Tell me I'm wrong...

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You might have noticed that I haven't put much of anything up that's politically opinionated or newsworthy. There's been a lot going on, for sure, but nothing that I can sufficiently comment on that would 1) Not be entertaining and 2) Be entertaining enough to not scare anybody away. Normally that's no problem. But lately the doom and gloom in REAL news sources (aka not opinion puff pieces or comedy) has had me at a bit of a standstill. It's as if real news sources have completely forgotten how to put the lines together via a vast field of dots. The people who aren't afraid to call a spade a spade are comedians or opinion commentary moguls whom nobody gives a crap about anyway.

Rush Limbaugh points out the truth and even the president himself mocks him from the governmental pulpit. How sad is that? The administration's personal chimps Olbermann and Matthews are all a-tingle at everything the messiah has to say so they bring out the so-called 'big guns' and begin the mockfest without a shred of anything substantial. And the public eats this shit up. It's absolutely horrifying.

What can one lone blogger who does nothing more than read from various news sources around the world possibly do in the face of this much hypocracy? That's the depressing part. The chances of any message I have, even with proof, will go completely over the heads of almost everyone who reads it. Why? Because everyone is so enamored with the cult of personality. Tell me I'm wrong...

Things will pick up again. Hopefully when someone grows a synapse.

EDIT: For example, read this: New GM CEO: Bankruptcy May Be Best Option for Automaker. Did I not say that the government didn't give a shit about cars? Didn't I? Here's your proof. They never intended to bail out the auto industry. They wanted control of the pensions and insurance industry. Go ahead, moonbats, tell me I'm wrong...

Video of the Day...

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And now we see why I don't have a fish tank.

Congress is Fun...

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Check this out at Say Anything Blog. It's absolutely hilarious. At an actual Senate Budget Committee meeting, Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) trade schoolyard barbs. Makes me proud to be a zingin republican!

It also goes to another point made. These guys aren't haters. They don't go to work every day hating the guys on the other side of the aisle just because they have a different letter after their name. They're all buddies. They deal with each other every day just like any other office. They're not going at it battling it out for OUR benefit. They get along well, joke and barb to the tune of several trillion dollars of our money.

I'm not sure how to feel about this one. But it does make my heart flutter that a Republican got the final blow...

US Navy Strikes Again...

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Hot damn. Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough!

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Researchers at a US Navy laboratory have unveiled what they say is "significant" evidence of cold fusion, a potential energy source that has many skeptics in the scientific community.

The scientists on Monday described what they called the first clear visual evidence that low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), or cold fusion devices can produce neutrons, subatomic particles that scientists say are indicative of nuclear reactions.

Take THAT, nasty warmongering hippies! Hahahahahahahahahahha...

Drugs aren't so bad, mm'kay?

Gone, Gone, Galt...

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First of all, I never said I liked Bush. That may be a little startling, but I think all the Bush years were a giant leap into the maw of Fascism. Anybody who's read what I've written for a couple of years will know the parallels I've drawn between the Bush administration and the principles of Fascism. And they are perfectly in-line. That does not mean that I automatically approve of Socialism (Marxism, actually).

What I will tell you is that this country's government hasn't been 'For the People' since the Carter administration. Maybe since before that, but I'm sure my grandparents would disagree. It's a government of Congress. The people have nothing to do with it past the election of people who only care about the needs of lobbyists. If the lobbyists are leaning left, congress goes left. If the lobbyists are leaning right, congress goes right. Regardless of party affiliations.

And that is that. Sorry to burst your bubble. But if you go through the history of bills on the hill you'll find that it is overwhelmingly the case to skew what you want in whatever direction the lobbyists are pushing you. And you spin it to go with your party affiliation. Viola.

What we are seeing now is technological transparency on a national scale coming around to bite a few in congress on the ass. Think Dodd will get re-elected? I sure don't. Pelosi want another Air Force jet to get her to her next knitting bee? Not in this century. When the people get a good close look at what's going on they finally see beyond the smoke and mirrors. Let's hope the glass gets much clearer before the Obama administration puts a grisly, bloody end to our country.

Btw, the 'Change' all you Obamacrats wanted? Looks like it's bankruptcy. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dill Chicken...and other stuff...

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Zardy's Dill Chikkinz!

4 chikkin breast halves
½ tsp. seasoned salt
1 tbsp. butter
1 tbsp. olive oil (canola works fine, too)
½ cup chikkin broth
½ cup light cream (skim milk works, too)
1 tbsp. flour
1 tsp. dried dill

Sprinkle your chikkinz with seasoned salt on both sides and let set for five or so minutes. Melt butter and oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add your salted chikkinz; cook 3-5 minutes on each side to golden brown. Reduce to low heat. Add chikkin broth and cover skillet. Simmer 10-12 minutes or until the chikkinz are cooked completely white all the way through. Remove chikkinz from skillet to a plate, cover with foil, and put in oven to keep them warm.

Combine cream, flour, and dill in a bowl. Blend with a fork until smooth. Might take a bit of doing to get all the lumps out, so don't try too hard. A few lumps are fine. Add to skillet. Cook over medium-high heat until thickened.

Add chikkinz to sauce and serve. :D

This is what I'm making for dinner tonight. And I'll have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Is very yummy since the chikkinz are cooked tender instead of all rubberriffic. And it makes the house smell all rural.

In other things, I made myself a raider's blog for my own reference. Others are welcome to use it, though. SnailRaids aka Casual Raiders has links and videos just for WoW raids. At least the ones I happen to be doing. Eventually I hope to have more, but we'll see. WoW is going really slow right now.

The regular news out there is pretty dull. Obama being racist and making fun of the disabled is nothing new, really. I mean, the fact that he bars only WHITE media from this meeting should say something to the world. But in the end it won't. They'll justify it by saying it's all black press. Whites need not apply, amirite? (thanks to LGF and HotAir)

Reverse racism doesn't just happen in Detroit, unfortunately. Sites like Chimpout and (I won't link this one) StormFront are seeing a surge in readers. So wrong.

Emergency of the Year...

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Let's hope it's the only time, hmm? Yesterday was kind of crazy and all the plans I'd made came to a screeching halt. Sorry if anybody was counting on me for something, I sincerely have a good reason for not showing up. Honest, I do. Even got proof comin out my ears. Literally! :D

I got up at 8am because I was gonna do laundry at the laundromat (with a lot of fur covered blankets I can't wash at mom's place) while waiting for an apartment inspector that may or may not come over. Anyway, I hit the snooze bar a couple times, but eventually rubbed my eyes and sat up. And then it hits. I was so dizzy the entire room was spinning. So dizzy it felt like I'd been drinking schnapps and shitty wine all night. Two feet on the floor kind of dizzy. I thought, okay, I'll sit here for a few, maybe I got some water in my ear and it'll take a bit for it to pop out. Blew my nose, popped my ears, and...

It got worse. I was dizzy like a frat boy after pledge week. After an hour of sitting and lying down watching everything move it finally eased up a bit. But only if I kept my head from moving at all. The moment my head swivelled in any direction it started again full force. This is not good. Could be a stroke or something. So I called my Mother. We thought maybe it was dehydration, which could be it. So I drank a lot of water. Then a couple more hours passes and it's not gone so we switch to milk for some potassium. Another couple hours passes and my neck is growing sore to keep my head from moving about. We decide a doctor is probably better since my pupils are both the same size and it's not dehydration. My doctor couldn't see me. Therefore...

We went to the urgent care facility in the next city over. The emergency room was an option, but honestly the urgent care gets to you a whole lot faster. After failing to track the doctor's light pen and getting tubes stuck down my ears it was determined that I was having issues with Vertigo (duh). So I now have powerful antihistamines I am to take 4 times per day and this nose spray I use once per day. We shall see if it helps. The dizzy appears still whenever my head moves too quickly. No driving for a while. And gaming will have to stop if my eyes can't track movement on the screen, though that doesn't seem to be a problem yet.

My cane finally came in, too. It'll be delivered today since I can no longer pick it up. And they say there's no karma.

To Serve the Dear Leader...

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Via RedState, Obama Requires YOU to SERVE, H.R. 1388.

Did I not warn of this months ago before Hopey bought the presidency? And here it is, all over again, shoved down our throats by 25 marxists including the batshit insane/tax dodging Rangel.

Blah and double blah...

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Okay, so the cane still hasn't come. I have been running a low fever for three days. Four if you count today. Late as hell. Sore everywhere and tired as hell. Irritable, ears itch (ugh, not again), and unbelievable charley horses in places where you're not supposed to have them. Sometimes sitting up is too painful to deal with. Thankfully, not often. If this grows much worse I'm gonna have to slap my doctor around for a referral. Which means more embarassing ultrasounds, x-rays, and maybe a total hysterectomy. Yeah, I was warned this might happen the last time there was a problem with these tumors and the accompanying cyst. But stupid me didn't want to hit the menopause brick wall.


Games are much the same. It's okay, though. Things have calmed down considerably and there's hope on the horizon. I refuse to believe otherwise. Ghosty is my gaming pal and Lego is a good buddy and they won't let me down. At least not purposefully. One cannot help their gender. ;) Kidding...kidding. Jeeze, now I got a hankering for cheese. And Dr. Pepper. The hormones are raging again. Everybody get behind something solid!!


In other news, malicious blogs seem to be doing damage! Well, no kidding. That's kind of why they call them malicious. In REAL news, Dick 'Halliburton Made Me Rich' Cheney blasted the hell out of the Obama Administration. He says: Don't blame Bush, Hopey wants Government expansion (no duh), and he's made the US less safe (another duh, all courtesy of Drudge) If you haven't checked out Gateway Pundit you should. Outstanding newsblogging going on lately.

Also, RIP Ron Silver, very interesting interview on Hot Air with him from Dec 07 with Michelle Malkin.

Conflict Redux..?

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I was reading through my morning news, waiting on a phone call from my medical supply that sadly will never come for a cane they've said won't be in until Monday now (sigh). This, of course, means that I'm stuck at home all weekend and my chances for being here while the apartment complex is inspected on Monday and Tuesday have slashed to nil. Convenient care, huh? Not that convenient for me. If they'd told me that my cane wouldn't be in until Monday I could have gone elsewhere. But no, they have to be bitches and not tell me a fucking thing until it's too late. Yet ANOTHER call reveals that they're waiting until 3pm so that I have even less time to negotiate for a cane elsewhere. Aren't they nice?

Meh. A shitty start to a shitty day. My guild has once again let me down. As the one person who has been to every single raid she signed up for (barring one, and even then I showed up to give out food before I couldn't stand the dithering anymore and left) it's really pissing me off that nobody is left to support ME. Where the hell are the people who said they'd be there? Where are the ones who were so up and happy about doing this raiding bullshit? Oh, that's right. They GOT their gear. Why should they keep going, amirite? Here, let me tell you what I think of that.

FUCK YOU. Kiss my ass and use lots of tongue. I didn't keep showing up to this shit just for myself, you filthy assholes. I came to better the guild. And after all this time I STILL haven't even SEEN Malygos. God, just go away. If you don't care about me I'm not going to give two shits for you. How you feel about that? If you're not part of the solution....GO ELSEWHERE. Go join AIE or something. They'd enjoy your brand of drama bullshit. I have had enough.

Oh, and in real world news? Japan wants to shoot down the North Korean satellite launcher. You know what? I wish they would. I sincerely wish they'd a missile straight for it. North Korea could flex it's primitive muscles and the world would be at war once again. Yeap, a REAL war. Something WORTH fighting for. And we can finally get rid of these muslim extremists as a false flag target once and for all. World War III courtesy of Kim Jong's idiot brigade. Let's do it, people!! YES WE CAN!!

(Never forget that it was Democrats responsible for both of our previous world wars...)

EDIT: Check this out. Korea's satellite rocket parts headed for Hawaii. Kimmy is threatening both Japan AND the US. Tasty.

Galt fault...

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As reported by Reuters and picked up by Ed Morrissey, the big businesses of the United States are becoming expats in more tax-lenient countries. The shift is happening faster than outsourcing ever did and all that revenue will be lost to us once it's over.

Thanks to Hopey McChange and his buddy Doh Biden we'll end up a country of payees with no payors. I'm tellin ya, get Atlas Shrugged before it's banned. Now I gotta go back to laying down again. I hate when this crap happens. Should get my new cane in the next day or so, though, so I can wait.

Happy happy sunshine and rainbows! Soon everyone will be riding unicorns! :D

EDIT: Okay, maybe you don't want to hear about unicorns and rainbows after you read these. First of all it's been reported via War on Terror News (a blog) that popular milblogs such as BlackFive are being blocked by IPs in Afghanistan in favor of sites such as the New York Times. Can you smell the controversy on THIS one? And the fact that all this started in January should give you a nasty poke in the frontal cortex.

Secondly, as reported in the Obama news lapdog CNN that the Obama Administration wants wounded veterans to pay for their own private insurance. I'm not lying. Go read. Hopey McChange wants the people responsible for defending our freedom to be defenseless when they are injured on the job. While the rest of us Galts are covered by the blanket of the Hopey McChange healthcare system (coming soon to a community support organization [ACORN] near you).

You dipshit moonbats voted for this asshole. Hope you can live with yourselves now.

Nationalized Citibank...

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Tha hell you say...

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"The recession started a year before the banks collapsed. This coming depression is because of Bush."

This seems to be the new battle standard for the Democrats who can't conceive of there being issues that work against their Great Leader. Blame Bush! is the new battle cry. Even if Bush had nothing to do with it. You want to know who's to blame for the coming depression?

---- Yes, depression. You think the stock market going consistently down is leading to some kind of mythical spending hole that'll explode in rainbows when it reaches critical mass? Grow up. Go read a history textbook written before the Carter era.

This recession and coming depression is firmly and unequivocably the fault of our Democratic Congress. Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, and all the rest of them that blocked efforts to reform the Community Reinvestment Act (where banks had to prove that they weren't discriminating against minorities, which according to Phil Gramm is extortion...and it is) that was created by Jimmy Carter and rewritten by Clinton. The efforts to reform by Republicans since the year of it's inception has been blocked by Democrats for DECADES.

It was the government allowing too many people too poor to borrow too much money and then guaranteeing to cover the loss that caused this coming depression. It was Democrat doctrine that caused this mess. It was Carter, Clinton, and their left-wing asslickers that got this ball rolling, boys and girls. And it was our current worthless Congress that has rolled it into the giant shitball it is today. And the shitball only gets bigger under the upturned nose of Barack Obama.

So kiss my ass. Blame Bush when it's Bush's fault. This was NOT the fault of a Republican president. And I can /prove/ it. And before you say 'Oh, disabled people will thrive under the new programs of the Obama Administration' remember that nobody can do anything if the dollar is only good for toilet paper. And THIS is what I've been preaching to you for the last several years.

Brown Monday...

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Oh my. Dear leader has only been in office for a month (+/-, seems longer) and already his economic policies are at work. Dow Jones closed around 300 points down. It's now at 6762, a level we haven't seen since '97. All that spending doesn't seem to be doing much good. Oh wait, that won't be happening until 2010. Right. So what's happening now is because of Bawney Fwank, Nancy 'Kiss My Rich Ass' Pelosi, and Harry 'Commoners Smell' Reid and their infamous blocking of reforms for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Remember those?

Democrats have such small memories. Must have something to do with reduced brain size...


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