Christmas Season = Open Season

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Women in Iran who don't wear the hijab must die. This makes me a sad female panda. Iran was such a good democracy until Amadinnerjacket took over. Now it's nothing more than an Islamonazi playground for men. All Iranian women should seek asylum from Canada and the United States ASAP. Without a headcovering you are in mortal danger, ladies.

This is what they want for all women, too. Do you want that kind of thing in your neighborhood? Never trust a muslim man. They are commanded by their god and their prophet to lie to the kafir no matter what, that lying to an unbeliever is an act of blessing on them. I can't believe that women are actually enduring this sort of thing in the 21st century. Leave them, ladies. Join your free sisters and take off that stupid hijab or burqa or niqab. It's time to modernize and it's obvious your religion soaked males can no longer carry the burden of technology.

Everyone should be declaring war on radical islam wherever it lies.

Those who fail to study history...

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Al Quaeda wants to take on the Order of Malta.

It's as if 1000 years never happened. Why must these people deal with radicals who want to throw them back into the primitive past? When is someone going to stand up for the moderates?

Unless there are none.

I hope OoM kicks them to the curb.