Geert nailed it...

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...right on Allah's demonic pointed horned head.

He won't live long, I'm afraid. Satan will have his revenge.

What Really Happened...

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...with the Federal Reserve.

I know a lot of people didn't 'read between the lines' of what is happening with this Bear Sterns, Inc. stuff and all the financial shouting around it. Most people that I personally know would watch this on a talking head program like CNN or Fox and not glean a single thing from anything anybody was saying. It's a bunch of rich bastards bailing out another bunch of rich bastards. Right? In /this/ case, however, the rich bastards are using YOUR money to do it. As in, the Federal Reserve. Something that has not happened since the crash in the 1930's.

That alone should give you an indication of something horrible on the horizon. Seriously. The businesses who marketed subprime housing mortgages/loans not only fucked over millions of people with 'adjustable' mortgage payments they couldn't possibly hope to repay. Oh no. They fucked /themselves/. Suddenly those millions of mortgage holders can't afford to repay. The company is saddled with debt out the wazoo and a ton of acreage with buildings that are, in essence, worthless. The companies you see that are failing? THESE ARE THE ASSHOLES THAT ENGINEERED THE HOMELESSNESS OF MILLIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. And suddenly the Federal Reserve is pulled out to save them? Why? If a business does BAD business, that business fails and dies. Right? Not in this case. And if you care to read what's happening you can see why.

Federal Reserve Board Press Release

Read that carefully. If you're like me you'll see it for what it is instead of what it looks like. It's /not/ mumbo jumbo and it /does/ impact your life. This is the failure of the Dollar in computer print. Right there before your eyes. While you read, keep a few things in mind.

-- Once you get to 0% you can't get any lower. You can't, in these sorts of terms, go below 0. Once you reach 0% discount rate (right now they are dangerously close at 2.75% [down from 3.25% yesterday]) you eventually run out of money.

-- The Federal Reserve does NOT 'lend' money for long term buyouts. Ever. That's a rule. They only 'lend' for the short-term, intended for one day transactions. Yet they have broken this rule for J.P. Morgan. They have loaned $30 MILLION to buyout Bear Sterns Inc., thus breaking their own rules and the rules that govern every other company on the planet when dealing with the Fed. In essence, the Federal Reserve issued a long-term loan to J.P. Morgan it would never have given to anybody else under any circumstances. Is it beginning to come together yet?

-- Bear Sterns Inc. should have failed. It should have sold it's assets at bargain basement prices and gone completely under. Period. It should NOT continue to exist. But for some odd reason, the Federal Reserve Board has decided to keep it's horrific business deals/practices and continue to allow it to run under J.P. Morgan. This is not how capitalism works, kids.

My determination? Hahahahaha. I'm not a conspiracy theory kook by any stretch of the imagination, but my friends...this smacks heavily of NWO and Old Boy Banker shady business deals. On a /global/ scale. Think about it.

For the 'Publicrat...

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