Iran's civil war...

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Watch this and rate it on the site. Some of the students arrested for protesting have been hanged. I'm wondering when Obama is finally going to take notice. Sanctions on a nuclear state? How about pulling away from them completely by focusing on drilling our OWN oil? Hmm? Take away the US dollars and you take away a vast amount of petrodollars from Iran. They'll have no choice but to bow to our demands. Obama is going nuclear already, why can't he go local drill?

Non sleepage...

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Once again I find myself unable to lay down and sleep. It's an ongoing issue, my mind won't shut off enough for me to rest. So here I sit playing video games and updating the old blog. All the reading I've done this week didn't pique my interest one bit. Well, outside the smut novel I got rolling along on the Kindle. The news is just as I said it would be. Downhill, no good news to speak of, and lots of bloviating dickheads spouting off about one side of the political coin or another. One side points at the other and calls them names...the other side does the same. There's no debate when Democrats have control. Suddenly debate is illegal, immoral, and just not done!

Sometimes I hate this country and sometimes I'm glad I'm here. Tonight I'd like to be anywhere unconscious. Maybe after an hour or so killing things with my bare hands (on a video game). Aaaaand...maybe not. It's not as if I have to get up for anything, I guess.

Another day...another day...another day. The drugs are helping me cope with being so isolated. Hurrah for that. Still sad that I'll die alone, though. Oh well.


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So after almost getting nailed by a bluehair in a buick I've been taking it easy under the adviso of my temporary physician. Who's taken a week off for whatever reason and can't look at my x-rays until monday-ish next week. *le-sigh* Friday I see my monthly in Mt. Vernon and I've made an appointment with their nurse practitioner. Probably won't come to much without having my history there, but damn...this hurts. >_<

Boooooooored. Good lord, I'm bored. I thought of a few ideas on things to write about and I plan on doing so. After I'm done sketching. Though those aren't coming to much since I'm so badly out of practice. That and I can't find a comfortable position to do it all in. Oh blah, I'm bitching.

Enough bitching. There's news to read and cats to pet and yarn to crochet.

Is Revelation a self-fulfilling prophecy...?

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Seems like the end-times are always coming. But never before has Israel come closer to actually taking a nuclear hand in the Middle East. Syria, Lebanon, Iran...all of them threaten this tiny seaside nation simply for existing. Jews, apparently, are not allowed to live in peace. I just don't understand why they're so threatening.

The Jews took a shitty arid stretch of land in the middle of nowhere and turned it into paradise. The Muslims can't stand the fact that the Jews made it and made it better than they ever could with their 7th century mindset. Muslims shouldn't exist in Jerusalem. It was the province of Jews for thousands of years before Mo-ham-head even existed. So why are they allowed to keep the temple mount?

My theory is this: Muslims are allowed to keep their temple of the so that Israel never builds another Holy Temple. When that happens Revelation will come into full swing. Couple that with a peace treaty and you have a recipe for global disaster as the Bible becomes the world's compass. As much as I think the Bible is a great teaching tool, Revelation can be taken in thousands of different contexts. Shoving Israel to the fore by giving them back their Temple would be too much for simple human minds to rationalize. IMHO.

It's a theory.