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World of Warcraft is finally back for me. Damn near spent two days solid getting the Huntard closer to 70 and farming dailies. The moocow is a bit ignored, but it's all for gaining moneys for the expansion. Mine is coming in the mail, already pre-ordered, but will be a bit late. Like the 27th instead of the 13th. Which is fine. All the fanboys will have moved out of the newbie (at 55?) zone and moved on to bigger things. That will hopefully leave me and whomever else is (tragically) late some mobs to kill.

I plan on being a Death Knight. I like the job. I like the hype. I like the skills. I like the RP-ability. And I like that it's druid-ish without being happy-dappy-sunshine-rainbow-farts. I can be an UNHOLY COW...hahahahaha. That'd be awesome. While everyone is trippin with the pretty races and Undead, I can tool about doing spooky barnyard noises. Anyway, the whole DK thing appeals to me on an aesthetic level and I would like to get it to 80 asap. Which means the druid cow will probably be behind a bit. That's okay. A Resto can't solo quests efficiently anyway. I'll have to go feral or boomkin to get anywhere.

FFXI will be back once my new dvd drive gets here. Tomorrow, maybe. Or later today, but not likely. On FFXI I think I may just wrap things up and give up. I thought I'd miss it, but I really don't. All the friends I had either moved on, quit, got banned, got hacked, or I can talk to them on WoW. Assuming I get this drive plugged in and I find more friends on this game, I will stop playing and turn on EVE (which is actually much less expensive to play). Or maybe CoH/CoV. Whatever. As long as it's fun.

Politics today is taking a backseat. The media slant is so far to the left you can't find any real news anywhere anymore. Even the blogosphere is kind of kinked in a knot for want of actual real news reporting. The last thing I read put a political left slant/right bash into the story of a poor dead boy in a white truck. What the hell? No. Just no. So unless someone can back up their story by actual facts or photos (that aren't photoshopped to hell and back) I will not comment. After the election is over we can all start on the race-baiting an shit again...


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Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

Last time something like this happened in a presidential election, Nixon was forced to resign. In the new century? It's just another Democrat tactic. Sad.

Reality check...

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Awesome vid by KafirAlalazoo. Watch it all the way through.

So often we forget that we are not the only country on Earth. There is a lot going on out there. Do any of you /really/ think that Obama can handle it? I sure don't. I'd much rather have an experienced politician in office. Even if he isn't the best choice overall, he's the best choice in this election.


Obama is an elite socialist snob and Biden's only claim to fame is that nobody in his own party hates him. It bothers me that the Democrats would allow this sort of team to run for POTUS when the true nominee was infinitely more qualified. Obama /BOUGHT/ this nomination and now he's trying to buy the presidency. Check out the world and tell me this slum-lord-communist-thug-enabler is ready to handle it and I will point out at least 50 reasons why he can't.

[EDIT] Btw, check out the DOW today. Asian markets are tanking in a really bad way. The Zard's prediction is for a new Black Monday coming to your town soon. That said, don't start moving vast wads of cash if you can help it. Hold on tight. But if you have a 401k and you're a Democrat you should get yourself a sledgehammer and beat yourself on the head several times with maximum force.

Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations...

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I read this and calmly uttered the words 'fuck me.' It's real. It's recorded. It's a real US court proceeding. Barak Hussein Obama is trying to alter the US Constitution /itself/. No wonder he and his wife are such smug douchebags.

So clueless...

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It's still kind of amazing to me that actors and comedians think that people will listen to their political viewpoints. As if they have some sort of inside track and their advice is paramount to survival in today's world. It does make me laugh a little bit. Why? Actors and comedians are paid to read words written by other people. They memorize scripts. That's their job. So....we're supposed to listen to them because they know how to read? I'm not illiterate (obviously) so the act of reading something is not that amazing to me. Nor is it amazing to a lot of other people in the world.

All that said: Fuck you, Jon Stewart. Fuck you for thinking anybody gives a shit about your opinion. Fuck you for starting another wave of hate right before a general election. Fuck you for reading words off of someone else's page for the brainless TV masses because your marxist candidate needs the numbers. And just plain fuck you for making what used to be a good show into complete partisan bullshit. Fuck you.

Yet another show completely ruined by an asshole with an agenda. I'm beginning to think the only real entertainment and news is on the internet. You certainly can't get it on TV anymore.

[edit] Oh yeah, and while I'm at it? Fuck you Seth McFarlaine for turning Family Guy into partisan twaddle. How does it feel to have cut your audience in half with a retarded nazi reference? Yeah, you don't give a shit. Fuck you anyway.


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I'ma change my mind...

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After much thought, coffee, and a little bit of rum for taste, I've decided that in this particular election it might not be a bad thing for the Democrats to win. Now don't look at me like that, there's a good reason. And it has nothing to do with the Toradols I took half an hour ago to offset sleeping like a pretzel last night. Nah, I'm wierd but I'm not that wierd.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to point and laugh at a Democrat and not be accused of a hate crime? Wouldn't it be nice to ridicule socialists where they live, carrying signs, pointing fingers, and laughing at an ineffectual twat in the White House? All the fun conservatives have missed simply because a socialist Che-wannabe couldn't get elected. So I've decided, after much thought, that it wouldn't be so bad if Obama gets into the White House. The US can crumble and make Galts of us all. There is no universal law that forces the richest and hardest working Americans to actually stay in the United States. We'll lose our best corps, our best minds, and our brightest investors. So what? We can sit on our divans with a cold Bud and laugh our asses off at under $250k per year just as easily as we could at $250,001 per year. Fuck 'em. Even if none of us pay taxes we'll STILL get a tax return!! So what if the debit rises, it's not as if WE are responsible for any of it!!

Let's all be lemmings and follow Obama!! :D

This is what I get for always looking for a silver lining...

Obama's Tax Cuts...?

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They aren't. They're welfare. And speaking as someone forced to survive with welfare from time to time that's really playing dirty pool. It's called Socialism. He says he's gonna cut taxes for everyone who makes under 250,000 per year. Well, guess what! Only a third of people who make less than 250,000 per year actually pay taxes. The vast majority of those people get all their money back at the end of the year. That's what a tax refund is. So he's gonna cut taxes for people who pay no taxes.


You know what that means? That means people who pay no taxes and still get government payouts are on WELFARE. Obama wants to create a welfare state of the entire United States. Do you get it yet? Do we have to knock on your heads any harder to get it into your thick skulls that Obama is a MARXIST and a RACIST?!?



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Welcome to the new socialist states. This is truly depressing.

The Dow and Such...

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Asian markets just blew a gasket and shoved the DOW past 8000. The ship is sinking. And you know what is really amusing? To me, at least. All those countries who laughed and pointed and bitched about the downfall of the 'Great Superpower' that is the United States are all scrambling to either get their own hand out from our congress or shove money into our system at an alarming rate. So what's it gonna be, douchebags? The fall of the United States (and with it the entire world market) or are you gonna stop being dicks?

Personally, I think we should let it all crash. That 700 Billion didn't do much, did it? But you can bet the CEOs of Fannie, Freddie, and AIG are off on another pleasure junket, aren't they? While the world burns these modern-day Neros are off enjoying other people's money. This is your Democratic Congress in action, ladies and gentlemen.

If it weren't politically incorrect I'd suggest a good old fashioned lynching. And tell OPEC to shove it up their rich asses. $2.80 per gallon at the pump is rather nice after dealing with their inflated bullshit prices all summer.

Full of win and awesome...

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It's midnight again and I'm tired, but not sleepy. Which means it's time to find something more physical to do other than telling my demon spawn neighbor to get the hell off my lawn. Does anybody else find it odd that I'm yelling at an 80 year old to 'GET OFF MY LAWN YOU GODDAMN BUSYBODY!!' Feeling detached for some reason, and I don't think it's because the silly old thing has been making a path in my yard from her walking to my neighbor 3-4 times a day. Neighbor ain't happy about that, lemme tell you. But neither one of us wants to be mean to an old lady who's brain is slipping into dementia. Meh.

It also occurred to me that a lot of my friends don't have a steady grasp on what is happening in the world in which they live. I can espouse fascism and communism until I'm purple in the face and nobody seems to care all that much about any of it. It's truly important who wins this election. It's the difference between an immediate collapse and a future collapse. Either way, the whole thing is going to hell. Obama = Fast Death, McCain = Slow Death. Trickle up economics works no better than trickle down economics. Why? Because we live in a rapidly declining fiat economy. Does anybody out there even know what that means?

It means our financial system (otherwise known as the Federal Reserve) has hit critical mass. Wherein the amount of currency produced no longer covers the interest on nonexistent capital. People lose their homes to pay off this nonexistent debt. The Democrats started the ball rolling and fought tooth and nail to keep the system ballooning up until this point with the help of subprime loans. Look at your paycheck and how much interest you're paying on your credit cards. Statistics show you are or soon will be paying nearly 27% on your debt. This is free money supplied to cover a debt THAT DOESN'T EXIST. Those taxes you're grinding your teeth over every year? Spent to pay for programs for the rich and cap off the interest payment on capital that only exists in a computer's database. You're voting on either candidate will not stop the eventual collapse or re-figuring of our entire financial system. So think of what you want for the near future. Do you want a near instant collapse and no future for your children in a world economy? Then vote for Obama. Do you want a slow and steady decline into a change of system? Then vote for McCain.

It's that simple.

As recited...

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Got the distinct feeling...

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..nobody much cares. About anything. Lethargy is a disease and I guess it's spreading. I'ma join the failboat, I guess. Sorry to have interrupted anybody's day. If anybody actually read anything.

I won't hold my breath.