Obama, the Susanna Hoffs of Presidential Candidates...

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Hahahahahahaha. Remember this?

Check out Obama's latest speech. Hell, look at any of them, really. The man CANNOT look ahead. He looks from side to side and down his nose. How telling is that? It's hilarious!! I think of the above song every time I watch him speak. Laughing so hard, as if I cared about a man's jawline so much that it should be shown to me at every opportunity, between every breath, every phrase...hahahahahahaha.

RIP George Carlin...

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Or however you wanna do it, dude. Happy afterlife to ya. (Language warning, NSFW)

If you hadn't noticed, there's a bit of remodeling going on. Found some nice templates and decided to be a lazy ass and use them. Enjoy the luxury of someone else doing all the work. Yah.

Coffee time.

Strange Summer...

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Yeah, I guess it's summer now. Or something like it. Unfortunately, this summer heralds in a new flooding season. The 10-15 year kind of flood. The Mississippi has decided to overflow it's banks thanks to an excess of water from the north. It's been a long monsoon season this time around. Just one of those things. Of course, this is the fault of Climate Change, don'cha know. Okay, that's bullshit. It's something that happens every 10-15 years and it's been something that's happened every 10-15 years for centuries. People along the Miss expect this kind of thing and the only ones who are caught without flood insurance are those that listened to the government when they said the levees would hold or they weren't living in a flood zone. Times change, the government stays the same. Some of those old flood maps were made in the early 1900's and there hasn't been an update in quite some time.

Omg..the government lied?!?!?!? Hahahahahahahaha...

I have my own sinkhole problems here, but thankfully I don't own the property. All I have to do is avoid it and keep a careful watch that it doesn't get too deep before the housing authority can come out and fill up the hole. It's got standing water in it so I'm gonna go out and bleach it up a bit after the next rain so the mosquitoes don't get a chance to breed. Hopefully when the nutball neighbor stumbles into the hole on acci-purpose her pantsleg will bleach out white. Maybe she can sue me, too, for damaging her precious antique pants. Seriously, those relics are pure polyester from the '70s. She looks like an octagenerian dancing queen.

Anyhoos, the surge is headed our way. Oh wow, I just got the image of 3000 or so military men rushing down the Mississippi in tight camo and carting really big guns. There's a wet dream for you. Well, for me. ;) *cough* The river is cresting today or tomorrow and there's a slight rise expected afterwards as it rains in the next couple of days. The river road and it's railway are already covered. I can tell because the trains outside the house are running backwards from time to time, doubling up on the tracks because there's nowhere else for them to run. Obviously some of the train trestles over the river to the south are still okay or there would be no trains running at all outside the north-south lines. Out here we only usually get from south to north traffic a few times a day. Though there's 2 tracks, only 1 is usually operative to give the other room for turning about and storage of cars. Plus there's a sinkhole in my yard filled with water.

There's a sinkhole in my yard filled with water. Jeeze. It's getting bigger, too. The garden spike I shoved in the center of it is tipping over as the bottom drops out. Apparently we've been undermined (in the truest sense of the word) and with all the water everywhere it's sucking my lawn down to the depths of hell. Ah well. If it gets too bad I'll get to move out of here and away from the dippety-do next door.

Think positive...think positive...think positive...