans and bailout funds. Why? So Chairman O will be able to keep control over us all.

Big Smile! Biiiiig Smile!


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Holy crap...

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I'm on public healthcare in the form of Medicare and Medicaid through Illinois state. A blue state. When you watch this it sounds pretty good up front. But if you keep watching up past the 5 minute mark, things start to change. I mean TWISTED change. Seriously horrifying change that even someone like me depending on public healthcare should and will be frightened of to the extreme. Go watch.

Health Care for America Rally - Chicago Rep Jan Schakowsky (9th IL)

She's not just a liberal. She's a follower of Stalinist doctrine. This is your federal government. And all those people are eating right out of her hand. This is bordering on biblical scary, kids. This really gives me the screaming heebies. Maybe that previous joke about Obama being born in the same year as the antichrist isn't such a joke...

Bob rocks...

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Not much in the mood to post updates this month. Lots of personal difficulties that nobody really needs to hear about. Maybe I'll give a good solid opinion piece here soon as I get a grasp on reality again. Until then, go outside and enjoy spring.

It's a matter of perspective...

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After a long and hard argument on whether or not to use waterboarding on enemies of the United States, I made the mistake of watching a real Taliban beheading video. Here's the link on Weaselzippers. But be warned, it's horrible. If you have a weak stomach, don't watch it. Please. I am humbled and sobered. The argument is meaningless in the face of this kind of 7th century behavior.

Radical Islam has no problem using torture and death to make their point, the moderates don't do anything to stop it. And they use our system of morals against us. Waterboarding is torture, this is true, but it does no harm to the person on which it is being used. Not permanent, bloody, horrifying damage or death. If it means these people are not populating my hometown I say use all the torture you want to use and then do it again to make the point stick.

The victims are human beings. The people sawing their heads off are animals. And they don't deserve my consideration or compassion. Long live the 10th crusade.

Was going to make a longer links post, but after this I just can't.

Did you fart...?

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Thx muchly Gateway Pundit.

Hahahahahahaha!!! It really is junk science and I can't honestly believe people have fallen into the 'global warming' trap. If you want to clean up pollution that's wonderful and I support you 100%. If you tell me my breath, farts, and the natural refuse from my farm is creating global warming I'm going to tell you just how full of shit you are. We have FEWER farm animals today than we did just 50 years ago. And the world wasn't on the edge of an ice age/hot age then, either. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, you idiots!! There are so few scientists that believe this bullshit you really have to wonder who's behind it all.

Global warming is a hoax. A really big hoax meant to soak you out of your hard earned money. It's called 'guilt tax.' Do you know who profits from those carbon credits you pay? Do you? Al Gore. That's two separate links for each one of his names. And there's a ton more articles just like that for other carbon credit supporters, too.

This is so funny it's almost tragic. Shakespeare himself couldn't make this up.

Anti-news News...

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From this point on I am boycotting CNN, MSNBC, and NBC. I'm also going to never buy a product from General Electric again. The mainstream publications from AP will never hit my porch again. Local news is what I'm buying. ABC and CBS will also not be gracing my television screen. What makes me so angry that I would avoid network television and two news channels (and all those billions in advertising)?

They glossed over approximately a million people protesting taxation without representation. Completely. They ignored the people that pay their salaries. And when CNN sent ONE lone reporter to talk to people at a protest, she skewed the view around to her own way of thinking so badly that the conversation lasted well after the camera was turned off. She's a leftist, an Obama devotee, a Messiah-crat. And CNN actually put this person in a place to do their job for them. No more. CNN and MSNBC are so anti-normal that they've gone beyond the pale to glorify a man who's only claim to fame is that he's best buddies with an admitted terrorist. Hell, the presidency will be the longest time Obama has EVER been employed by one entity.

Did you know Obama's wife was paid for a job that had supposedly been eliminated last year? It's in their tax forms.

Why aren't more people angry?

It's Teabagging Day!!!

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I've decided to compile a list of people in or around government that should be Teabagged. This isn't a personal thing, it's a political thing. If you think about it, there are folks in the news these days who deserve a smack an squat. You know who I'm talkin about, right? Here's my list so far (just from this week):

Opportunist Al Sharpton - Because murderous, thieving, kidnapping pirates are a voluntary coast guard (complete with video).

DHS Head Janet Napolitano - For shovelling manure in the form of a Department of Homeland Security report espousing the criminality of the right wing. Btw, her so-called apology is covered in manure, too.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner - For being a tax dodging douchebag forgiven by his messiah while everyone under him is forced to be precise.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates - For screwing up when Kim Jong Il tossed a rocket in the direction of Hawaii because his poor hair poofy buddy might be offended. Big freaking deal, amirite?

Senator John Kerry - For trying to give billions of our tax dollars to Pakistan to stop them from hating us so damn much. Wah.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - For thinking piracy is amusing and also because she has obviously never read a history book. Sorry, but you can't treat the world like you treat Bill and not get a nutsack to the forehead.

And Resident Barack Hussein Obama - For being really really REALLY freaking stupid. Among other things. I should start listing them. When I get time, maybe. And this just covers THIS week! Man, I need to expand to other sites and get back to reading bare news.

Anybody got additions? I'd be glad to hear them!

Hope your Easter was happy...

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Too funny. Trying so hard to copy the Right. They should stick to wearing pink dresses and leave the hard partying to the people who know how. Are you stealing? Hahahahahahaha...

Hillary thinks piracy is funny...

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Let's put HER in the boat with the pirates and see if she still thinks it's funny. Our Secretary of State is nothing but a giggling mass of ineffective elitist SHIT.

Another reason why Obambi needs to be a one term president. This is disgusting.

Another Reliable Site Goes Wonky...

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One of the sites listed in my links used to be Atlas Shrugged. But because of her overall hatred of a certain ideology, I couldn't, in all conscience, link to her site any longer. She went from having a nice, refreshing enlightened snark against the powers of evil (more specifically, those wanting the destruction of Judaism and Israel for no other reason than to be dominating assholes) to actively reasoning the destruction and death of those on the other side of her arguments. Snark is fine. Wishing for the death of an entire group of people based on faith smacks of something much more evil. I love the woman for her points of view, but I honestly can't deal with someone gnashing teeth for genocide. It's like being a reverse nazi. And it was very sad to watch. Maybe one day Israel will finally rise up and nuke the living snot out of her enemies and that will be the end of it. You know? The tension is making wierdos of us all, maybe.

I've had a lot of time to think and reflect since then. And perhaps I've been too quick to judgment. Even though I disagree with some of the things that Atlas (Pamela Geller) posts, she doesn't seek out to destroy those who disagree ON HER WEBSITE. Can't say the same for the nameless hundreds of thousands of muslims out there, but for those on her website that raise a hand to disagree in small ways she's actually been pretty fair. At least lately. Could be she's mellowing out in some ways while hardening in others. I still don't agree with genocide on anybody's part, but it's the USA. She's entitled to her opinion. On the same note, I am entitled to disagree. And as far as I know, Pamela Geller has never denied my right to do so on her website.

On the other hand, Little Green Footballs, a site I have enjoyed reading for at least two years, has changed in a direction I'm not comfortable with. Bad sentence structure aside, it's creator has gone beyond disagreement to actively getting rid of those who don't agree with him. I think maybe that's obvious to all but himself and his circle of close friends. I've never posted there. I've had an account, but I've always been too shy to try and comment with all of his regulars fighting to jump up and agree the fastest. To me that was the most amusing part of the website. Now it's kind of tiring. And fairly nasty.

The owner of one of my favorite websites has decided that anybody that disagrees with his view is automatically on the wrong side and is promptly ejected. My thing is debate. I enjoy arguing points of view even if it means agreeing to disagree in the end. When there's no debate, there's no interest for me. And so Little Green Footballs is falling off of my regular daily rotation. Kind of like Spencer did late last year when he started preaching like his muslim cleric counterparts in the destruction of an entire culture. Absolutely disgusting. No debate, no fun.

Hey, if you can't have honest debate and dissent what's the point in blathering your opinion on news articles? So you can be like the MSM and tell us what we're supposed to think instead of giving the honest news based on it's own merit? Puh-leeze...

Two new links added. One is an old friend who likes to make jewelry. Beaupepys has some nice handmade jewelry on her blog. She's got a flare for fashion and I sincerely wish she lived closer. The next one is The Infinite Monkey (At The Keyboard). Once an LGF poster and reader, now moved into his own little place on the web. Nice guy. I hope his site takes off!

The USSA News Station...

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...bites itself in the ass. Full story on Hotair: AP Sends Cease and Desist to Itself.

Absolutely priceless...

Because it's interesting...

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Links of Stuff You Should Read...

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Dems lie about support numbers AGAIN. The MSM shills for the Democratic party have announced 642,000 pledges gathered in support of the 'stimulus bill.' Unfortunately, there was really only 114,000. They had photocopied each one three times. MSM gonna announce this one on the air, too? Anybody? Helloooooo?

Immigration amnesty battle is back with a vengeance. Think he's gonna support amnesty? I think so, too. He's gone the easy way out every time up to now. What's to stop him from doing it again? Besides, it was illegals voting illegally that got him the white house. Amirite?

The House has passed the porkulus spending bill already...with not one Republican vote. According to the financial specialists of the WSJ, even people that pay no taxes will be getting a six-figure bill to the tune of $163,000. What's that about 95% unaffected? A lie? Be still my heart. What happened to bipartisanship? Oh...yet another lie. Suprise.

Are Democrats trying to extort a concession from Coleman? Looks that way to me. Via Hotair. Do you think Democrats would sink that low? Hahahaha...duh. Like they extorted the bonuses of AIG executives by threatening to out their names and addresses to the public? Democrat = snarky, lying, bullshit.

Obama apologizes for liberating Iraq among other things. Of course he's giving the g20 alliance a trillion dollars he doesn't have from people who are getting sick of his shit. Apologize for helping the Iraqi's with free elections and crime-free neighborhoods? Is he fucking kidding?

Meanwhile, the Taliban are busy beating children for god (video included). The Taliban flogged a 17 year old girl for the crime of leaving home with her father-in-law. That's it. Leaving home with a relative. But women are only allowed to leave with men, right? So they're beating her for following the writings of some dead warlord even if she's doing the right thing? Oh, you crazy zealots. Hillary Clinton loves these people, you know. She thinks we should be making deals with them for Afghanistan. Realistic, ya think?

Not only is the census going to be a White House entity, they're also promising to count illegal aliens as citizens! What, you thought I was making that up? It's no joke. The new Obama Census Bureau chief is gonna use ACORN to count illegals in the census. It's gonna be legal to steal from the public now! CHANGE!

Tell me I'm wrong...

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You might have noticed that I haven't put much of anything up that's politically opinionated or newsworthy. There's been a lot going on, for sure, but nothing that I can sufficiently comment on that would 1) Not be entertaining and 2) Be entertaining enough to not scare anybody away. Normally that's no problem. But lately the doom and gloom in REAL news sources (aka not opinion puff pieces or comedy) has had me at a bit of a standstill. It's as if real news sources have completely forgotten how to put the lines together via a vast field of dots. The people who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade are comedians or opinion commentary moguls whom nobody gives a crap about anyway.

Rush Limbaugh points out the truth and even the president himself mocks him from the governmental pulpit. How sad is that? The administration's personal chimps Olbermann and Matthews are all a-tingle at everything the messiah has to say so they bring out the so-called 'big guns' and begin the mockfest without a shred of anything substantial. And the public eats this shit up. It's absolutely horrifying.

What can one lone blogger who does nothing more than read from various news sources around the world possibly do in the face of this much hypocracy? That's the depressing part. The chances of any message I have, even with proof, will go completely over the heads of almost everyone who reads it. Why? Because everyone is so enamored with the cult of personality. Tell me I'm wrong...

Things will pick up again. Hopefully when someone grows a synapse.

EDIT: For example, read this: New GM CEO: Bankruptcy May Be Best Option for Automaker. Did I not say that the government didn't give a shit about cars? Didn't I? Here's your proof. They never intended to bail out the auto industry. They wanted control of the pensions and insurance industry. Go ahead, moonbats, tell me I'm wrong...