School and Stuff...continued...

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A new school semester has begun! And all my classes are online. Strangely enough, they're also all on the same subject. Operating systems. Two books are almost identical. Hopefully this won't cause much confusion as I move along the semester.

Personally I've come to accept that my life is a lonely one and I put much more stock into my friends. I make friends more easily now. At least online. For real, I still search for ways to meet people. Kind of thinking of joining a club at the school or something. Just to get me out of the house more often. With online classes I never need to leave for anything but food. And company. Bah.

My paradigm has shifted. I don't honestly have too much to say about politics while Obama is hanging himself. Wars are too numerous to comment about. Death of all kinds prematurely is bad no matter who you are. Basically I'm thinking more about religion and the future than I am about politics anymore. I just don't see a promising candidate this early. And the various flirtations of our nation's leaders surprises no one.

I'm doing okay. So far. :)

Of games...

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The semester is almost over. And I didn't do too bad on my classes. Certainly better than I thought I'd do. I still have all three finals coming up, so my brain is kind of like a nice swiss cheese.

I've been playing a lot of Warcraft lately, more than I probably should. The drama is giving me headaches and my glasses are giving me optical migranes. Ugh. It's only because I tip my head back to use the bifocals more often when I play games. The chat log is so tiny in comparison to other games. Even when you amp up the font size to 18. Farming my ass off for God only knows what. As soon as I cap out Leatherworking I'm going to take a farming break and read up on my new books.

Yeah. Warcraft books. I'm hooked. Go figure.

Midterms and such...

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It's spring break time again! Time for midterms and other fanciful issues. Like how popular I am in a video game. It feels good to actually be a student.

Those sentences only look good together because they're said in the same breath. I am both panicked and relaxed. I've got a couple of big tests coming up this week and next. I feel as if I've hardly made a dent in anything so far. So I may start now.