Lazy updates...

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So far this summer has been predictable and boring. Boring because of the heat wave that had everyone trapped indoors followed by the cool lull that has me sleeping while the sleeping is good. Supposedly our gas lines are to be replaced here, too, which means there's markings on the lawn that grow more faint at every mowing. I don't know what posessed them to mark the lines so far ahead of time. Baffling.

MJ dead, Farrah dead, Ed dead. And now, for a limited time, you get ONE FREE DEAD CELEBRITY!! They tossed in Billy Mays as a hat trick bonus. Blah. Life is unfair.

Korea still rattling sabers, but now they say that it's an act of war for the US to put missle defenses around Hawaii. No link atm since I'm reclining in the dark and I don't much feel like finding it again. Go look. Your fingers aren't broken. So not only can we not police our own waters we are restricted from defending ourselves from an obvious and blatant threat. Amirite? Obama is so weak. *headshake*

The Iranians who believed in democracy have been beaten down. The mullocracy is still in place with an old pedophile at the helm. And Amahdinnerfuckwit still thinks his islamic messiah is on his way to save the day. All they have to do is make these people live like slaves until he arrives. Or something like that. I read the speeches he made to the mullahs, but I don't have the link. Go look. Yaddayaddayadda.

It's not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination. But it is a very violent time in human history. This one is gonna be remembered as being fairly insane. Can you imagine being a schoolkid in 20 or so years opening up a history book to see this?:



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US Takes Back July 4 Invitations to Iranians. And all I have to say is: IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME YOU USELESS FUCKS!!!

Though I understand why Obama is going the route of the Isolationist, it doesn't change the fact that everyone in the world realizes how incredibly weak he is as President of this country. Damned if you do and damned if you don't is the issue of the day. But you DO NOT invite murderers and thugs to your banquet. Period. Iranian mullahs step one foot in the United States and they should be put in irons for human rights violations. But oh, that's right, the UN is RUN by these despicable 7th century warlords.

Isn't it time we left the UN behind? The United Nations is utterly useless and does nothing but filter money/food from the rich to the warlords who keep people poor and oppressed. All those hippy organizations sending all those millions upon millions to Africa or wherever? Why? What are any of them doing to help themselves? NOTHING.

And North Korea. N. Korea has OFFICIALLY threatened the United states. Officially. They are pointing their baby nukes at us right this second. What's happening in Washington D.C. that there's zero response from our useless President?

Thanks, leftists. Now we're all fucked. The economy has gone to hell, there's war brewing on no less than THREE fronts, and nobody wants to trade with us. Think you can concede that MAYBE Republicans aren't in it for the quick cash and putting down the poor now? Can any of you even bother to think for yourselves at all?

It's hopeless.

Iran part deux...

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First of all, if you use Twitter, please change your settings to reflect that you are posting from +3.30 GMT in Tehran, Iran. It seems that the government henchmen are searching for people from within Iran by their Twitter settings and are shutting them down. Whether or not they are within the country or not. So go change your settings and confuse the shit out of them. I AM SPARTACUS! *cough*

The only news coming out of Iran now is either state-run news which shows little to nothing other than the coup leaders or these internet devices that allow bloggers/tweeters via proxy to post. Not even our own news sources are worth a shit in this circumstance.....but they haven't been worth a shit for years anyway. Some links:

IranElection on Twitter to follow what's happening. There are other tweet lines, but this one seems to be the most busy. Lots of counterfeit Iran regime posts, easy to spot. Hundreds are dead, beaten, jailed, and the Iran army is visibly scaring citizens off of their own streets. It's a revolution happening right in front of us and all our news stations care about is sucking on Obama's anus. Hot Air has a video of college kids killed in their own dormitory. Where is CNN? HNN? Anyone?

ABC Network has finally gone fully nationalized. They now report from within the White House and decline allowing a dissenting view. With the fact that GE/NBC is already mostly owned by the Obama Administration that leaves only CBS on the outside. Want to take bets on how long it takes them to tow the party line? (Wtf is all this robust bullshit, anyway?)

Meanwhile, Obama has no opinion on Iran one way or another. That's right, our President hasn't decided a foreign policy when it comes to Iran's problems even though his buddy Sarkozy has already condemned the violence and voter fraud openly.

Yes, our President is a despotic socialistic foreign policy retard.

I would suggest reading Michael Totten over at Contentions to get the latest real news from a slant that isn't leaning towards Obama. Another decent column at Slate.

Ah, hell. It'd take me a few hours and several pages to type what's happening in the world. Maybe I'll type up something about the UN connection later. It's better that the Iranian struggle remain uppermost in people's minds.

On Iran...

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It seems that their past election was a giant pretend-fest to keep the kiddies in line. It didn't work, though. Students are actually being killed (50-100 at last reports) protesting a fraudulent election. Apparently Ahmadinnerfuckwit wasn't that popular with the populace and the huge surge of voter turnout was a sure sign that his opposition, Mir Mousavi, was winning.

Big bombshell when it was announced that Ahmaeatshitanddie was given a pass for another stab at the presidency. Reuters reported it was nothing more than a show, a fraud. Today Reuters reports Mousavi seeking to overturn the election. Gateway Pundit is keeping a closer watch on things than I am.

Some have actually put up some kind of anger or protest in the US that someone could possibly 'steal' an election in the modern world. Citing, of course, the last three elections here in the US. To them I say: Are you an idiot? In order to even /run/ for president in Iran you have to be an Israel demolishing, United States hating, fundamentalist willing to let the mullahs stick their hand up your ass to do their bidding for them. It doesn't MATTER who wins because the freaking mullah child molesters are the real power behind the throne. And don't any of you forget it.

If the people of Iran can't get rid of the current theocracy they might as well bend over and take it like their leaders already do.

What scares me? Now that the elections are over and the mullahs show they don't actually give a shit what the majority wants, all that nuclear technology they've been building up doesn't need any pretense to be used. It was their plan all along to support the eradication of Israel, there's no reason to hold back now. On top of that, their allies in North Korea are also gearing up for a regime change and are stamping their little feet. Add into that our State Department's utter spinelessness in foreign relations and our weak Presidency and you get a recipe for disaster.

Something needs to break soon. Or someone needs to step up to the plate. I'm not counting on a Democrat to do anything...

Calling Gloria...Gloria?....Beuller?...

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This is what happens when you piss off a man in the middle east. Among lots of other disgusting and brutal things. And these are the survivors. It really bothers me that women's organizations seem to be turning a completely blind eye to this kind of thing. Nobody stands up for these women and they are so drowned out by testosterone, covered up from the time they might be showing a little breast, beaten lawfully, all pleasure removed from their lives, all happiness squeezed out so they can be the perfect fucktoys for their men.

WTF? This organization shouldn't exist. I'm glad they do, but they shouldn't. This kind of barbaric mysogeny has to end.

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Acts 12:21-23

Romans 1:18-32

2 Thessalonians 2:11

And here's what everyone is /thinking/:

He is a man. Daniel 7:24-25
He will confirm a covenant for seven years. Daniel 9:27
He will arise among a union of ten kings. Daniel 7:24 & Revelation 17:12-13
He will destroy three kings. Daniel 7:8 & 7:24
His ten nation union will merge into a world government. Daniel 7:1-8 & Revelation 13:1-3
He will use peace as a weapon. Daniel 8:25
He will be promoted by a so-called religious person who can supposedly work miracles. Revelation 13:11-14
He rises to power, loses his power, then rises to power again. Revelation 17-8
He will be preceded by 7 kings. Revelation 17:10-11
He will look different than his fellows. Daniel 7:20 & Daniel 8:23
After 3 and a half years after the covenant, he will sit in the rebuilt Jewish temple stating that he is god. Daniel 9:27, 11:31, Matthew 24:15-21, & 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
He will persecute God's people. Daniel 7:21 & Revelation 20:4
he will dominate the world, but will be resisted. Daniel 11:44, Daniel 11:40-45, & Revelation 12:14
He will change the times and laws against God. Daniel 7:25
He will not have a desire for women (have you SEEN Michelle Obama? Oinkolas!). Daniel 11:37
The number of his name will be 666. Revelation 13:18

And if you believe news of the weird, apparently he is supposed to have been born in the late 60's because of a bizarre correlation to the Six-Day War.

Now, if you believe all of that you might be thinking to yourself: Now who do I know fits most of these criteria? And you should also be whacking yourself in the head a few times if you come to a solid conclusion based on these. If religion has taught me anything, it's taught me that there's NOTHING solid about religion.

Sad Clarifications...

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First of all, David Carradine did not die of suicide. Which is good. He died the cool way as all super cool dudes should. He died of Auto-erotic Asphyxiation. That's just I'm lifting my glass to a permanent orgasm, Dave.

Second of all, Jim didn't make it. And, of course, nobody told me anything until I called a couple of times to see what was going on. Yes, I am a mushroom. No, I will not belittle a great man by being a whiny bitch. RIP Jim Braun. You were awesome to a shitty little troll when you never even had to bother. Thank you.

Ah hell...

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David Carradine apparently dead from suicide

Blah...blahblahblah. RIP Dave. You were just too fuckin cool for this world.

No word yet on Jim, but things didn't look good last night. I'll call Mom and find out if he made it or not. Jim fell from a high beam at work and broke his neck, shoulder, and banged his brain. They took him to surgery to alleviate pressure on his brain, but there was already much damage. He was such a nice guy. He's the one who picked me up from the hospital after a particularly painful surgery because his truck would allow me to travel without bending overmuch. He even brought a pillow for me to hold. The guy quit smoking to save his heart only to fall. I hope for the family's sake that his work gets sued into the ground for allowing men to work that high off the ground without safety gear. Truly. :(