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I'm not sure if people screaming 'Free Tibet' know what it is they're screaming about. I agree that any country should be free, in the way that democracy or a republic would make one free. But Tibet has never in it's history been, in the western definition, 'free.'

Under the rule of the Dalai Lama Tibet was run by an iron fisted theocracy that split society into the ruling class and the slave class. And there was no in-between. If you were part of the slave class you could be killed, tortured, forced to work, raped, maimed, threatened....for no reason. Other than that you aren't part of the ruling class. Go look it up. And not just on wikipedia. The Dalai Lama was in charge of a regime so brutal it puts even the Chinese to shame. So screaming 'free Tibet' without knowing what you're screaming about could toss them right back into the same theocratic regime.

Which would you prefer? To be a slave from birth to grave or to have a fighting chance in a socialist society? And if you say there's no difference between the two you need to take a look at how victims of the Taliban live as opposed to even the poorest people of China. Pretty big difference there, huh?

If these 'Free Tibet' people are trying to free them from BOTH the Dalai Lama AND China, that's great. But don't give me the lie that the Dalai Lama just wants his comfy chair back. Because that isn't, and never was, the case. The Dalai Lama is one of the biggest liars in the history of lying. Only second to the biggest liar in theology, in my opinion. If they want to 'Free Tibet' they need to free it from HIM, too.

So there.

Various thoughts...

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...that nobody will read, most likely. tl;dr etc etc etc.

Had my surgery and will have pictures as soon as I can scan them somewhere intelligible. Maybe I'll bust out my scanner when I'm feeling better. That might be a bit, tho. They scrambled my guts up pretty good. For good reason. To say I'm in pain would be sort of an understatement. When your stomach muscles are split in half you will be in pain for a while because almost everything you do has something to do with your stomach muscles. It becomes painfully apparent that even the act of picking up a root beer has something to do with your core muscles. Ow.

Anyway, a myriad of things pops into mind while on painkillers. Like, finally asking the housing authority what to do when your neighbor is batshit insane and won't leave you alone (stalking). About to lose yet another good neighbor due to the stalking of the neighbor in the next building. The old bitch has stood out front looking in windows, knocked with her cane incessantly when nobody answers, gets mad and throws things in the yard, tells pointless stupid rumors about people (including me), and generally acts as a complete pest. Now that this good neighbor is leaving the complex and there's nobody else, I'll be the main target for harassment. Last year I had to call the police twice on this twit. And I'll do it again. Not looking forward to this summer's confrontation.

If rootbeer wasn't so yummy I wouldn't reach for it. But it's yummitude correlates vastly to the level of liquid in the brown bottle. o_o;

I think in my next home I will adopt a pet pig. No particular reason. They're just cute. Or a pug dog.

The yard needs to be mowed, but being laid up for another week will make it hard to get out and take care of it. Kind of hoping that the heavy rains will stunt growth a bit until I can get out there and walk the mower about. Looking forward to spending time in the sun for a change.

Ice cream is good.

Can't play games much lately. Since the surgery ended up being much more radical than first predicted. I'm still feeling chopped up and spit out even a week after the procedure. In two weeks I should be free'd from much of my restrictions. Everyone worries about hernias and ruptures and whatnot. Blahblahblah. I'll be a lump until someone says I can be something else. I'm okay with that.