Shocking stuff...

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I want to see this movie SO bad.

And in other news it looks as if the Huffington Post has yet another giant rotten egg in their midst. Not long ago a writer named Allison Kilkenny wrote for the HuffPo: Update: John Bolton Still Crazy. Well, now that North Korea has tested another nuke are they gonna apologize? Hahahah, yeah right. N. Korea is lobbing nukes, Iran is getting nuclear material from Venezuela, and Israel is having war games designed to train their military to take out Iran's Mullah regime. Something's gotta give. Obama's such a foreign policy pussy they're all ready to go.

And so far nothing Obama has done will stop it. Come on, Asia! Don't let us down!! :D

In developing news, it seems that the Chrysler dealerships that were put out of business by the government due to bankruptcy are heavy with REPUBLICAN DONATIONS. Doug Ross has the run down. Ochimpy has gone full blown communist.

Told ya so.


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Lots of news happening, none of it worth repeating. It's all old and kind of stupid for the most part. Mainstream media is so busy kissing liberal ass they forgot about reporting news and became news themselves. It's disgusting. I still end up reading most of it, but it leaves me shaking my head and wondering just wtf happened to journalism in the world. All the sensationalism and focus on the irrelevant is yawnworthy. Real news is gleaned from small sources cherry picked from around the globe on a daily basis. Even though all these sources can't possibly be verified all at once, they are more credible than some bleached asshat with a tingly leg screaming obscenities on cable TV in prime time. Personally, I don't give a rat fart for anything Olbermann has to say. And Garofolo's opinion is meaningless. What is going on with the government that isn't being reported by the White House press? And no, I don't mean the 'press corps' because they ceased to exist when their left leanings finally placed them flat on the carpet. I mean the White House Press. The one they now own; lock, stock, and barrel. The propaganda machine spins in all it's glory and the unwashed masses eat it up like homemade mashed potatoes.

Here's a cute story for you. But it's nothing you'll see in the NYT or Time Magazine. At least not with any viewpoint like this one. Home: No place for Bible study - County demands pastor spend thousands on 'Major Use' permit to host friends. This means the government is forcing him to stop conducting Bible Studies in his living room to 15 or so friends. Can any of you count the various Constitutional provisions that this violates?

If you're a liberal, then no. Huh?

The reason for silence...

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Okay, it seems to me that the Obama administration is pretty much screwing the pooch in about every single area they've tried to dominate. For example, this waterboarding thing and who knew and when. Republicans could care less about who knows. They wanted waterboarding to keep the country safe from terror attacks. However, Democrats seem to be hoisting themselves on their own petard. At the time Pelosi was briefed and knew exactly what was happening when the waterboarding was actually going on. Then she lied and said 'no, I didn't know.' Even the Dems are calling bullshit on this one, there's a paper trail several states long showing she did know and she knew DETAILS. Pelosi just screwed her own future in politics by being an incredulous lying turd.

And how about this releasing of pictures from the worst of the worst at Abu Ghraib? For two weeks we see 'Obama administration releasing abuse photos!' and the liberal press is lining up drooling to get copies of these photos. Republicans? They don't fear these photos. The people involved were already tried and damned. It's all in court history, the names and dates and what they did and to whom. It's been common knowledge for years. But the Democrats seem to want to sensationalize the errors of Republicans after the cleanup has already happened. At the risk of destroying a military that THEY CONTROL. What? It's enough to make even the most hardened cynic laugh until it turns to uncontrollable coughs. Next thing we know Obama closes the picture line and refuses to release the so-called incriminating photos. Too little too late, Chairman?

It occurs to me that the Democrats are too busy screaming and carrying on violently to realize that what they're doing is what they've been preaching against since the 60's. Flower power? Screw that. Get some clubs, call the press, launch the attacks!! Anybody who doesn't fall into the 'progressive' line is to be destroyed at ALL COSTS!! That's what Democrats have become. A very sad, very thin carbon copy of Chairman Mao. Complete with their very own American cultural revolution. Let's hope they don't take millions to their graves with their hippy largesse.

It's just too funny. And just too sad. Watch the Democratic party change, watch it mutate. Night after night. From hippy tree-huggers, environmental warriors, lovers of love and life.......into hideous violent blooded monsters intent on social order and destroying the strong in favor of keeping everyone weak and controllable. The banks, the press, big industries, will never NEVER never be allowed to pay back so-called loans and bailout funds. Why? So Chairman O will be able to keep control over us all.

Big Smile! Biiiiig Smile!


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Holy crap...

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I'm on public healthcare in the form of Medicare and Medicaid through Illinois state. A blue state. When you watch this it sounds pretty good up front. But if you keep watching up past the 5 minute mark, things start to change. I mean TWISTED change. Seriously horrifying change that even someone like me depending on public healthcare should and will be frightened of to the extreme. Go watch.

Health Care for America Rally - Chicago Rep Jan Schakowsky (9th IL)

She's not just a liberal. She's a follower of Stalinist doctrine. This is your federal government. And all those people are eating right out of her hand. This is bordering on biblical scary, kids. This really gives me the screaming heebies. Maybe that previous joke about Obama being born in the same year as the antichrist isn't such a joke...

Bob rocks...

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Not much in the mood to post updates this month. Lots of personal difficulties that nobody really needs to hear about. Maybe I'll give a good solid opinion piece here soon as I get a grasp on reality again. Until then, go outside and enjoy spring.