Guilty Giggles...

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These are so interesting and yet for anyone with a logical non-religious forward brain so incredibly funny. If this is true we're all boned anyway. Just enjoy!

Interesting stuff...

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Of daily crap...

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So today I had to drop off my mother's dog at the kennel. Which is no big deal. I went out to the country, did her dishes, played with the cat, and relaxed for a bit before loading up big Rex for the trip. It's about a half-hour drive since I drive much slower with a dog in the back of the wagon. The dog's toys were forgotten, but when I got there the lady said not to worry about it. The toy and bone I'd loaded up with him were fine since Rex doesn't play with them while he's there anyway. He plays too much with the other dogs. There's just too much for him to do.

Well, on the way back I could feel the front left tire pulling a bit to the left. Immediately I thought that maybe the tire had sprung another leak. The seal there is like a bad penny, it happens to leak from time to time. At first I was going to stop at Wal-Mart and let the radiator cool off a bit since it was starting to overheat (I could smell something cooking). But instead, with the tire pulling, I went up to the convenience store/gas station up the road. As I was stopping to turn I could see smoke coming off the front left from under the hood. Juuuuust wonderful.

Since it does no good to flip out during the inevitable, I simply said a very loud 'SHIT' and parked by the air pump anyway. Got out the cell phone and called dear Momma. Eventually I called the fixit place in MY town and a tow truck in the town I was in and got things sorted out. Mom called a friend to pick me up and take me home. Though truth told I would have liked to have rode with the tow driver. Heheheheheh. Good lord, he was huge. Strong, about 6'10" easy, and works with his hands. I like that.

*cough* Anyway, that's today's wonderment. Not too keen on politics for a while. Religion is coming to the fore and almost nobody wants to hear about that. So I'll keep it for another time. Doom, gloom, blah blah blah. Maybe I'll get my car back in a couple of days.

Today's lesson...

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Today's blog post brought to you by the letter F. As in Fascism. Remember Fascism? Back in the days when the Bush administration thought it would be a great idea to make corporations into government entities? Well, it seems as if our lovely Democrats have decided to take everything Bush did just a few steps further. Right into the heart of Mussolini's old regime. Take a peek at this gem.

Political opposition is not a hate crime But it will be if Rep. Hastings gets his way. And it's all a-buzz on the Dem side as a way to get rid of the opposing faction. Didn't talk radio warn of this years ago? Well, here you are tinfoil hatters. Proof.


Check this one out from HotAir. The rogue government of Los Angeles LA wants to retroactively tax businesses when they fall into a certain category. And we're not talkin a few months. They want to go back YEARS to tax companies within LA, CA to collect back taxes that the companies never owed to begin with. Fascism is pretty ugly, isn't it?

So our lesson today, kids is this: Democrats = Fascists :) Enjoy your aesthetically pleasing and vaguely nutritious lunch, boys and girls. Tomorrow it won't be there and you'll be living with someone the state deems 'safe'.