My personal gaming news...

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In the last week or so WoW has gone swimmingly well. Almost too good. My cow is 75 and almost halfway to 76. The quests have gotten a little more convoluted the more time has gone by, but on the whole they're not too bad. The new smaller guild is full of people with a good sense of humor and a bit of experience. Although the happy bro is causing all kinds of tension, it's not of a horrible nature. The old guild is split into 4 parts now. Still not convinced I'll be ultimately happy where I am, but it's better than not being able to speak or join in because of the exclusive cliques. It's also a bit hard to believe that Exodus is pulling in people they have previously treated like shit. Why they would recruit a fellow cow whom they lambasted over some very large verbal fires is beyond me. Suffice it to say, the game has become underhanded again. Suddenly I find myself looking for ulterior motives from just about everyone who takes an interest in my in-game abilities or even my strange personality. People who want to be my friend are viewed with a jaundiced eye, so to speak. Maybe I should adopt the 'I don't care' standpoint that so many others seem to like. There is only 4 people exempt from this viewpoint and I would hope that they know who they are.

So maybe there should be a new plan when dealing with Warcraft for a while. I've been playing a 'friends first' game, but maybe I should adjust to a 'certain persons and myself first' sort of game instead. Seems to be the social M.O. Either way I'm getting the cow to 80 so I can settle in and raise a solid solo master of a DK.

EVE is getting restarted soon. Oh yes. Miner Animus needs to get back to the ore. I want a Hulk now (no thanks to Ghosty...fucker) and with the training that my last account had it shouldn't be THAT much longer to get one. ARRRGH, for another 15 bucks a month. FFXI is done, Charis chopped off 5 for the extra port, and mom's helping to pay for my cable TV. Now to pay up the CC a bit and I can get going again. At least until it gets boring. But if you think about it, changing things up a little with WoW is a VERY good thing. And taking off a night a week for other things will make life golden again.

One would hope.


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It seems the Holy Land Foundation has finally been declared GUILTY of 36 counts of giving approximately 12$ million bucks to Hamas. And it's about damn time. 15+ years worth of time spent trying to get these assholes to stop funding terrorism has finally come to a close. Well, at least for now. There's always the endless appeals. It's not as if these terroristic scum are poor or anything. They have the backing of some of the richest men on Earth. Suck it, Muslim Brotherhood. Suck it long. Suck it hard.

It also seems that the Mormons have hit a nerve in California. They're going to investigate the Mormon Church helping out the gay marriage ban. Why? Is nobody going to investigate the black community? It's the african-americans and latinos that voted in the most numbers against gay marriage. Is anybody going to peek into their finances and movements? I bet not. The homosexuals in California had better be careful of the backlash that's about to beat them about the sphincter. It'll hurt, guys. Seriously. Cut it out. It's /marriage/ that's banned. NOT DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS. You can still live together and be mates under the law. Jeeze, you'd think gays were about to be nailed to the freaking cross or something.

Sean Hannity is finally getting rid of that 180 pounds of ugly fat attached to his career. Alan Colmes, the idiot that accused Sarah Palin of child abuse for knowing better than a douchey MALE when it was time to find a doctor to help her give birth, is leaving the show Hannity & Colmes. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, moron. The better and saner half will continue to entertain the masses with REAL news and views instead of liberal fantasies. Video on Youtube. With any luck Colmes will realize his dream of getting a fraction of Hannity's nightly ratings.

CAIR no longer exists. Read it. Awesome news story that spells it out fairly plainly that the Council on American-Islamic Relations no longer exists and each member can be sued individually for their involvement in terrorist activities. Ah, finally the guillotine falls. For so long these douchebags have used our own system of litigation against us. Well, your fun is over fellas. Hahahahahaha.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow could be much better. Besides that I finally updated The Church of Cow with a rework of chapters and the final version of The Book of Dance II. Enjoy.

Politics aside...

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There's something people aren't understanding too clearly. Why is it so important that Iran has the capability to create a nuclear weapon? Well, there's several reasons. One, they can toss it at Israel or any other installation close enough for their rockets to reach. That means US citizens are in mortal danger just being on that side of the planet. Two, they don't actually have to use it in ONE bomb. The innards of one nuclear weapon can make several dirty bombs easily. Assuming the mullahs want to do it that way. I don't see that happening, honestly. It averts their supreme authority and gives it to too many smaller fish. And finally, Three. EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. All they'd really have to do is explode their one bomb above the intended target. They don't even have to be accurate or hit anything. The EMP would disable electronics long enough to destroy any country beneath the blast. That's what we get for living in a techno world.

Don't be scared too much. The chances of someone getting one little nuclear bomb into US airspace is pretty damn slim. Now if they had 50 or more it'd be a different story. But nobody with that number of nukes is willing to face the wrath of our superior weaponry and excellently trained ground troops. However, if you live in Israel you are probably thinking of ways to buy self-powered items. Like the hand-crank radio or shake flashlights. So when you think to yourself about Obama and all his fancy schmancy promises? Think about the one where he said he wouldn't back up Israel anymore.

They got until the 20th of January.

It's a No Snow Snow Day...

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From a boring life comes a boring post. So sorry. *bow* I'll try to do better in the future. The news has repelled me for the most part so I don't see as much of it as I used to. Any Obama bitching will have to wait until Obama actually does something worth bitching about. So far he's nothing but Clinton redux. Maybe later he'll do something uniquely 'Obamaesque.' You know, giving away imaginary money an shit.

In other things, it seems as if my area of the world is headed towards a catastrophic earthquake. It's a pretty wide area on the Madrid and I've felt the quakes from it my entire life. Living in Indiana I felt it a couple of times and living here we've felt one good shake that scared the piss out of us. It's definitely possible. People in the midwest don't think of making things quakeproof like they do in more prone areas. Living on a fault, I expect a few things to break. Like the pipes out in my front yard did with the last one...only worse.

Al Sharpton is back in the news (as if he could ever be far away). You see, back in 2007 he was calling Colin Powell a 'House Negro' for Bush. Didn't seem to bother him back then. Well, duplicity brings them damn chickens home. Today he's absolutely INCENSED that anybody would DARE call the annointed one a 'house negro.' Can you smell the irony? *sniff sniff* Smells like race-baiting to me. (Thanks Gateway Pundit.)

And to end on a more positive note...

Not entirely legitimate...

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Aksa mosque built over the remains of a Byzantine church

So the history of Islam is....fake? Oh my.

Trouble ahead...?

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Is it just me or has the world completely gone insane? It seems as if terrorists have made headway. If you don't agree with someone the only solution is to blow them up, disfigure them, threaten them with acid attacks, or some other similarly violent end. It used to be that nobody bowed to terrorist pressures, but not anymore. Now we're supposed to put our guns down and let anybody walk all over us. And this is a worldwide sort of thing.

All that said, Barack Obama is about to make the mistake of the millenia. Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal. This is a Saudi Arabian (who share no borders with Israel, they just come up with this crap outta the kindness of their shrivelled up hearts) plan from 2002 that gives war-annexed areas back to the countries that lost them by attacking Israel in the first place. Does anybody /really/ believe that the violence will stop if Israel bows to Saudi Arabia's demands? I sincerely hope not. Because the Saudis have been lying to everyone for generations. Even to themselves.

Barack Obama is liking this plan for some reason even though it's been rejected by Israel since it was concieved. Now, think with me for a moment. Barack Obama won't officially take office until January 20th, 2009. That leaves Israel with a VERY small amount of time to do what they need to do to respond. If they do it. They might just tell the United States to fuck ourselves (and who could blame them) and go on being one of the richest countries in the world. Or...they could pre-emptively strike with the backing of the remaining Bush presidency and toss a giant spanner in the Islamic agenda.

We shall see...

California moonbattery gone wild...

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Since I still have family living out in wackyland I've had a bit of immersion into this gay marriage problem in California. Where the majority of citizens believe that gay marriage is a bad thing. That's wierd in itself. Who knew the most insane rainbow glittered state in the country would be so conservative? Nowadays if you're a conservative AND religious you might as well walk around with a big target on your chest. As a matter of fact, I think I might open a cafepress type of deal with one of these on the menu:

What do you think? You could put anything in the descriptor spot and a gay will spit on it. And even if you're white you could put the 'black' descriptor in there. Why? Because gays don't care about color, they only care about sex. Apparently. Don't anybody get offended now. The truth of the matter is that the liberal left in California can't stand the thought of losing anything. Even homosexual's right to blaspheme openly and laugh at anybody who doesn't like it.

Without trying to get myself shot or spit on or worse, I'll say my own viewpoint on gay marriage. Personally, I think homosexuals are much too happy. Seriously, way too gay. They're glittery and happy and bouncy and they fart rainbows. It's true. Watch a gay man poot. It'll come out in a beautiful technicolor cloud that smells vaguely of Bounce fabric softener. Anyway, I say we allow them to get married. So they can be as miserable as everyone else and learn how to rip off a good dutch oven for the significant other. Then maybe they won't be so damn happy all the freaking time. Though you have to wonder. Why would they want to get married in the first place when most people only do domestic unions anyway? The norm isn't getting married in a church, guys. The norm is shacking up and taking a trip to town hall.

Good news...?

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A Doctor, a Mutation and a Potential Cure for AIDS

Hot damn. o_o

US's very first State Media Company...

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If the government is, indeed, bailing out GE over the commercial paper market, then it seems kind of stupid for MSNBC to have extended Keith Olbermann's contract. Continuing to spend money while the government is paying all your bills? Where I come from that's called 'welfare.' So now the US government doesn't need them to lie and say they're not liberally slanted. They can say they are and nobody can do anything about it. The US is buying up NBC/MSNBC and now the Messiah has his own channel.

The Zard's advice? Buy guns and ammo, invest in gold, yank your money out of 401ks and IRAs, hole up in a comfortable place with people you love, and wait until his holiness's 4 years are over. Even Obama's reign will eventually end. I just hope the country is still salvagable when that time comes.

The fed is still pouring money into AIG, too. While their CEOs were off having pate with their maseeuse/hookers in expensive hotel hot tubs. Ain't liberalism grand?

The Return of the Draft...

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I warned of this some time ago. But did you Obamabot morons believe me? No. You said this was a GOOD thing. Forcing people to work for the state is just peachy, you said. Well...

Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you all. This is directly from the official Obama website. Read it and weep, liberal assholes. You wanted this. Now get up off your asses and work for your Dear Leader.

Hmm. I should probably ease up a little bit with the curses. Because it's not going to be me out painting lightposts and scooping poop. It's you. I'm one of the privileged poor that will benefit from these social programs. Disability finally has a benefit. I'll be damned. It's good to be broken under the Liberal machine. So all you people I know that voted for Obama? I will be driving by with my cane waving, jeering you and giving you double eagles while you bust your ass for nothing. /pointlaugh

Looks like the Obamabots at are using their handy editors to scrub out 'required' and replace it with 'goal.' Good thing LGF has it recorded, huh? That's change you can believe in! The sneaky, underhanded, lying kind! Go Obama!

Antichrist - Revisited

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Uncontravertable proof that Obama is an Antichrist!!! The Illinois State Lottery numbers for Obama's first day as president-elect?



(Check the evening numbers. Ht Weasel Zippers!)

Now I get to say it...

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He's not MY president. Let the sneering, bad photoshops, and mocking begin.

November's word...

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I learned a new word today. Twunt. It mixes two words describing the female anatomy in a profane way to make one marvelously un-profane word. It's just soft enough to use in front of mixed company (and by that I mean 'liberals'). I could go on about someone's Twunty attitude or their Twuntish clothing. Nobody would know the real connotations until they sat down and thought about it. And as we all know, sitting down to think is the LAST thing a liberal will EVER do.

The word comes from a liberal, which is irony in itself. It was left as a derrogatory comment to the Andy Rutledge Design Blog for his personal post on the socialist agenda. As per the norm, the Obamabots responded with childish put-downs and imaginary words. GOGO LIBERALS!