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Hahahahahahahahahaha...still laughing at my previous post's ninja edit.


Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahaha. Suddenly life makes sense! Omg, I need coffee....

Decisions, decisions...

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The kinder and gentler me would probably put some sort of real life phenomenon from THIS life here, but honestly nothing happens that much here. It's one dull day bleeding into another dull day for the most part. Mowed the lawn, same as is done every Wednesday. Hurt my shoulder because the grass was too wet. That's nothing new. Cat has ear problems. Same as last week. The weather has been bad this year. That's not exactly new, if scary at times.

So instead of putting real life maybe it'd be better to put some sort of fantasy life here. About the only thing that /is/ active here is what's in my head. Though I do try to figure out things to do that aren't the same-old-same-old. In rural America there's really not all that much to do.

I'll think on it. Surely something in my head will pop out eventually.

(ninja edit) Of course, I close the window and my imagination goes haywire. You know, there's one thing the media (or anti-media) hasn't discussed about Barack Obama. That he could be the Antichrist. It's funny, sure. Impossible, maybe. But look at the criteria:

He will have ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns upon it's horns. They will follow in his battles that he will declare without humility are for a purpose which is untrue. (Revelation 13) [Sounds more like GW, actually.]

He will be worshipped. He will appear as an angel of light. [Ever seen the famous 'aura' pictures? There's nearly a dozen of them now. The mainstream media loves them.]

The age of Israel, according to the bible, would have the antichrist born around 1967 [Curiously, the year /I/ was born.], which is 40ish years or a generation in Jewish tradition. The antichrist should have appeared before last year [Did anybody know who Obama was outside of Chicago before last year?].

All this makes me laugh and it should make you laugh, too. Except that part about antichrist being born in 1967. You should probably be asking yourself....do I feel lucky? Well, do ya? o_o (cue scary music)

Easing things up a bit...

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Went through and deleted some old posts that were a little too vitriolic. I'm not of a notion to become some kind of hard hearted harpy. The more I look into the darkness that is my future the less I want to go towards it. Fighting age means being young in my head in increasingly strange ways.

I think I want to be the crazy cat lady when I grow up.


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Wish people could flip the double eagles more often. Might save money on expensive therapy sessions.

No Obama. Just...no...

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It seems the liberals are getting a small taste of what the conservatives had to deal with in the last election. The candidate that won the popular vote didn't get the electoral vote. By all counts Hillary Clinton won the primary. She had the majority of the popular vote by regular folks. But it was the superdelegates that swung the vote in favor of Obama. Someone's been greasing a lot of palms. But that isn't enough for the Obamaniacs.

Yet another reason I won't vote for Obama and why I won't tolerate anyone else I know voting for Obama.

The Obama Campaign is threatening anyone who isn't one of them. Isn't that pathetic? Their candidate can't win on substance or past history so they have to threaten to kill or maim anyone who doesn't want him in the white house. How long before they start lynching people who don't 'tow the party line?' Oops...they already are.

Oh! And get this one. If you're not voting for Obama, you're a racist. Yep, it's already out there. If you don't find shitty politics and an empty suit threatening our very existence, then you're some kind of darkie hater. There, I said it, too. As approximately 1/2 of my friends can attest, I have NOTHING against people based on skin color. I do, however, have something against people who use REVERSE RACISM as a stepping stone.

Screw Obama. The more I read, the more I see, the more I hear....the less I like him. Go back to your shitty crime ridden precinct, Senator. The US isn't ready for a criminal piece of shit like you.