New Year's Barf...

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I woke up and read over my news articles and my breakfast almost made it back into the bowl. It seems our anti-semitic uber-liberal media is going over the top to point out that Israel is hitting Gaza much harder than Gaza ever hit Israel. And that it's totally not fair that Israel is capable of killing more Gazans than vice versa. At first the thought goes back to grade school recess games like dodge ball. You know, where people gripe and whine if the teams don't wind up having the same number of great athletes to make up for the dopey or weak kids. I think that's what the liberals who are writing this pap are thinking about, too.

They're all idiots.

War isn't about equality. War is about defense and attack. War is bloody and merciless and hope crushing. War means tossing everything you have at your enemy in order to conquer them completely. War means tactics and death and blood and flying shrapnel. War means you don't hold back. There's no proportional attack in war. Gaza wanted this. The morons following the genocidal mullahs wanted this. Israel is retaliating for YEARS of rockets and mortars being chucked into their neighborhoods. I don't give a flying fart if you think Palestinians have the right to Israeli land. That's not the point.

War is stupid. But thinking a war could ever be fair is even more stupid. Grow up, morons.

Awww, here it comes...

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First of all, I'd like to say Thanks to the Almighty for giving me my Christmas wish. It was 66 degrees yesterday and it's 65 degrees right now. I had ONE comfortable night's sleep where it was nice and warm drizzly with the window DECEMBER. Hahahaha. Thanks a ton, Lord. *waves V fingers to the sky* The dreams were a tad convoluted and strange, but that's to be expected considering my recent reading material. At first I didn't think I'd like the big-ass book Ghosty sent me, but wow. Now that I'm halfway into it the story-lines are converging in a totally freaky way. It's kind of hard to put down. But put it down I did! And slipped into a quasi-coma the likes of which I haven't enjoyed for at least a month. Maaaaaaahhhhvelous.

(Pause to fetch a salad and a frap.)

Okay, so I got a salad and a choco milk. And some puddings. And some booze with milk for the new year. Good enough!

Anyway, going through news stories and whatnot this morning and I come across this little piece on Drudge, Israel attacks Gaza. First of all, Reuters, being the anti-semitic and crooked pretend-journalists they are, completely failed to mention that Hamas has been chucking bombs deep into Israel since their FAKE peace agreement ended earlier this month. For jihadists a 'peace agreement' equals 'get more bombs for another volley.' What in the hell did they think Israel was going to do? Roll over and take it like good little Jews? Bunch of morons.

January 20th is looming large. As long as GW is in charge, Israel has a buddy. Obama gives no guarantees. If Israel is gonna chuck a nuke, now would be the time. If I were Gaza I'd be diggin some pretty deep lead-lined holes. You know? It only takes one to prove the point and Gaza's only air protection is...Israel.

On an up note, the movie Valkyrie has utterly tanked. Tom Cruise killed what is otherwise an incredible story of intrigue in the second World War. The story of the man who almost assassinated Hitler, I thought, was wonderful. Claus von Stauffenberg was hero to honest German people of the time who felt that they were betrayed by the Nazi machine. Tom Cruise turned it into crap. As we all feared he would. This is what Scientology does to you, boys and girls. It turns you into a one-trick pony. When you deny what makes you human you lose your ability to empathize. Something that poor ole Tom has been working his ass off (and giving away his money) to do. Scientology killed his career.

Other than the above non-surprising news there's not much to be gleaned from normal journalistic routes. As an earlier post posited, the world news agencies have decided to make the news themselves instead of reporting things that really happen. Everything I read is shoved through the screen of this basic truth.

Ahmadinnerjacket's Christmas Message...

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Ignore it. He's bitching about elitist imperial powers taking over the world while wishing Christians some kind of half-baked half-assed Christmas wishes.

Hey, Dinnerjacket? We all know you're just pissed because the US did in 8 weeks what your backwards nowhere country couldn't do in 8 years. If it wasn't the United States moving in to actually allow these people to have free elections, your ass would be coming over the border to give them your sharia bullshit so your mullahs could have another generation of 8 year old children to rape and thousands more women to hang.

Merry f'in Christmas, loser douche.

Happy Ho-Ho! (ellipses)

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It's another Christmas and as such the cheer I have is currently crumbled within a tissue in my waste basket. That's right, boys and girls. Santa brought me a headcold! WOOHOOO!!!! Runny nose, drippy eyes, sore throat, and the ability to spew chunks over the heads of two amazed (and slightly grossed out) felines! Christmas rocks so hard, I can hardly describe it.

And I haven't even opened any gifts yet. Santa is one sneaky mothah. One tends to wonder what the actual gift is if this headcold is the wrapper.

Oh shit.


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Drafted the last post. It's still there, but you have to know how to get to it to read it. It is sort of vehement. Not quite the kind of thing I feel every single day. But yeah, I do get angry sometimes. It's usually over in a few minutes, but this time it re-emerged after reading the foul words of a complete sociopath. That kind of thing isn't really me. I find myself feeling sorry for people that have to cut down other people or groups of people in order to make themselves feel popular or wanted. I can dig, I guess. It still sucks, sure. In the end, though, she'll wind up looking back and wondering why she was so horrible while paradise slips through her fingers.

That's sad.

Sometime I should actually write down what my religious beliefs really are. So many people are clueless when it comes to modern gnosticism. And my divinity credentials are just as valid today as when I got them 11 years ago. Can't marry anybody (the state always demands a big chunk of cash for that), but I can still have a ministry. If I want one. Which I don't. Priests these days have it rough. Just look around and you can see how much it must blow monstrous chunks to deal with the modern condition. I shudder just thinkin about it. Wish I could talk to my parents about this kind of thing, but they always get that 'deer in the headlights' look on their faces whenever I begin to speak about anything important to me personally. They love me, they just don't want to know me. Now that I'm older and my parents are growing feeble I can appreciate the cosmic humor in that statement.

Ah well. God knows me. That's what's important, I suppose.


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It iced over pretty good today, so I can't do laundry as expected. Which is all good, I suppose, since mom took the day off to wrap Christmas presents. Though it does suggest that the cabin fever will take hold a bit earlier than expected. Still all good. If it snows tomorrow maybe the coming 'inspection' on my apartment complex will be put on hold yet again. Not that my place is horrible or in disprepair, it's not. It's just I don't exactly enjoy having complete strangers parading around in my bedroom. Does that prove I'm not a whore? I do believe it does! :P

C-PAP stuff came today. Yay! Now I can sleep without having air blown into my left eye all night. And a book came. Ghosty is such a bastige. XD I gotta wait to read these, though. They'll make wonderful train reading on vacation! Kind of hoping I'll be able to get more books for the trip back. I'll be a travelling library. Sending books back to myself is easy, though, and makes the trip back a little lighter.

Sooo bored. Winter sucks so hard when it's too icy/snowy/cold to do anything. Except read the news and play games. And maybe clean a dirty cat box. Blago has everyone over a barrel in Chicago and Washington. If he doesn't step down voluntarily they'll have to impeach him (in their cute Chi-town way). Which means all the corruption comes out onto the public forum. So you can see them practically begging on bent knees for him to resign quietly and take his dirty little secrets with him. It's funny. Even the teflon Obama team is giving concessions. I hope the slimy little twunt stays slimy and doesn't resign.


Liberal Cry-spiracy...

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For people who think that Republicans like myself are gnashing at the teeth and standing on the edge of the paranoia abyss waiting for Obama and his cohorts to make mistakes. Those people who are still harping on and on about Sarah Palin and Carl Rove, you know? Here's my final response to your shouts of vitriol assuming that I am going insane in puffy clouds of vehemence at the vacuous 'Left Wing Conspiracy.'

Fuck off. I really just don't give a shit. Republicans will always win. Why? Because Democrats are completely off the mark and will forever return to conservative roots to keep things from going completely socialist. Socialists don't make money unless they're in the elite, remember. And most liberals in Washington only make money from investments and lobbyists. Have you seen the people that Obama has picked for his cabinet?

Blgojevich is in MY state. People in MY state know this corruption has been happening for more than one generation and in more than one party. Why do you continually say that Republicans are excited to see a Democrat finally get what he deserves? Obama got the presidency. Can you not be happy with that and stop with the fingerpointing and baseless accusations? Get over yourselves. There's bigger things to be concerned about now. Obama is wearing a teflon suit now that he's in the oval office so stop with your crybaby bullshit.

In short: Grow the fuck up and learn how to run a country, assholes. Bush had to put up with a lot of shit from you douchebags. Perhaps now you can finally understand our point of view, huh? Deal with it.

It's the end of the world as we know it...

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Israel is gearing up to irradiate Iran. Pakistan and India are ready to toss the lances across borders. Afghanistan is still a cesspool of ignorance via the oh-so-gay Taliban. Iraq is /still/ killing Christians. As is Egypt and Jordan. Those calling themselves Palestinian continually whine over a state they never had and lob rockets into Israel with very little punishment for doing so. Russia and Georgia are still squaring off. The Netherlands is exploding with Eid fever, mostly to the tune of property damage.

All of these things freely available on media news outlets on the internet. Don't bother watching CNN or MSNBC because you won't see any of this on there. You won't even read it on AP or Reuters. The crooked media is finally getting rid of any semblance of journalistic integrity. No, you will have to read it from foreign news outlets and hope beyond hope that they are accurate. So far the only thing they aren't reporting is what's happening in the US.

If you don't see the irony in the above two paragraphs, you must be aesthetically blind.


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So I was going through a painful day today, limping my way through the Dollar store and their unbelievably huge amounts of cheap crap in one giant store, picking up some of the necessary things without paying top dollar at wally world. It's a monthly thing. Dish soap, kitty litter, toilet paper, etcetera. All this stuff is cheaper here and makes the store a favorite for me without having to pay an arm and a leg.

While bargain hunting I stopped to take a look at a neato christmas toy in the 'out-of-date-christian-dvd-and-music-bargain-bin'. It was just a stupid thing. An $18 MP3 player grouped together with an eight piece off-brand bargain speaker set. I kid you not, they had this AAA battery run player attached to a set of speakers that little battery couldn't support for more than a couple of minutes. Ain't white trash great? Anyway, I was playing around looking at the MP3 player (cuz for it's size, cheap make, and capability the price was suprisingly right) when an old lady came up to me and told me that someone my age shouldn't be messing around with that kind of thing.

"My age?" I said, somewhat incredulously. Because someone my age is precisely who these items were packaged to interest.

Stodgy blue-hair sniffs and looks down her nose stomach, I guess, she was kind of short. "What are you, Thirty? Thirty-Five? Grow up, young lady!"

To which I blinked furiously. "What? I'm forty-one! I'd have to grow DOWN!"

Blue-hair finally looks me in the eyes and wrinkles up her already fairly wrinkled forehead. "Liar." Then mumbles as she shuffles off to purchase her kleenex and detergent, "Kids today. Liars, all of them. Why, in my day..."

Am I childish? I'd have to give an automatic 'yes.' Thanks, blue-haired lady! Suddenly this sore leg doesn't seem quite so sore...

You stink...

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Harry Reid says so. You know, the pompous asshole scarecrow standing next to Nancy 'Let Them Eat Cake' Pelosi in every congressional picture for the last three years? Check this out.

Reid: We won't smell the tourists anymore

Anybody still want this elitist prick on the Hill? The Democrats say they're representing the common person, watching out for the poor and downtrodden. But God forbid they smell them.

Pompous douchebag.

Black December...?

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Dow index down almost 700 points. For those not paying attention that brings it mighty close to 8000. Depression, anyone? Looks like Hopey McChange will be starting his administration on a shitty note. And if anybody were paying attention, the striking realization that Democrats were to blame for this mess from back in the Carter and Clinton administrations should offer some clue as to what's going to happen next.

Please keep in mind that nothing will bottom out until everyone begins to sell at the same time. You can bet Mr. McChange will step in and make more imaginary money to stave off the bleed. This also gives our overly liberal (read: Marxist) majority the clout to dissolve the republic. They're already sending 20k troops into the US to handle 'emergencies.' One tends to wonder what kind of emergencies this contingency is supposed to handle. Terrorist activities don't happen in 90% of the nation, you know?

Blah. Conspiracy theories are stupid. Let's just watch and see what happens, shall we? Maybe I'll go back to football gambling to pass the time.

My personal gaming news...

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In the last week or so WoW has gone swimmingly well. Almost too good. My cow is 75 and almost halfway to 76. The quests have gotten a little more convoluted the more time has gone by, but on the whole they're not too bad. The new smaller guild is full of people with a good sense of humor and a bit of experience. Although the happy bro is causing all kinds of tension, it's not of a horrible nature. The old guild is split into 4 parts now. Still not convinced I'll be ultimately happy where I am, but it's better than not being able to speak or join in because of the exclusive cliques. It's also a bit hard to believe that Exodus is pulling in people they have previously treated like shit. Why they would recruit a fellow cow whom they lambasted over some very large verbal fires is beyond me. Suffice it to say, the game has become underhanded again. Suddenly I find myself looking for ulterior motives from just about everyone who takes an interest in my in-game abilities or even my strange personality. People who want to be my friend are viewed with a jaundiced eye, so to speak. Maybe I should adopt the 'I don't care' standpoint that so many others seem to like. There is only 4 people exempt from this viewpoint and I would hope that they know who they are.

So maybe there should be a new plan when dealing with Warcraft for a while. I've been playing a 'friends first' game, but maybe I should adjust to a 'certain persons and myself first' sort of game instead. Seems to be the social M.O. Either way I'm getting the cow to 80 so I can settle in and raise a solid solo master of a DK.

EVE is getting restarted soon. Oh yes. Miner Animus needs to get back to the ore. I want a Hulk now (no thanks to Ghosty...fucker) and with the training that my last account had it shouldn't be THAT much longer to get one. ARRRGH, for another 15 bucks a month. FFXI is done, Charis chopped off 5 for the extra port, and mom's helping to pay for my cable TV. Now to pay up the CC a bit and I can get going again. At least until it gets boring. But if you think about it, changing things up a little with WoW is a VERY good thing. And taking off a night a week for other things will make life golden again.

One would hope.


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It seems the Holy Land Foundation has finally been declared GUILTY of 36 counts of giving approximately 12$ million bucks to Hamas. And it's about damn time. 15+ years worth of time spent trying to get these assholes to stop funding terrorism has finally come to a close. Well, at least for now. There's always the endless appeals. It's not as if these terroristic scum are poor or anything. They have the backing of some of the richest men on Earth. Suck it, Muslim Brotherhood. Suck it long. Suck it hard.

It also seems that the Mormons have hit a nerve in California. They're going to investigate the Mormon Church helping out the gay marriage ban. Why? Is nobody going to investigate the black community? It's the african-americans and latinos that voted in the most numbers against gay marriage. Is anybody going to peek into their finances and movements? I bet not. The homosexuals in California had better be careful of the backlash that's about to beat them about the sphincter. It'll hurt, guys. Seriously. Cut it out. It's /marriage/ that's banned. NOT DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS. You can still live together and be mates under the law. Jeeze, you'd think gays were about to be nailed to the freaking cross or something.

Sean Hannity is finally getting rid of that 180 pounds of ugly fat attached to his career. Alan Colmes, the idiot that accused Sarah Palin of child abuse for knowing better than a douchey MALE when it was time to find a doctor to help her give birth, is leaving the show Hannity & Colmes. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, moron. The better and saner half will continue to entertain the masses with REAL news and views instead of liberal fantasies. Video on Youtube. With any luck Colmes will realize his dream of getting a fraction of Hannity's nightly ratings.

CAIR no longer exists. Read it. Awesome news story that spells it out fairly plainly that the Council on American-Islamic Relations no longer exists and each member can be sued individually for their involvement in terrorist activities. Ah, finally the guillotine falls. For so long these douchebags have used our own system of litigation against us. Well, your fun is over fellas. Hahahahahaha.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow could be much better. Besides that I finally updated The Church of Cow with a rework of chapters and the final version of The Book of Dance II. Enjoy.

Politics aside...

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There's something people aren't understanding too clearly. Why is it so important that Iran has the capability to create a nuclear weapon? Well, there's several reasons. One, they can toss it at Israel or any other installation close enough for their rockets to reach. That means US citizens are in mortal danger just being on that side of the planet. Two, they don't actually have to use it in ONE bomb. The innards of one nuclear weapon can make several dirty bombs easily. Assuming the mullahs want to do it that way. I don't see that happening, honestly. It averts their supreme authority and gives it to too many smaller fish. And finally, Three. EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. All they'd really have to do is explode their one bomb above the intended target. They don't even have to be accurate or hit anything. The EMP would disable electronics long enough to destroy any country beneath the blast. That's what we get for living in a techno world.

Don't be scared too much. The chances of someone getting one little nuclear bomb into US airspace is pretty damn slim. Now if they had 50 or more it'd be a different story. But nobody with that number of nukes is willing to face the wrath of our superior weaponry and excellently trained ground troops. However, if you live in Israel you are probably thinking of ways to buy self-powered items. Like the hand-crank radio or shake flashlights. So when you think to yourself about Obama and all his fancy schmancy promises? Think about the one where he said he wouldn't back up Israel anymore.

They got until the 20th of January.

It's a No Snow Snow Day...

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From a boring life comes a boring post. So sorry. *bow* I'll try to do better in the future. The news has repelled me for the most part so I don't see as much of it as I used to. Any Obama bitching will have to wait until Obama actually does something worth bitching about. So far he's nothing but Clinton redux. Maybe later he'll do something uniquely 'Obamaesque.' You know, giving away imaginary money an shit.

In other things, it seems as if my area of the world is headed towards a catastrophic earthquake. It's a pretty wide area on the Madrid and I've felt the quakes from it my entire life. Living in Indiana I felt it a couple of times and living here we've felt one good shake that scared the piss out of us. It's definitely possible. People in the midwest don't think of making things quakeproof like they do in more prone areas. Living on a fault, I expect a few things to break. Like the pipes out in my front yard did with the last one...only worse.

Al Sharpton is back in the news (as if he could ever be far away). You see, back in 2007 he was calling Colin Powell a 'House Negro' for Bush. Didn't seem to bother him back then. Well, duplicity brings them damn chickens home. Today he's absolutely INCENSED that anybody would DARE call the annointed one a 'house negro.' Can you smell the irony? *sniff sniff* Smells like race-baiting to me. (Thanks Gateway Pundit.)

And to end on a more positive note...

Not entirely legitimate...

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Aksa mosque built over the remains of a Byzantine church

So the history of Islam is....fake? Oh my.

Trouble ahead...?

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Is it just me or has the world completely gone insane? It seems as if terrorists have made headway. If you don't agree with someone the only solution is to blow them up, disfigure them, threaten them with acid attacks, or some other similarly violent end. It used to be that nobody bowed to terrorist pressures, but not anymore. Now we're supposed to put our guns down and let anybody walk all over us. And this is a worldwide sort of thing.

All that said, Barack Obama is about to make the mistake of the millenia. Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal. This is a Saudi Arabian (who share no borders with Israel, they just come up with this crap outta the kindness of their shrivelled up hearts) plan from 2002 that gives war-annexed areas back to the countries that lost them by attacking Israel in the first place. Does anybody /really/ believe that the violence will stop if Israel bows to Saudi Arabia's demands? I sincerely hope not. Because the Saudis have been lying to everyone for generations. Even to themselves.

Barack Obama is liking this plan for some reason even though it's been rejected by Israel since it was concieved. Now, think with me for a moment. Barack Obama won't officially take office until January 20th, 2009. That leaves Israel with a VERY small amount of time to do what they need to do to respond. If they do it. They might just tell the United States to fuck ourselves (and who could blame them) and go on being one of the richest countries in the world. Or...they could pre-emptively strike with the backing of the remaining Bush presidency and toss a giant spanner in the Islamic agenda.

We shall see...

California moonbattery gone wild...

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Since I still have family living out in wackyland I've had a bit of immersion into this gay marriage problem in California. Where the majority of citizens believe that gay marriage is a bad thing. That's wierd in itself. Who knew the most insane rainbow glittered state in the country would be so conservative? Nowadays if you're a conservative AND religious you might as well walk around with a big target on your chest. As a matter of fact, I think I might open a cafepress type of deal with one of these on the menu:

What do you think? You could put anything in the descriptor spot and a gay will spit on it. And even if you're white you could put the 'black' descriptor in there. Why? Because gays don't care about color, they only care about sex. Apparently. Don't anybody get offended now. The truth of the matter is that the liberal left in California can't stand the thought of losing anything. Even homosexual's right to blaspheme openly and laugh at anybody who doesn't like it.

Without trying to get myself shot or spit on or worse, I'll say my own viewpoint on gay marriage. Personally, I think homosexuals are much too happy. Seriously, way too gay. They're glittery and happy and bouncy and they fart rainbows. It's true. Watch a gay man poot. It'll come out in a beautiful technicolor cloud that smells vaguely of Bounce fabric softener. Anyway, I say we allow them to get married. So they can be as miserable as everyone else and learn how to rip off a good dutch oven for the significant other. Then maybe they won't be so damn happy all the freaking time. Though you have to wonder. Why would they want to get married in the first place when most people only do domestic unions anyway? The norm isn't getting married in a church, guys. The norm is shacking up and taking a trip to town hall.

Good news...?

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A Doctor, a Mutation and a Potential Cure for AIDS

Hot damn. o_o

US's very first State Media Company...

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If the government is, indeed, bailing out GE over the commercial paper market, then it seems kind of stupid for MSNBC to have extended Keith Olbermann's contract. Continuing to spend money while the government is paying all your bills? Where I come from that's called 'welfare.' So now the US government doesn't need them to lie and say they're not liberally slanted. They can say they are and nobody can do anything about it. The US is buying up NBC/MSNBC and now the Messiah has his own channel.

The Zard's advice? Buy guns and ammo, invest in gold, yank your money out of 401ks and IRAs, hole up in a comfortable place with people you love, and wait until his holiness's 4 years are over. Even Obama's reign will eventually end. I just hope the country is still salvagable when that time comes.

The fed is still pouring money into AIG, too. While their CEOs were off having pate with their maseeuse/hookers in expensive hotel hot tubs. Ain't liberalism grand?

The Return of the Draft...

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I warned of this some time ago. But did you Obamabot morons believe me? No. You said this was a GOOD thing. Forcing people to work for the state is just peachy, you said. Well...

Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you all. This is directly from the official Obama website. Read it and weep, liberal assholes. You wanted this. Now get up off your asses and work for your Dear Leader.

Hmm. I should probably ease up a little bit with the curses. Because it's not going to be me out painting lightposts and scooping poop. It's you. I'm one of the privileged poor that will benefit from these social programs. Disability finally has a benefit. I'll be damned. It's good to be broken under the Liberal machine. So all you people I know that voted for Obama? I will be driving by with my cane waving, jeering you and giving you double eagles while you bust your ass for nothing. /pointlaugh

Looks like the Obamabots at are using their handy editors to scrub out 'required' and replace it with 'goal.' Good thing LGF has it recorded, huh? That's change you can believe in! The sneaky, underhanded, lying kind! Go Obama!

Antichrist - Revisited

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Uncontravertable proof that Obama is an Antichrist!!! The Illinois State Lottery numbers for Obama's first day as president-elect?



(Check the evening numbers. Ht Weasel Zippers!)

Now I get to say it...

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He's not MY president. Let the sneering, bad photoshops, and mocking begin.

November's word...

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I learned a new word today. Twunt. It mixes two words describing the female anatomy in a profane way to make one marvelously un-profane word. It's just soft enough to use in front of mixed company (and by that I mean 'liberals'). I could go on about someone's Twunty attitude or their Twuntish clothing. Nobody would know the real connotations until they sat down and thought about it. And as we all know, sitting down to think is the LAST thing a liberal will EVER do.

The word comes from a liberal, which is irony in itself. It was left as a derrogatory comment to the Andy Rutledge Design Blog for his personal post on the socialist agenda. As per the norm, the Obamabots responded with childish put-downs and imaginary words. GOGO LIBERALS!

Non-Political, omgomgomg...

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World of Warcraft is finally back for me. Damn near spent two days solid getting the Huntard closer to 70 and farming dailies. The moocow is a bit ignored, but it's all for gaining moneys for the expansion. Mine is coming in the mail, already pre-ordered, but will be a bit late. Like the 27th instead of the 13th. Which is fine. All the fanboys will have moved out of the newbie (at 55?) zone and moved on to bigger things. That will hopefully leave me and whomever else is (tragically) late some mobs to kill.

I plan on being a Death Knight. I like the job. I like the hype. I like the skills. I like the RP-ability. And I like that it's druid-ish without being happy-dappy-sunshine-rainbow-farts. I can be an UNHOLY COW...hahahahaha. That'd be awesome. While everyone is trippin with the pretty races and Undead, I can tool about doing spooky barnyard noises. Anyway, the whole DK thing appeals to me on an aesthetic level and I would like to get it to 80 asap. Which means the druid cow will probably be behind a bit. That's okay. A Resto can't solo quests efficiently anyway. I'll have to go feral or boomkin to get anywhere.

FFXI will be back once my new dvd drive gets here. Tomorrow, maybe. Or later today, but not likely. On FFXI I think I may just wrap things up and give up. I thought I'd miss it, but I really don't. All the friends I had either moved on, quit, got banned, got hacked, or I can talk to them on WoW. Assuming I get this drive plugged in and I find more friends on this game, I will stop playing and turn on EVE (which is actually much less expensive to play). Or maybe CoH/CoV. Whatever. As long as it's fun.

Politics today is taking a backseat. The media slant is so far to the left you can't find any real news anywhere anymore. Even the blogosphere is kind of kinked in a knot for want of actual real news reporting. The last thing I read put a political left slant/right bash into the story of a poor dead boy in a white truck. What the hell? No. Just no. So unless someone can back up their story by actual facts or photos (that aren't photoshopped to hell and back) I will not comment. After the election is over we can all start on the race-baiting an shit again...


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Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

Last time something like this happened in a presidential election, Nixon was forced to resign. In the new century? It's just another Democrat tactic. Sad.

Reality check...

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Awesome vid by KafirAlalazoo. Watch it all the way through.

So often we forget that we are not the only country on Earth. There is a lot going on out there. Do any of you /really/ think that Obama can handle it? I sure don't. I'd much rather have an experienced politician in office. Even if he isn't the best choice overall, he's the best choice in this election.


Obama is an elite socialist snob and Biden's only claim to fame is that nobody in his own party hates him. It bothers me that the Democrats would allow this sort of team to run for POTUS when the true nominee was infinitely more qualified. Obama /BOUGHT/ this nomination and now he's trying to buy the presidency. Check out the world and tell me this slum-lord-communist-thug-enabler is ready to handle it and I will point out at least 50 reasons why he can't.

[EDIT] Btw, check out the DOW today. Asian markets are tanking in a really bad way. The Zard's prediction is for a new Black Monday coming to your town soon. That said, don't start moving vast wads of cash if you can help it. Hold on tight. But if you have a 401k and you're a Democrat you should get yourself a sledgehammer and beat yourself on the head several times with maximum force.

Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations...

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I read this and calmly uttered the words 'fuck me.' It's real. It's recorded. It's a real US court proceeding. Barak Hussein Obama is trying to alter the US Constitution /itself/. No wonder he and his wife are such smug douchebags.

So clueless...

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It's still kind of amazing to me that actors and comedians think that people will listen to their political viewpoints. As if they have some sort of inside track and their advice is paramount to survival in today's world. It does make me laugh a little bit. Why? Actors and comedians are paid to read words written by other people. They memorize scripts. That's their job. So....we're supposed to listen to them because they know how to read? I'm not illiterate (obviously) so the act of reading something is not that amazing to me. Nor is it amazing to a lot of other people in the world.

All that said: Fuck you, Jon Stewart. Fuck you for thinking anybody gives a shit about your opinion. Fuck you for starting another wave of hate right before a general election. Fuck you for reading words off of someone else's page for the brainless TV masses because your marxist candidate needs the numbers. And just plain fuck you for making what used to be a good show into complete partisan bullshit. Fuck you.

Yet another show completely ruined by an asshole with an agenda. I'm beginning to think the only real entertainment and news is on the internet. You certainly can't get it on TV anymore.

[edit] Oh yeah, and while I'm at it? Fuck you Seth McFarlaine for turning Family Guy into partisan twaddle. How does it feel to have cut your audience in half with a retarded nazi reference? Yeah, you don't give a shit. Fuck you anyway.


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I'ma change my mind...

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After much thought, coffee, and a little bit of rum for taste, I've decided that in this particular election it might not be a bad thing for the Democrats to win. Now don't look at me like that, there's a good reason. And it has nothing to do with the Toradols I took half an hour ago to offset sleeping like a pretzel last night. Nah, I'm wierd but I'm not that wierd.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to point and laugh at a Democrat and not be accused of a hate crime? Wouldn't it be nice to ridicule socialists where they live, carrying signs, pointing fingers, and laughing at an ineffectual twat in the White House? All the fun conservatives have missed simply because a socialist Che-wannabe couldn't get elected. So I've decided, after much thought, that it wouldn't be so bad if Obama gets into the White House. The US can crumble and make Galts of us all. There is no universal law that forces the richest and hardest working Americans to actually stay in the United States. We'll lose our best corps, our best minds, and our brightest investors. So what? We can sit on our divans with a cold Bud and laugh our asses off at under $250k per year just as easily as we could at $250,001 per year. Fuck 'em. Even if none of us pay taxes we'll STILL get a tax return!! So what if the debit rises, it's not as if WE are responsible for any of it!!

Let's all be lemmings and follow Obama!! :D

This is what I get for always looking for a silver lining...

Obama's Tax Cuts...?

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They aren't. They're welfare. And speaking as someone forced to survive with welfare from time to time that's really playing dirty pool. It's called Socialism. He says he's gonna cut taxes for everyone who makes under 250,000 per year. Well, guess what! Only a third of people who make less than 250,000 per year actually pay taxes. The vast majority of those people get all their money back at the end of the year. That's what a tax refund is. So he's gonna cut taxes for people who pay no taxes.


You know what that means? That means people who pay no taxes and still get government payouts are on WELFARE. Obama wants to create a welfare state of the entire United States. Do you get it yet? Do we have to knock on your heads any harder to get it into your thick skulls that Obama is a MARXIST and a RACIST?!?



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Welcome to the new socialist states. This is truly depressing.

The Dow and Such...

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Asian markets just blew a gasket and shoved the DOW past 8000. The ship is sinking. And you know what is really amusing? To me, at least. All those countries who laughed and pointed and bitched about the downfall of the 'Great Superpower' that is the United States are all scrambling to either get their own hand out from our congress or shove money into our system at an alarming rate. So what's it gonna be, douchebags? The fall of the United States (and with it the entire world market) or are you gonna stop being dicks?

Personally, I think we should let it all crash. That 700 Billion didn't do much, did it? But you can bet the CEOs of Fannie, Freddie, and AIG are off on another pleasure junket, aren't they? While the world burns these modern-day Neros are off enjoying other people's money. This is your Democratic Congress in action, ladies and gentlemen.

If it weren't politically incorrect I'd suggest a good old fashioned lynching. And tell OPEC to shove it up their rich asses. $2.80 per gallon at the pump is rather nice after dealing with their inflated bullshit prices all summer.

Full of win and awesome...

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It's midnight again and I'm tired, but not sleepy. Which means it's time to find something more physical to do other than telling my demon spawn neighbor to get the hell off my lawn. Does anybody else find it odd that I'm yelling at an 80 year old to 'GET OFF MY LAWN YOU GODDAMN BUSYBODY!!' Feeling detached for some reason, and I don't think it's because the silly old thing has been making a path in my yard from her walking to my neighbor 3-4 times a day. Neighbor ain't happy about that, lemme tell you. But neither one of us wants to be mean to an old lady who's brain is slipping into dementia. Meh.

It also occurred to me that a lot of my friends don't have a steady grasp on what is happening in the world in which they live. I can espouse fascism and communism until I'm purple in the face and nobody seems to care all that much about any of it. It's truly important who wins this election. It's the difference between an immediate collapse and a future collapse. Either way, the whole thing is going to hell. Obama = Fast Death, McCain = Slow Death. Trickle up economics works no better than trickle down economics. Why? Because we live in a rapidly declining fiat economy. Does anybody out there even know what that means?

It means our financial system (otherwise known as the Federal Reserve) has hit critical mass. Wherein the amount of currency produced no longer covers the interest on nonexistent capital. People lose their homes to pay off this nonexistent debt. The Democrats started the ball rolling and fought tooth and nail to keep the system ballooning up until this point with the help of subprime loans. Look at your paycheck and how much interest you're paying on your credit cards. Statistics show you are or soon will be paying nearly 27% on your debt. This is free money supplied to cover a debt THAT DOESN'T EXIST. Those taxes you're grinding your teeth over every year? Spent to pay for programs for the rich and cap off the interest payment on capital that only exists in a computer's database. You're voting on either candidate will not stop the eventual collapse or re-figuring of our entire financial system. So think of what you want for the near future. Do you want a near instant collapse and no future for your children in a world economy? Then vote for Obama. Do you want a slow and steady decline into a change of system? Then vote for McCain.

It's that simple.

As recited...

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Got the distinct feeling...

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..nobody much cares. About anything. Lethargy is a disease and I guess it's spreading. I'ma join the failboat, I guess. Sorry to have interrupted anybody's day. If anybody actually read anything.

I won't hold my breath.

Something decidedly sneaky is going on...

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The democrats wanted this vote to fail. They wanted a reason to poke the finger at House Republicans. Pelosi's partisan speech blaming George Bush's White House for the problems at hand did nothing but push maybe 12-13 people that were on the fence onto the 'NO' side. Not enough, considering the majority Democrat floor, to sway a purely partisan vote. No. Something is going on.

If you read over who voted and how, you realize (slowly) that five major Democrat committee chairmen all voted 'NO' to the bailout. Why is this significant? Check out the roll call:

Colin Petersen, D-Minnesota House Agriculture Committee

Bennie Thompson, D-Missippi House Committe of Homeland Security

Bob Filner, D-California House Committee on Veterans Affairs

John Conyers, D-Michigan Committee on the Judiciary

Gene Green (acting), D-Texas House Ethics Committee

These are not bit players or freshmen. These are powerful people at the heads of some very powerful committees. And they all voted 'NO' on the bailout.

Something stinks in Washington. And it's coming from Pelosi's office.

Bailout Bill FAILS in the House...

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Hurray for bi-partisanship. The bill was a complete flop and unbelievably frightening in it's Socialist agenda. If you haven't seen it, it should still be available as a PDF at the National Review.

Pelosi then went on national TV and blamed the Republicans for not playing ball with the Democrats. Maybe she neglected to remember that the Democrats have the MAJORITY in BOTH the House and the Senate. If 94 DEMOCRATS had voted 'yea' the bill would have passed. What a douche. Why is she speaker? This Rep. Frank just parroted Pelosi in blaming Republicans for the failure. Only difference is that Pelosi did it BEFORE THEY EVEN VOTED. She and other Democratic leaders are saying that Republicans made the bill fail because of 'hurt feelings.' What the hell? Are these people twelve years old?

I'm glad it didn't pass. Next step is to ask a real economist, an expert in the field, to figure out what to do next. Not some self-absorbed communist BITCH and her NON ELECTED LACKEY (Paulson was NOT elected, he was hired). Democrats on the hill disgust me. Hopefully I'll be able to post some vids later. Watching this on FOX and CNN at the same time and you can probably guess the bias on both sides. Ugh.

Update: The DOW is tanking. Biggest loss in history. Here's your October Suprise, kids. Largest one-day point loss of all time. Almost -700 points. Thanks for the depression, Democrats. Check from time to time. If it goes past -700 we're in danger of a complete collapse. [Additional Note: Don't panic, the percentage hasn't budged, we are not actually in a depression. The price of gold is shooting up and the price of oil is shooting down. So far, so good.]

Another Scary Update: Now why would our Democrat majority House and Senate call for Army backup? Yeah. Conspiracy nuts aside, we didn't need any of this before the elitists decided that 700 billion = 5 trillion.

Yet Another Update (personal this time): For you douchenozzles that say that McCain or Obama are behind this problem, you should remember that neither one of them are Representatives. They are Senators and therefore have no vote in the House.

Yet Another Another Update: The Bill is /dead/. It will not be revived or altered. In order for a financial bill to be put before the House, they have to make a completely NEW document for discussion. Pelosi's call for Martial Law severely backfired and she cannot do it again until after Rosh Hashanah since her lead backers are Jewish. My thoughts are racing. Maybe I should put the coffee down, huh?

The truth that Democrats won't see...

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To be honest, this video does miss on some of the blame that goes to left leaning Republicans who supported the companies and got their own golden parachutes while the rest of us suffer. The focus is on Obama and during an election year that's hardly suprising. Especially since McCain actually did try to stop the bursting bubble before he was considered for President. It's not bluster and brass on his part.

Obama is backpedaling like his brakes are out...

UPDATE:The Obama Truth Squad got to the video above. Here's another one.

UPDATE #2:YouTube took it down, but LiveLeak still hosts it. So much for copyright violations. Right DemTube?

Editing a link...

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Atlas Shrugs is no longer linked from here. She's revealed herself to be nothing more than another fascist thug and I have no need for her skewed point of view. For a Jewish woman, she's picked up some pretty disgusting friends.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Europe is already lost. If VB, DeWinter, LePen have their way they will not only get rid of Muslims, but anyone who isn't exactly like them. That means Pamela Geller will be pointed out soon after the Muslims have gone. Using the fascist cause to fight Islamisation doesn't stop the fascist tendency to wipe out anything that isn't Aryan and anti-semitic.

Pamela Geller has become a moron of the highest calibre. May God have mercy on your soul.

If you have not read this...

Posted by Kogai | Posted in | Posted on 10:05 AM should. Before the Democrats flush everything down the crapper.

Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report (and friends) tracks down Democratic sleaze.

It's all there and it is beautiful. The Jawa Report does what the leftist mainstream media refuses to do. And they do it RIGHT.

Thank you!! :D

Lulz have been had...

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For channers of both political parties. The kiddies at 4chan (and maybe 7chan, but they suck dicks) have branched out beyond kicking Scientology in the 'nads. They've also hit (with some modicum of hilarity) OPRAH WINFREY! Omg, yes. This haugty-taughty self-aggrandizing fuckwit has finally been trolled. And what's MORE funny is that she doesn't even realize it. She has lost touch with normal society and knows nothing about the 'children' she's purporting to protect. What a windbag.

She completely lost reference to 'We never forgive, we never forget' and '9000 penises' and 'Anonymous'. All references to Such a tool. It was bad enough when she named herself god, guys.

More lulz are to be had, apparently, in the arena of quasi-politics. Bill O'Reilly got himself 'hacked', although I'd be loathe to admit that simply calling up a document on a webserver can be called 'hacking'. The script kiddies at the chans knew he'd blame it on Ebaums World (the place where they truly DO suck dicks) and can laugh in happy anonymity. Wikileaks is probably headed for a lawsuit for all the stolen information they've been holding. Not only do they have O'Reilly's premium user list, but also those hacked emails from Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account. THAT is a crime.

Democrats are living up to expectations all-in-all. But they're being shoved by the apparently somewhat conservative lulzy channers. Keep it up, fellas. You're exposing the socialist/Marxist machine in all it's violent glory and bringing more and more home to Conservatism. Hahahahahaha..

We're all getting the lulz...

Update for Lulz: Democrats using McCarthy tactics to keep Sarah Palin out of the rally against Iran. Why? Because Hillary was too petty to be in the same building with Sarah Palin. So who are the ones throwing their money and clout around to intimidate their opponents? That's right. Democrats.

You wanna know why Obama sucks...?

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***CONFIRMED!*** Obama confirms that he interfered in Iraq politics to keep our servicemen in Iraq until AFTER the elections are over. In the annointed one's own words. Read it and weep.

He plays politics with people's lives. This asshole actually wanted the Iraqi prime minister to delay taking over provinces as to keep the US troops in Iraq until he won the presidential election. Read it, I'm not making this up. And the person that wrote it is FROM the middle east. AND he QUOTED the prime minister.

Does that say anything to you as to BO's character (or lack thereof)? The whole time he's saying we've lost the war he's plotting to extend it so he can be responsible for the win.

Don't give him the satisfaction. McCain-Palin FTMFW.

On it being 9/11...

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We stand, as it were, on the shore, and see multitudes of our fellow beings struggling in the water, stretching forth their arms, sinking, drowning, and we are powerless to assist them.

-- Felix Adler

Long live the 10th Crusade.

Stephen Hawking says what I'm thinking...

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How cool is that?

Off to the doctor again. ;)

Blah, blah, blah...

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Good morning. Having my after-shower coffee and pondering what to do with my day. Considering that 3/4 of it will probably be spent sleeping and/or curled into a painful ball, I might be persuaded to just read something under a blanket. The weather has been cooperating with my lack of fundage. Perhaps due to a desperate plea to God to turn off the freaking oven and let me catch up to my budget again. Electricity prices keep rising, ya see, and summer means a hike in useage due to the a/c unit. I'd go without it, but there's no breeze coming in without drastic assistance (as in burning down the demon viper's apartment building next door).

Gaming is okay. Sort of. It's hard to level or do much when you'd rather be stretched out and gazing intently at the spots on the insides of your eyelids. Need more exercise. With any luck this pain won't be too important and maybe the doctors can fix whatever is causing it with something that takes a short time. Maybe the cool weather is God's way of giving me that assistance in another way. One can only hope and marvel.

Trying to think of a nice outdoor hobby that won't cost me any money. Can't afford to drive to the park anymore. Can't afford to pay dues. Can't afford to run the mower more than once a week. And there's nothing going on anywhere in this little crappy town. It's like South Park without the sarcasm and Judaism. Hell, if there were jews I'd check out their temple just to see something new. So, I need some kind of hobby where I can get outside and do something, but without spending any money. And I can't run. And about half the time I can't walk (or at least it's painful as hell getting back from wherever I went).

Ah hell.

Average crap...

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So I finally settled down in a guild in World of Warcraft with my resto druid. Being the fluff type I actually enjoy being a healer. The priest is level 50, too, on the way to 70. Wrath of the Lich King should be released soon and I can get started on a Death Knight. Which will put everything else on hold. Of course, if I haven't got epic flight by then I will fish for 24 hours solid or something equally as stupid to make the gold so I can dedicate my time to being a freaky DK like 99% of the server.

Salads are awesome good. With frappucino. That rocks so hard.

The weather has been too hot to do much outside, but blissfully nice on the days I choose to mow the lawn. It's been easy to find reasons to get up off my chair. Hard to get them done once started. Thanks to this new boost, though, my vaccuum cleaner has been fixed (and a kitten terrified) and the walk is being weed-eater edged once every two weeks. I even started doing the laundry twice a month instead of the previous once. Really need to get up and moving because my body is failing faster and faster lately. It's kind of alarming. The dishes are done twice a day, little things like litter box duty is done twice as often, the convenience store visited less and less. *sigh* I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old.

Well, I am getting old. Whether I want to or not. Maybe it's better to get old on your feet than staring at a pile of flab from a pillow pile.

Avoiding work...

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A lot has been going on and I have been trying to avoid 90% of it. The game is coming along nicely on my own machine, but I have yet to transfer the bulk onto the game itself. Opting for pretty graphics, I built up the ethereal realm as something changeable and colorful. Since it is MY zone, I thought that was just fine. The rest I have on a couple of ascii maps. That's right. Ascii. Don't ask me why because I can't possibly tell you. It's one of those brain things that happens from time to time. And in any case I won't have to transfer anything over to make maps on the game itself. Though I may have to get out the pencils and rectify things. Meh.

RIP Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (even if you were part of a fruity little club) Nighters Shaft.

The home life is droning as hell. Summer means very few breaks in the monotony and lots of little bastards out of school to irritate the online life. Kind of pondered a move from ER to another server, but maybe waiting for WoTLK will weed out the worst of them. It seems as if everyone is rude, thieving, and opportunistic on ER anymore. Present company not necessarly excepted.

In global news, Russia has decided to invade Georgia. And no, not the state. The former province of the USSR. It seems as if the US isn't doing anything and the mainstream media isn't looking in their direction at all. If you know nothing of the politics of the region you might not understand why this is happening at all and why the US seems to be glossing over it. It's not nuclear weapons that we fear. if. Nono. The US gave all the troops from Georgia that were in Iraq a free ride home. On us. I thought that was a cool gesture of support for a fellow democratic society fighting the reigns of a failing socialist republic.

I dunno, it's not a region I'm terribly familiar with. But it seems to me that the pro-democracy west is getting the wiggling finger for not aiding Georgia. When actually the only reason we like them is because they keep the oil flowing out the anus between the asscheeks of Russia and Iran. Time will tell, I guess. We still have yet to turn Afghanistan into a parking lot. Somehow I think Eurasia has already fallen and we simply don't know it yet.

Eh. Back to work. Or maybe a cool shower.


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All of which makes me anxious. At times unbearably so. - Gorillaz, Double Bass

Happy fluffy bunnies and kittens. Bounce bounce bounce....


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Hahahahahahahahahaha...still laughing at my previous post's ninja edit.


Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahahahaha. Suddenly life makes sense! Omg, I need coffee....

Decisions, decisions...

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The kinder and gentler me would probably put some sort of real life phenomenon from THIS life here, but honestly nothing happens that much here. It's one dull day bleeding into another dull day for the most part. Mowed the lawn, same as is done every Wednesday. Hurt my shoulder because the grass was too wet. That's nothing new. Cat has ear problems. Same as last week. The weather has been bad this year. That's not exactly new, if scary at times.

So instead of putting real life maybe it'd be better to put some sort of fantasy life here. About the only thing that /is/ active here is what's in my head. Though I do try to figure out things to do that aren't the same-old-same-old. In rural America there's really not all that much to do.

I'll think on it. Surely something in my head will pop out eventually.

(ninja edit) Of course, I close the window and my imagination goes haywire. You know, there's one thing the media (or anti-media) hasn't discussed about Barack Obama. That he could be the Antichrist. It's funny, sure. Impossible, maybe. But look at the criteria:

He will have ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns upon it's horns. They will follow in his battles that he will declare without humility are for a purpose which is untrue. (Revelation 13) [Sounds more like GW, actually.]

He will be worshipped. He will appear as an angel of light. [Ever seen the famous 'aura' pictures? There's nearly a dozen of them now. The mainstream media loves them.]

The age of Israel, according to the bible, would have the antichrist born around 1967 [Curiously, the year /I/ was born.], which is 40ish years or a generation in Jewish tradition. The antichrist should have appeared before last year [Did anybody know who Obama was outside of Chicago before last year?].

All this makes me laugh and it should make you laugh, too. Except that part about antichrist being born in 1967. You should probably be asking I feel lucky? Well, do ya? o_o (cue scary music)

Easing things up a bit...

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Went through and deleted some old posts that were a little too vitriolic. I'm not of a notion to become some kind of hard hearted harpy. The more I look into the darkness that is my future the less I want to go towards it. Fighting age means being young in my head in increasingly strange ways.

I think I want to be the crazy cat lady when I grow up.


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Wish people could flip the double eagles more often. Might save money on expensive therapy sessions.

No Obama.

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It seems the liberals are getting a small taste of what the conservatives had to deal with in the last election. The candidate that won the popular vote didn't get the electoral vote. By all counts Hillary Clinton won the primary. She had the majority of the popular vote by regular folks. But it was the superdelegates that swung the vote in favor of Obama. Someone's been greasing a lot of palms. But that isn't enough for the Obamaniacs.

Yet another reason I won't vote for Obama and why I won't tolerate anyone else I know voting for Obama.

The Obama Campaign is threatening anyone who isn't one of them. Isn't that pathetic? Their candidate can't win on substance or past history so they have to threaten to kill or maim anyone who doesn't want him in the white house. How long before they start lynching people who don't 'tow the party line?' Oops...they already are.

Oh! And get this one. If you're not voting for Obama, you're a racist. Yep, it's already out there. If you don't find shitty politics and an empty suit threatening our very existence, then you're some kind of darkie hater. There, I said it, too. As approximately 1/2 of my friends can attest, I have NOTHING against people based on skin color. I do, however, have something against people who use REVERSE RACISM as a stepping stone.

Screw Obama. The more I read, the more I see, the more I hear....the less I like him. Go back to your shitty crime ridden precinct, Senator. The US isn't ready for a criminal piece of shit like you.

Obama, the Susanna Hoffs of Presidential Candidates...

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Hahahahahahaha. Remember this?

Check out Obama's latest speech. Hell, look at any of them, really. The man CANNOT look ahead. He looks from side to side and down his nose. How telling is that? It's hilarious!! I think of the above song every time I watch him speak. Laughing so hard, as if I cared about a man's jawline so much that it should be shown to me at every opportunity, between every breath, every phrase...hahahahahahaha.

RIP George Carlin...

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Or however you wanna do it, dude. Happy afterlife to ya. (Language warning, NSFW)

If you hadn't noticed, there's a bit of remodeling going on. Found some nice templates and decided to be a lazy ass and use them. Enjoy the luxury of someone else doing all the work. Yah.

Coffee time.

Strange Summer...

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Yeah, I guess it's summer now. Or something like it. Unfortunately, this summer heralds in a new flooding season. The 10-15 year kind of flood. The Mississippi has decided to overflow it's banks thanks to an excess of water from the north. It's been a long monsoon season this time around. Just one of those things. Of course, this is the fault of Climate Change, don'cha know. Okay, that's bullshit. It's something that happens every 10-15 years and it's been something that's happened every 10-15 years for centuries. People along the Miss expect this kind of thing and the only ones who are caught without flood insurance are those that listened to the government when they said the levees would hold or they weren't living in a flood zone. Times change, the government stays the same. Some of those old flood maps were made in the early 1900's and there hasn't been an update in quite some time.

Omg..the government lied?!?!?!? Hahahahahahahaha...

I have my own sinkhole problems here, but thankfully I don't own the property. All I have to do is avoid it and keep a careful watch that it doesn't get too deep before the housing authority can come out and fill up the hole. It's got standing water in it so I'm gonna go out and bleach it up a bit after the next rain so the mosquitoes don't get a chance to breed. Hopefully when the nutball neighbor stumbles into the hole on acci-purpose her pantsleg will bleach out white. Maybe she can sue me, too, for damaging her precious antique pants. Seriously, those relics are pure polyester from the '70s. She looks like an octagenerian dancing queen.

Anyhoos, the surge is headed our way. Oh wow, I just got the image of 3000 or so military men rushing down the Mississippi in tight camo and carting really big guns. There's a wet dream for you. Well, for me. ;) *cough* The river is cresting today or tomorrow and there's a slight rise expected afterwards as it rains in the next couple of days. The river road and it's railway are already covered. I can tell because the trains outside the house are running backwards from time to time, doubling up on the tracks because there's nowhere else for them to run. Obviously some of the train trestles over the river to the south are still okay or there would be no trains running at all outside the north-south lines. Out here we only usually get from south to north traffic a few times a day. Though there's 2 tracks, only 1 is usually operative to give the other room for turning about and storage of cars. Plus there's a sinkhole in my yard filled with water.

There's a sinkhole in my yard filled with water. Jeeze. It's getting bigger, too. The garden spike I shoved in the center of it is tipping over as the bottom drops out. Apparently we've been undermined (in the truest sense of the word) and with all the water everywhere it's sucking my lawn down to the depths of hell. Ah well. If it gets too bad I'll get to move out of here and away from the dippety-do next door.

Think positive...think positive...think positive...

The Olympic Torch thing..

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I'm not sure if people screaming 'Free Tibet' know what it is they're screaming about. I agree that any country should be free, in the way that democracy or a republic would make one free. But Tibet has never in it's history been, in the western definition, 'free.'

Under the rule of the Dalai Lama Tibet was run by an iron fisted theocracy that split society into the ruling class and the slave class. And there was no in-between. If you were part of the slave class you could be killed, tortured, forced to work, raped, maimed, threatened....for no reason. Other than that you aren't part of the ruling class. Go look it up. And not just on wikipedia. The Dalai Lama was in charge of a regime so brutal it puts even the Chinese to shame. So screaming 'free Tibet' without knowing what you're screaming about could toss them right back into the same theocratic regime.

Which would you prefer? To be a slave from birth to grave or to have a fighting chance in a socialist society? And if you say there's no difference between the two you need to take a look at how victims of the Taliban live as opposed to even the poorest people of China. Pretty big difference there, huh?

If these 'Free Tibet' people are trying to free them from BOTH the Dalai Lama AND China, that's great. But don't give me the lie that the Dalai Lama just wants his comfy chair back. Because that isn't, and never was, the case. The Dalai Lama is one of the biggest liars in the history of lying. Only second to the biggest liar in theology, in my opinion. If they want to 'Free Tibet' they need to free it from HIM, too.

So there.

Various thoughts...

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...that nobody will read, most likely. tl;dr etc etc etc.

Had my surgery and will have pictures as soon as I can scan them somewhere intelligible. Maybe I'll bust out my scanner when I'm feeling better. That might be a bit, tho. They scrambled my guts up pretty good. For good reason. To say I'm in pain would be sort of an understatement. When your stomach muscles are split in half you will be in pain for a while because almost everything you do has something to do with your stomach muscles. It becomes painfully apparent that even the act of picking up a root beer has something to do with your core muscles. Ow.

Anyway, a myriad of things pops into mind while on painkillers. Like, finally asking the housing authority what to do when your neighbor is batshit insane and won't leave you alone (stalking). About to lose yet another good neighbor due to the stalking of the neighbor in the next building. The old bitch has stood out front looking in windows, knocked with her cane incessantly when nobody answers, gets mad and throws things in the yard, tells pointless stupid rumors about people (including me), and generally acts as a complete pest. Now that this good neighbor is leaving the complex and there's nobody else, I'll be the main target for harassment. Last year I had to call the police twice on this twit. And I'll do it again. Not looking forward to this summer's confrontation.

If rootbeer wasn't so yummy I wouldn't reach for it. But it's yummitude correlates vastly to the level of liquid in the brown bottle. o_o;

I think in my next home I will adopt a pet pig. No particular reason. They're just cute. Or a pug dog.

The yard needs to be mowed, but being laid up for another week will make it hard to get out and take care of it. Kind of hoping that the heavy rains will stunt growth a bit until I can get out there and walk the mower about. Looking forward to spending time in the sun for a change.

Ice cream is good.

Can't play games much lately. Since the surgery ended up being much more radical than first predicted. I'm still feeling chopped up and spit out even a week after the procedure. In two weeks I should be free'd from much of my restrictions. Everyone worries about hernias and ruptures and whatnot. Blahblahblah. I'll be a lump until someone says I can be something else. I'm okay with that.

Geert nailed it...

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...right on Allah's demonic pointed horned head.

He won't live long, I'm afraid. Satan will have his revenge.

What Really Happened...

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...with the Federal Reserve.

I know a lot of people didn't 'read between the lines' of what is happening with this Bear Sterns, Inc. stuff and all the financial shouting around it. Most people that I personally know would watch this on a talking head program like CNN or Fox and not glean a single thing from anything anybody was saying. It's a bunch of rich bastards bailing out another bunch of rich bastards. Right? In /this/ case, however, the rich bastards are using YOUR money to do it. As in, the Federal Reserve. Something that has not happened since the crash in the 1930's.

That alone should give you an indication of something horrible on the horizon. Seriously. The businesses who marketed subprime housing mortgages/loans not only fucked over millions of people with 'adjustable' mortgage payments they couldn't possibly hope to repay. Oh no. They fucked /themselves/. Suddenly those millions of mortgage holders can't afford to repay. The company is saddled with debt out the wazoo and a ton of acreage with buildings that are, in essence, worthless. The companies you see that are failing? THESE ARE THE ASSHOLES THAT ENGINEERED THE HOMELESSNESS OF MILLIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. And suddenly the Federal Reserve is pulled out to save them? Why? If a business does BAD business, that business fails and dies. Right? Not in this case. And if you care to read what's happening you can see why.

Federal Reserve Board Press Release

Read that carefully. If you're like me you'll see it for what it is instead of what it looks like. It's /not/ mumbo jumbo and it /does/ impact your life. This is the failure of the Dollar in computer print. Right there before your eyes. While you read, keep a few things in mind.

-- Once you get to 0% you can't get any lower. You can't, in these sorts of terms, go below 0. Once you reach 0% discount rate (right now they are dangerously close at 2.75% [down from 3.25% yesterday]) you eventually run out of money.

-- The Federal Reserve does NOT 'lend' money for long term buyouts. Ever. That's a rule. They only 'lend' for the short-term, intended for one day transactions. Yet they have broken this rule for J.P. Morgan. They have loaned $30 MILLION to buyout Bear Sterns Inc., thus breaking their own rules and the rules that govern every other company on the planet when dealing with the Fed. In essence, the Federal Reserve issued a long-term loan to J.P. Morgan it would never have given to anybody else under any circumstances. Is it beginning to come together yet?

-- Bear Sterns Inc. should have failed. It should have sold it's assets at bargain basement prices and gone completely under. Period. It should NOT continue to exist. But for some odd reason, the Federal Reserve Board has decided to keep it's horrific business deals/practices and continue to allow it to run under J.P. Morgan. This is not how capitalism works, kids.

My determination? Hahahahaha. I'm not a conspiracy theory kook by any stretch of the imagination, but my friends...this smacks heavily of NWO and Old Boy Banker shady business deals. On a /global/ scale. Think about it.

For the 'Publicrat...

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Anti-Marines Need a Marine...

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This is about the funniest thing I've read all week. If you live in a box somewhere you won't know (or if you watch Network TV, they'd never document this kind of thing) that in Berkeley, they have been trying to get rid of their local Marine recruiting station. Pretty much by saying that Marines are baby killers, murderers, warmongerers, that they lie to recruit, among other nasty things. The city has even given the protesters, called Code Pink, a free parking space across from the Marine recruiting station in order to directly protest. The parking on that side of the street is restricted for anybody /else/, mind you. So acting negatively towards our soldiers is pretty much Berkeley City policy simply by their actions. Read about it on Gateway Pundit with plenty of links in the story. It's interesting how vehement they can be to the people who ensure their ability to be vehement.

This prompted plenty of reverse protests as well as members of Congress to make up a bill reversing federal funding for earmark programs headed to Berkeley. You know, no more designer school lunches and shit.

Well, to top all that, when a Berkeley cop can't be found (also guilty of complicity), what do the Code Pink whackos do? They call for the Marines. I couldn't make this kind of shit up. It's totally serious. This complete 'tard, so totally anti-military she's willing to split herself in half in front of a Sherman to make sure a Marine can't go to support her right to freedom, calls for a Marine when a cop can't come to her aid.

Irony's a bitch, ain't it?

She Shall be Named... Moxie

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Newest addition to the household. More later when I have time. The mighty hunter is feeding now. :)

I'ma try this one..

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Beer. It does a body good. *BURP*

Jim Horn...

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He's got it, by God.