Goodbye Dad

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It's been a long strange road dealing with my father. A lot of the time we weren't in contact, but when we were we got a chance to talk we talked about a lot of things. One thing in particular that Dad wanted to talk about is what it was like to die. He'd died several times by this spring and was hot to let me know what he saw. He even gave me a book title to read on my Kindle that explained it in detail what it was like for him. The book is called The Art of Racing in the Rain. And the end is what Dad wanted me to read.

He died so that he can play on the grass with his buddies, riding bikes back home and having a great time. The time he told me about that's what happened. Except he couldn't ride up the grassy hill with them. Well, now he can ride up and down that hill anytime he wants to. His old crippled body is left behind and now he can play with his buddies that have gone on before. Maybe have some of Grandma's beef and noodles on real homemade mashed potatoes and steeped tea. Someday I'll be there, too, and I hope Daddy has a bike for me.

I want a purple bike with a big banana seat and tassels. :)

Wasn't Jesus a jew?...

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Lately all conversation is about Israel and the blockade busters who finally got shot being idiots. So now I ramble on about why I think both sides are complete fucking morons who need to be bitchslapped.

First of all, Israel has a legitimate right to blockade Gaza. They voluntarily gave that property to the arabs. What did the arabs do? They elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, to be their leaders. So now the jihadis have a close up and personal way to toss bombs into Israel. But hey, nobody ever thinks of this cuz jews deserve to die, amirite? *BITCHSLAP* Israel has a perfect right to exist and if the fucking fake-ass palestinians (Palestine NEVER existed) don't like it they can go home. You know what Palestine is? It's goddamn Jordan. JORDAN. If the arabs wanted their own people happy they'd give them fucking desert land nobody else wants. Hell, that's what they gave to Israel and the jews turned it into a paradise.

Now Israel isn't completely right, either. If they had any balls at all they'd lob bombs back across the border and have done with it. But no, they always have to be standing on the higher soapbox, the biggest victim in a continent just chock full of victims. No, let the retard arabs attack. Do it. Put your people away from harm and kick the shit out of them. The arabs have already declared war. I say stop pussyfooting around and put those nukes to good use. Fuck all of them. But nooOOOOOooo, Israel has to be the bigger victim.

The whole area of the world needs to be swallowed up by a French black hole. The jews aren't going to go quietly into the night and the arabs are all bigots who need to be slapped down. The Israelis need to stop being pussies and retaliate /in kind/. Mossad is as much a terrorist organization as Hamas. Let's see some fur flying.

1, 2, 3...GO!