Here we go...

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It's the first day of the first week of school. I have no books, so there's really nothing for me to do right now, but I can claim confusion to the syllabus for English. Supposedly I'm to do a free-writing without any clue as to how long it's to be or what subject matter it should be if any or if there's a due date. I'm sure this is because nobody has books (and I mean nobody), but the teacher really should specify a bit better SOMEWHERE. Hell, it's due next week. The Psych course is a bit different. The teach has everything in a nice timeline with all the papers and quizzes due in a chronological line. Very nice. Nothing due this week, naturally. Again, no books. Tomorrow I have to go to the school for Algebra (YUCK). I have taken this class at least four times, you'd think I'd have mastered it by now. Bleh. Here we go again.

Anyone else running a blog should get out of the business of making money at it. If everyone follows Philadelphia's example you'll end up paying a fee for just having a blog. I'd close it down and tell them to fuck off, honestly. I'm not paying $300 for the privilege of showing nobody in particular the things that are on my mind. I don't do any real reporting anymore and my opinions are muted by the current administration being obviously shitty. Why beat a dead horse, right? Anyway, if you're in Philly you might wanna close down your blogs.


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For no reason I've stopped updating the old blog. Maybe for newer things. I've opened another blog to comment about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV coming out in September. I plan to blog under a few different names if necessary, but it kind of depends on what name I snag at the time. Another 'thing' is a graphic novel that a friend of mine has been wanting me to draw for him. All I need is a plot and some active storyline and I think I'll be okay. I do have Manga Studio for the PC sittin here doing nothing. I should actually try making my own. The novels I want to write can't get on paper for some reason. Maybe someone else's idea will.

The world is going to hell. There you go. Politically it's obvious that Obama is sending the US into an Alinsky tailspin. There's motive and motivation along with a Democrat majority. Why things aren't going faster in that direction is bothering me a wee bit. Of course, Michelle Antoinette is busy eating cake in Spain this week. It galls me that she worries so much about childhood obesity without ever having to deal with the problem. Being rich is such a bitch, huh?

Just had me some potstickers. Now I think I want a blizzard from DQ. Politics be damned. I'm having more fun inside my own head lately.