It's a matter of perspective...

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After a long and hard argument on whether or not to use waterboarding on enemies of the United States, I made the mistake of watching a real Taliban beheading video. Here's the link on Weaselzippers. But be warned, it's horrible. If you have a weak stomach, don't watch it. Please. I am humbled and sobered. The argument is meaningless in the face of this kind of 7th century behavior.

Radical Islam has no problem using torture and death to make their point, the moderates don't do anything to stop it. And they use our system of morals against us. Waterboarding is torture, this is true, but it does no harm to the person on which it is being used. Not permanent, bloody, horrifying damage or death. If it means these people are not populating my hometown I say use all the torture you want to use and then do it again to make the point stick.

The victims are human beings. The people sawing their heads off are animals. And they don't deserve my consideration or compassion. Long live the 10th crusade.

Was going to make a longer links post, but after this I just can't.

Did you fart...?

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Thx muchly Gateway Pundit.

Hahahahahahaha!!! It really is junk science and I can't honestly believe people have fallen into the 'global warming' trap. If you want to clean up pollution that's wonderful and I support you 100%. If you tell me my breath, farts, and the natural refuse from my farm is creating global warming I'm going to tell you just how full of shit you are. We have FEWER farm animals today than we did just 50 years ago. And the world wasn't on the edge of an ice age/hot age then, either. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, you idiots!! There are so few scientists that believe this bullshit you really have to wonder who's behind it all.

Global warming is a hoax. A really big hoax meant to soak you out of your hard earned money. It's called 'guilt tax.' Do you know who profits from those carbon credits you pay? Do you? Al Gore. That's two separate links for each one of his names. And there's a ton more articles just like that for other carbon credit supporters, too.

This is so funny it's almost tragic. Shakespeare himself couldn't make this up.

Anti-news News...

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From this point on I am boycotting CNN, MSNBC, and NBC. I'm also going to never buy a product from General Electric again. The mainstream publications from AP will never hit my porch again. Local news is what I'm buying. ABC and CBS will also not be gracing my television screen. What makes me so angry that I would avoid network television and two news channels (and all those billions in advertising)?

They glossed over approximately a million people protesting taxation without representation. Completely. They ignored the people that pay their salaries. And when CNN sent ONE lone reporter to talk to people at a protest, she skewed the view around to her own way of thinking so badly that the conversation lasted well after the camera was turned off. She's a leftist, an Obama devotee, a Messiah-crat. And CNN actually put this person in a place to do their job for them. No more. CNN and MSNBC are so anti-normal that they've gone beyond the pale to glorify a man who's only claim to fame is that he's best buddies with an admitted terrorist. Hell, the presidency will be the longest time Obama has EVER been employed by one entity.

Did you know Obama's wife was paid for a job that had supposedly been eliminated last year? It's in their tax forms.

Why aren't more people angry?

It's Teabagging Day!!!

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I've decided to compile a list of people in or around government that should be Teabagged. This isn't a personal thing, it's a political thing. If you think about it, there are folks in the news these days who deserve a smack an squat. You know who I'm talkin about, right? Here's my list so far (just from this week):

Opportunist Al Sharpton - Because murderous, thieving, kidnapping pirates are a voluntary coast guard (complete with video).

DHS Head Janet Napolitano - For shovelling manure in the form of a Department of Homeland Security report espousing the criminality of the right wing. Btw, her so-called apology is covered in manure, too.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner - For being a tax dodging douchebag forgiven by his messiah while everyone under him is forced to be precise.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates - For screwing up when Kim Jong Il tossed a rocket in the direction of Hawaii because his poor hair poofy buddy might be offended. Big freaking deal, amirite?

Senator John Kerry - For trying to give billions of our tax dollars to Pakistan to stop them from hating us so damn much. Wah.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - For thinking piracy is amusing and also because she has obviously never read a history book. Sorry, but you can't treat the world like you treat Bill and not get a nutsack to the forehead.

And Resident Barack Hussein Obama - For being really really REALLY freaking stupid. Among other things. I should start listing them. When I get time, maybe. And this just covers THIS week! Man, I need to expand to other sites and get back to reading bare news.

Anybody got additions? I'd be glad to hear them!

Hope your Easter was happy...

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Too funny. Trying so hard to copy the Right. They should stick to wearing pink dresses and leave the hard partying to the people who know how. Are you stealing? Hahahahahahaha...

Hillary thinks piracy is funny...

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Let's put HER in the boat with the pirates and see if she still thinks it's funny. Our Secretary of State is nothing but a giggling mass of ineffective elitist SHIT.

Another reason why Obambi needs to be a one term president. This is disgusting.

Another Reliable Site Goes Wonky...

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One of the sites listed in my links used to be Atlas Shrugged. But because of her overall hatred of a certain ideology, I couldn't, in all conscience, link to her site any longer. She went from having a nice, refreshing enlightened snark against the powers of evil (more specifically, those wanting the destruction of Judaism and Israel for no other reason than to be dominating assholes) to actively reasoning the destruction and death of those on the other side of her arguments. Snark is fine. Wishing for the death of an entire group of people based on faith smacks of something much more evil. I love the woman for her points of view, but I honestly can't deal with someone gnashing teeth for genocide. It's like being a reverse nazi. And it was very sad to watch. Maybe one day Israel will finally rise up and nuke the living snot out of her enemies and that will be the end of it. You know? The tension is making wierdos of us all, maybe.

I've had a lot of time to think and reflect since then. And perhaps I've been too quick to judgment. Even though I disagree with some of the things that Atlas (Pamela Geller) posts, she doesn't seek out to destroy those who disagree ON HER WEBSITE. Can't say the same for the nameless hundreds of thousands of muslims out there, but for those on her website that raise a hand to disagree in small ways she's actually been pretty fair. At least lately. Could be she's mellowing out in some ways while hardening in others. I still don't agree with genocide on anybody's part, but it's the USA. She's entitled to her opinion. On the same note, I am entitled to disagree. And as far as I know, Pamela Geller has never denied my right to do so on her website.

On the other hand, Little Green Footballs, a site I have enjoyed reading for at least two years, has changed in a direction I'm not comfortable with. Bad sentence structure aside, it's creator has gone beyond disagreement to actively getting rid of those who don't agree with him. I think maybe that's obvious to all but himself and his circle of close friends. I've never posted there. I've had an account, but I've always been too shy to try and comment with all of his regulars fighting to jump up and agree the fastest. To me that was the most amusing part of the website. Now it's kind of tiring. And fairly nasty.

The owner of one of my favorite websites has decided that anybody that disagrees with his view is automatically on the wrong side and is promptly ejected. My thing is debate. I enjoy arguing points of view even if it means agreeing to disagree in the end. When there's no debate, there's no interest for me. And so Little Green Footballs is falling off of my regular daily rotation. Kind of like Spencer did late last year when he started preaching like his muslim cleric counterparts in the destruction of an entire culture. Absolutely disgusting. No debate, no fun.

Hey, if you can't have honest debate and dissent what's the point in blathering your opinion on news articles? So you can be like the MSM and tell us what we're supposed to think instead of giving the honest news based on it's own merit? Puh-leeze...

Two new links added. One is an old friend who likes to make jewelry. Beaupepys has some nice handmade jewelry on her blog. She's got a flare for fashion and I sincerely wish she lived closer. The next one is The Infinite Monkey (At The Keyboard). Once an LGF poster and reader, now moved into his own little place on the web. Nice guy. I hope his site takes off!

The USSA News Station...

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...bites itself in the ass. Full story on Hotair: AP Sends Cease and Desist to Itself.

Absolutely priceless...

Because it's interesting...

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Links of Stuff You Should Read...

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Dems lie about support numbers AGAIN. The MSM shills for the Democratic party have announced 642,000 pledges gathered in support of the 'stimulus bill.' Unfortunately, there was really only 114,000. They had photocopied each one three times. MSM gonna announce this one on the air, too? Anybody? Helloooooo?

Immigration amnesty battle is back with a vengeance. Think he's gonna support amnesty? I think so, too. He's gone the easy way out every time up to now. What's to stop him from doing it again? Besides, it was illegals voting illegally that got him the white house. Amirite?

The House has passed the porkulus spending bill already...with not one Republican vote. According to the financial specialists of the WSJ, even people that pay no taxes will be getting a six-figure bill to the tune of $163,000. What's that about 95% unaffected? A lie? Be still my heart. What happened to bipartisanship? Oh...yet another lie. Suprise.

Are Democrats trying to extort a concession from Coleman? Looks that way to me. Via Hotair. Do you think Democrats would sink that low? Hahahaha...duh. Like they extorted the bonuses of AIG executives by threatening to out their names and addresses to the public? Democrat = snarky, lying, bullshit.

Obama apologizes for liberating Iraq among other things. Of course he's giving the g20 alliance a trillion dollars he doesn't have from people who are getting sick of his shit. Apologize for helping the Iraqi's with free elections and crime-free neighborhoods? Is he fucking kidding?

Meanwhile, the Taliban are busy beating children for god (video included). The Taliban flogged a 17 year old girl for the crime of leaving home with her father-in-law. That's it. Leaving home with a relative. But women are only allowed to leave with men, right? So they're beating her for following the writings of some dead warlord even if she's doing the right thing? Oh, you crazy zealots. Hillary Clinton loves these people, you know. She thinks we should be making deals with them for Afghanistan. Realistic, ya think?

Not only is the census going to be a White House entity, they're also promising to count illegal aliens as citizens! What, you thought I was making that up? It's no joke. The new Obama Census Bureau chief is gonna use ACORN to count illegals in the census. It's gonna be legal to steal from the public now! CHANGE!