Anti-Marines Need a Marine...

Posted by Kogai | Posted in | Posted on 9:30 AM

This is about the funniest thing I've read all week. If you live in a box somewhere you won't know (or if you watch Network TV, they'd never document this kind of thing) that in Berkeley, they have been trying to get rid of their local Marine recruiting station. Pretty much by saying that Marines are baby killers, murderers, warmongerers, that they lie to recruit, among other nasty things. The city has even given the protesters, called Code Pink, a free parking space across from the Marine recruiting station in order to directly protest. The parking on that side of the street is restricted for anybody /else/, mind you. So acting negatively towards our soldiers is pretty much Berkeley City policy simply by their actions. Read about it on Gateway Pundit with plenty of links in the story. It's interesting how vehement they can be to the people who ensure their ability to be vehement.

This prompted plenty of reverse protests as well as members of Congress to make up a bill reversing federal funding for earmark programs headed to Berkeley. You know, no more designer school lunches and shit.

Well, to top all that, when a Berkeley cop can't be found (also guilty of complicity), what do the Code Pink whackos do? They call for the Marines. I couldn't make this kind of shit up. It's totally serious. This complete 'tard, so totally anti-military she's willing to split herself in half in front of a Sherman to make sure a Marine can't go to support her right to freedom, calls for a Marine when a cop can't come to her aid.

Irony's a bitch, ain't it?