Something decidedly sneaky is going on...

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The democrats wanted this vote to fail. They wanted a reason to poke the finger at House Republicans. Pelosi's partisan speech blaming George Bush's White House for the problems at hand did nothing but push maybe 12-13 people that were on the fence onto the 'NO' side. Not enough, considering the majority Democrat floor, to sway a purely partisan vote. No. Something is going on.

If you read over who voted and how, you realize (slowly) that five major Democrat committee chairmen all voted 'NO' to the bailout. Why is this significant? Check out the roll call:

Colin Petersen, D-Minnesota House Agriculture Committee

Bennie Thompson, D-Missippi House Committe of Homeland Security

Bob Filner, D-California House Committee on Veterans Affairs

John Conyers, D-Michigan Committee on the Judiciary

Gene Green (acting), D-Texas House Ethics Committee

These are not bit players or freshmen. These are powerful people at the heads of some very powerful committees. And they all voted 'NO' on the bailout.

Something stinks in Washington. And it's coming from Pelosi's office.

Bailout Bill FAILS in the House...

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Hurray for bi-partisanship. The bill was a complete flop and unbelievably frightening in it's Socialist agenda. If you haven't seen it, it should still be available as a PDF at the National Review.

Pelosi then went on national TV and blamed the Republicans for not playing ball with the Democrats. Maybe she neglected to remember that the Democrats have the MAJORITY in BOTH the House and the Senate. If 94 DEMOCRATS had voted 'yea' the bill would have passed. What a douche. Why is she speaker? This Rep. Frank just parroted Pelosi in blaming Republicans for the failure. Only difference is that Pelosi did it BEFORE THEY EVEN VOTED. She and other Democratic leaders are saying that Republicans made the bill fail because of 'hurt feelings.' What the hell? Are these people twelve years old?

I'm glad it didn't pass. Next step is to ask a real economist, an expert in the field, to figure out what to do next. Not some self-absorbed communist BITCH and her NON ELECTED LACKEY (Paulson was NOT elected, he was hired). Democrats on the hill disgust me. Hopefully I'll be able to post some vids later. Watching this on FOX and CNN at the same time and you can probably guess the bias on both sides. Ugh.

Update: The DOW is tanking. Biggest loss in history. Here's your October Suprise, kids. Largest one-day point loss of all time. Almost -700 points. Thanks for the depression, Democrats. Check from time to time. If it goes past -700 we're in danger of a complete collapse. [Additional Note: Don't panic, the percentage hasn't budged, we are not actually in a depression. The price of gold is shooting up and the price of oil is shooting down. So far, so good.]

Another Scary Update: Now why would our Democrat majority House and Senate call for Army backup? Yeah. Conspiracy nuts aside, we didn't need any of this before the elitists decided that 700 billion = 5 trillion.

Yet Another Update (personal this time): For you douchenozzles that say that McCain or Obama are behind this problem, you should remember that neither one of them are Representatives. They are Senators and therefore have no vote in the House.

Yet Another Another Update: The Bill is /dead/. It will not be revived or altered. In order for a financial bill to be put before the House, they have to make a completely NEW document for discussion. Pelosi's call for Martial Law severely backfired and she cannot do it again until after Rosh Hashanah since her lead backers are Jewish. My thoughts are racing. Maybe I should put the coffee down, huh?

The truth that Democrats won't see...

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To be honest, this video does miss on some of the blame that goes to left leaning Republicans who supported the companies and got their own golden parachutes while the rest of us suffer. The focus is on Obama and during an election year that's hardly suprising. Especially since McCain actually did try to stop the bursting bubble before he was considered for President. It's not bluster and brass on his part.

Obama is backpedaling like his brakes are out...

UPDATE:The Obama Truth Squad got to the video above. Here's another one.

UPDATE #2:YouTube took it down, but LiveLeak still hosts it. So much for copyright violations. Right DemTube?

Editing a link...

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Atlas Shrugs is no longer linked from here. She's revealed herself to be nothing more than another fascist thug and I have no need for her skewed point of view. For a Jewish woman, she's picked up some pretty disgusting friends.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Europe is already lost. If VB, DeWinter, LePen have their way they will not only get rid of Muslims, but anyone who isn't exactly like them. That means Pamela Geller will be pointed out soon after the Muslims have gone. Using the fascist cause to fight Islamisation doesn't stop the fascist tendency to wipe out anything that isn't Aryan and anti-semitic.

Pamela Geller has become a moron of the highest calibre. May God have mercy on your soul.

If you have not read this...

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Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report (and friends) tracks down Democratic sleaze.

It's all there and it is beautiful. The Jawa Report does what the leftist mainstream media refuses to do. And they do it RIGHT.

Thank you!! :D

Lulz have been had...

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For channers of both political parties. The kiddies at 4chan (and maybe 7chan, but they suck dicks) have branched out beyond kicking Scientology in the 'nads. They've also hit (with some modicum of hilarity) OPRAH WINFREY! Omg, yes. This haugty-taughty self-aggrandizing fuckwit has finally been trolled. And what's MORE funny is that she doesn't even realize it. She has lost touch with normal society and knows nothing about the 'children' she's purporting to protect. What a windbag.

She completely lost reference to 'We never forgive, we never forget' and '9000 penises' and 'Anonymous'. All references to Such a tool. It was bad enough when she named herself god, guys.

More lulz are to be had, apparently, in the arena of quasi-politics. Bill O'Reilly got himself 'hacked', although I'd be loathe to admit that simply calling up a document on a webserver can be called 'hacking'. The script kiddies at the chans knew he'd blame it on Ebaums World (the place where they truly DO suck dicks) and can laugh in happy anonymity. Wikileaks is probably headed for a lawsuit for all the stolen information they've been holding. Not only do they have O'Reilly's premium user list, but also those hacked emails from Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account. THAT is a crime.

Democrats are living up to expectations all-in-all. But they're being shoved by the apparently somewhat conservative lulzy channers. Keep it up, fellas. You're exposing the socialist/Marxist machine in all it's violent glory and bringing more and more home to Conservatism. Hahahahahaha..

We're all getting the lulz...

Update for Lulz: Democrats using McCarthy tactics to keep Sarah Palin out of the rally against Iran. Why? Because Hillary was too petty to be in the same building with Sarah Palin. So who are the ones throwing their money and clout around to intimidate their opponents? That's right. Democrats.

You wanna know why Obama sucks...?

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***CONFIRMED!*** Obama confirms that he interfered in Iraq politics to keep our servicemen in Iraq until AFTER the elections are over. In the annointed one's own words. Read it and weep.

He plays politics with people's lives. This asshole actually wanted the Iraqi prime minister to delay taking over provinces as to keep the US troops in Iraq until he won the presidential election. Read it, I'm not making this up. And the person that wrote it is FROM the middle east. AND he QUOTED the prime minister.

Does that say anything to you as to BO's character (or lack thereof)? The whole time he's saying we've lost the war he's plotting to extend it so he can be responsible for the win.

Don't give him the satisfaction. McCain-Palin FTMFW.

On it being 9/11...

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We stand, as it were, on the shore, and see multitudes of our fellow beings struggling in the water, stretching forth their arms, sinking, drowning, and we are powerless to assist them.

-- Felix Adler

Long live the 10th Crusade.

Stephen Hawking says what I'm thinking...

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How cool is that?

Off to the doctor again. ;)

Blah, blah, blah...

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Good morning. Having my after-shower coffee and pondering what to do with my day. Considering that 3/4 of it will probably be spent sleeping and/or curled into a painful ball, I might be persuaded to just read something under a blanket. The weather has been cooperating with my lack of fundage. Perhaps due to a desperate plea to God to turn off the freaking oven and let me catch up to my budget again. Electricity prices keep rising, ya see, and summer means a hike in useage due to the a/c unit. I'd go without it, but there's no breeze coming in without drastic assistance (as in burning down the demon viper's apartment building next door).

Gaming is okay. Sort of. It's hard to level or do much when you'd rather be stretched out and gazing intently at the spots on the insides of your eyelids. Need more exercise. With any luck this pain won't be too important and maybe the doctors can fix whatever is causing it with something that takes a short time. Maybe the cool weather is God's way of giving me that assistance in another way. One can only hope and marvel.

Trying to think of a nice outdoor hobby that won't cost me any money. Can't afford to drive to the park anymore. Can't afford to pay dues. Can't afford to run the mower more than once a week. And there's nothing going on anywhere in this little crappy town. It's like South Park without the sarcasm and Judaism. Hell, if there were jews I'd check out their temple just to see something new. So, I need some kind of hobby where I can get outside and do something, but without spending any money. And I can't run. And about half the time I can't walk (or at least it's painful as hell getting back from wherever I went).

Ah hell.