New Year's Barf...

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I woke up and read over my news articles and my breakfast almost made it back into the bowl. It seems our anti-semitic uber-liberal media is going over the top to point out that Israel is hitting Gaza much harder than Gaza ever hit Israel. And that it's totally not fair that Israel is capable of killing more Gazans than vice versa. At first the thought goes back to grade school recess games like dodge ball. You know, where people gripe and whine if the teams don't wind up having the same number of great athletes to make up for the dopey or weak kids. I think that's what the liberals who are writing this pap are thinking about, too.

They're all idiots.

War isn't about equality. War is about defense and attack. War is bloody and merciless and hope crushing. War means tossing everything you have at your enemy in order to conquer them completely. War means tactics and death and blood and flying shrapnel. War means you don't hold back. There's no proportional attack in war. Gaza wanted this. The morons following the genocidal mullahs wanted this. Israel is retaliating for YEARS of rockets and mortars being chucked into their neighborhoods. I don't give a flying fart if you think Palestinians have the right to Israeli land. That's not the point.

War is stupid. But thinking a war could ever be fair is even more stupid. Grow up, morons.

Awww, here it comes...

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First of all, I'd like to say Thanks to the Almighty for giving me my Christmas wish. It was 66 degrees yesterday and it's 65 degrees right now. I had ONE comfortable night's sleep where it was nice and warm drizzly with the window DECEMBER. Hahahaha. Thanks a ton, Lord. *waves V fingers to the sky* The dreams were a tad convoluted and strange, but that's to be expected considering my recent reading material. At first I didn't think I'd like the big-ass book Ghosty sent me, but wow. Now that I'm halfway into it the story-lines are converging in a totally freaky way. It's kind of hard to put down. But put it down I did! And slipped into a quasi-coma the likes of which I haven't enjoyed for at least a month. Maaaaaaahhhhvelous.

(Pause to fetch a salad and a frap.)

Okay, so I got a salad and a choco milk. And some puddings. And some booze with milk for the new year. Good enough!

Anyway, going through news stories and whatnot this morning and I come across this little piece on Drudge, Israel attacks Gaza. First of all, Reuters, being the anti-semitic and crooked pretend-journalists they are, completely failed to mention that Hamas has been chucking bombs deep into Israel since their FAKE peace agreement ended earlier this month. For jihadists a 'peace agreement' equals 'get more bombs for another volley.' What in the hell did they think Israel was going to do? Roll over and take it like good little Jews? Bunch of morons.

January 20th is looming large. As long as GW is in charge, Israel has a buddy. Obama gives no guarantees. If Israel is gonna chuck a nuke, now would be the time. If I were Gaza I'd be diggin some pretty deep lead-lined holes. You know? It only takes one to prove the point and Gaza's only air protection is...Israel.

On an up note, the movie Valkyrie has utterly tanked. Tom Cruise killed what is otherwise an incredible story of intrigue in the second World War. The story of the man who almost assassinated Hitler, I thought, was wonderful. Claus von Stauffenberg was hero to honest German people of the time who felt that they were betrayed by the Nazi machine. Tom Cruise turned it into crap. As we all feared he would. This is what Scientology does to you, boys and girls. It turns you into a one-trick pony. When you deny what makes you human you lose your ability to empathize. Something that poor ole Tom has been working his ass off (and giving away his money) to do. Scientology killed his career.

Other than the above non-surprising news there's not much to be gleaned from normal journalistic routes. As an earlier post posited, the world news agencies have decided to make the news themselves instead of reporting things that really happen. Everything I read is shoved through the screen of this basic truth.

Ahmadinnerjacket's Christmas Message...

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Ignore it. He's bitching about elitist imperial powers taking over the world while wishing Christians some kind of half-baked half-assed Christmas wishes.

Hey, Dinnerjacket? We all know you're just pissed because the US did in 8 weeks what your backwards nowhere country couldn't do in 8 years. If it wasn't the United States moving in to actually allow these people to have free elections, your ass would be coming over the border to give them your sharia bullshit so your mullahs could have another generation of 8 year old children to rape and thousands more women to hang.

Merry f'in Christmas, loser douche.

Happy Ho-Ho! (ellipses)

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It's another Christmas and as such the cheer I have is currently crumbled within a tissue in my waste basket. That's right, boys and girls. Santa brought me a headcold! WOOHOOO!!!! Runny nose, drippy eyes, sore throat, and the ability to spew chunks over the heads of two amazed (and slightly grossed out) felines! Christmas rocks so hard, I can hardly describe it.

And I haven't even opened any gifts yet. Santa is one sneaky mothah. One tends to wonder what the actual gift is if this headcold is the wrapper.

Oh shit.


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Drafted the last post. It's still there, but you have to know how to get to it to read it. It is sort of vehement. Not quite the kind of thing I feel every single day. But yeah, I do get angry sometimes. It's usually over in a few minutes, but this time it re-emerged after reading the foul words of a complete sociopath. That kind of thing isn't really me. I find myself feeling sorry for people that have to cut down other people or groups of people in order to make themselves feel popular or wanted. I can dig, I guess. It still sucks, sure. In the end, though, she'll wind up looking back and wondering why she was so horrible while paradise slips through her fingers.

That's sad.

Sometime I should actually write down what my religious beliefs really are. So many people are clueless when it comes to modern gnosticism. And my divinity credentials are just as valid today as when I got them 11 years ago. Can't marry anybody (the state always demands a big chunk of cash for that), but I can still have a ministry. If I want one. Which I don't. Priests these days have it rough. Just look around and you can see how much it must blow monstrous chunks to deal with the modern condition. I shudder just thinkin about it. Wish I could talk to my parents about this kind of thing, but they always get that 'deer in the headlights' look on their faces whenever I begin to speak about anything important to me personally. They love me, they just don't want to know me. Now that I'm older and my parents are growing feeble I can appreciate the cosmic humor in that statement.

Ah well. God knows me. That's what's important, I suppose.


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It iced over pretty good today, so I can't do laundry as expected. Which is all good, I suppose, since mom took the day off to wrap Christmas presents. Though it does suggest that the cabin fever will take hold a bit earlier than expected. Still all good. If it snows tomorrow maybe the coming 'inspection' on my apartment complex will be put on hold yet again. Not that my place is horrible or in disprepair, it's not. It's just I don't exactly enjoy having complete strangers parading around in my bedroom. Does that prove I'm not a whore? I do believe it does! :P

C-PAP stuff came today. Yay! Now I can sleep without having air blown into my left eye all night. And a book came. Ghosty is such a bastige. XD I gotta wait to read these, though. They'll make wonderful train reading on vacation! Kind of hoping I'll be able to get more books for the trip back. I'll be a travelling library. Sending books back to myself is easy, though, and makes the trip back a little lighter.

Sooo bored. Winter sucks so hard when it's too icy/snowy/cold to do anything. Except read the news and play games. And maybe clean a dirty cat box. Blago has everyone over a barrel in Chicago and Washington. If he doesn't step down voluntarily they'll have to impeach him (in their cute Chi-town way). Which means all the corruption comes out onto the public forum. So you can see them practically begging on bent knees for him to resign quietly and take his dirty little secrets with him. It's funny. Even the teflon Obama team is giving concessions. I hope the slimy little twunt stays slimy and doesn't resign.


Liberal Cry-spiracy...

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For people who think that Republicans like myself are gnashing at the teeth and standing on the edge of the paranoia abyss waiting for Obama and his cohorts to make mistakes. Those people who are still harping on and on about Sarah Palin and Carl Rove, you know? Here's my final response to your shouts of vitriol assuming that I am going insane in puffy clouds of vehemence at the vacuous 'Left Wing Conspiracy.'

Fuck off. I really just don't give a shit. Republicans will always win. Why? Because Democrats are completely off the mark and will forever return to conservative roots to keep things from going completely socialist. Socialists don't make money unless they're in the elite, remember. And most liberals in Washington only make money from investments and lobbyists. Have you seen the people that Obama has picked for his cabinet?

Blgojevich is in MY state. People in MY state know this corruption has been happening for more than one generation and in more than one party. Why do you continually say that Republicans are excited to see a Democrat finally get what he deserves? Obama got the presidency. Can you not be happy with that and stop with the fingerpointing and baseless accusations? Get over yourselves. There's bigger things to be concerned about now. Obama is wearing a teflon suit now that he's in the oval office so stop with your crybaby bullshit.

In short: Grow the fuck up and learn how to run a country, assholes. Bush had to put up with a lot of shit from you douchebags. Perhaps now you can finally understand our point of view, huh? Deal with it.

It's the end of the world as we know it...

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Israel is gearing up to irradiate Iran. Pakistan and India are ready to toss the lances across borders. Afghanistan is still a cesspool of ignorance via the oh-so-gay Taliban. Iraq is /still/ killing Christians. As is Egypt and Jordan. Those calling themselves Palestinian continually whine over a state they never had and lob rockets into Israel with very little punishment for doing so. Russia and Georgia are still squaring off. The Netherlands is exploding with Eid fever, mostly to the tune of property damage.

All of these things freely available on media news outlets on the internet. Don't bother watching CNN or MSNBC because you won't see any of this on there. You won't even read it on AP or Reuters. The crooked media is finally getting rid of any semblance of journalistic integrity. No, you will have to read it from foreign news outlets and hope beyond hope that they are accurate. So far the only thing they aren't reporting is what's happening in the US.

If you don't see the irony in the above two paragraphs, you must be aesthetically blind.


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So I was going through a painful day today, limping my way through the Dollar store and their unbelievably huge amounts of cheap crap in one giant store, picking up some of the necessary things without paying top dollar at wally world. It's a monthly thing. Dish soap, kitty litter, toilet paper, etcetera. All this stuff is cheaper here and makes the store a favorite for me without having to pay an arm and a leg.

While bargain hunting I stopped to take a look at a neato christmas toy in the 'out-of-date-christian-dvd-and-music-bargain-bin'. It was just a stupid thing. An $18 MP3 player grouped together with an eight piece off-brand bargain speaker set. I kid you not, they had this AAA battery run player attached to a set of speakers that little battery couldn't support for more than a couple of minutes. Ain't white trash great? Anyway, I was playing around looking at the MP3 player (cuz for it's size, cheap make, and capability the price was suprisingly right) when an old lady came up to me and told me that someone my age shouldn't be messing around with that kind of thing.

"My age?" I said, somewhat incredulously. Because someone my age is precisely who these items were packaged to interest.

Stodgy blue-hair sniffs and looks down her nose stomach, I guess, she was kind of short. "What are you, Thirty? Thirty-Five? Grow up, young lady!"

To which I blinked furiously. "What? I'm forty-one! I'd have to grow DOWN!"

Blue-hair finally looks me in the eyes and wrinkles up her already fairly wrinkled forehead. "Liar." Then mumbles as she shuffles off to purchase her kleenex and detergent, "Kids today. Liars, all of them. Why, in my day..."

Am I childish? I'd have to give an automatic 'yes.' Thanks, blue-haired lady! Suddenly this sore leg doesn't seem quite so sore...

You stink...

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Harry Reid says so. You know, the pompous asshole scarecrow standing next to Nancy 'Let Them Eat Cake' Pelosi in every congressional picture for the last three years? Check this out.

Reid: We won't smell the tourists anymore

Anybody still want this elitist prick on the Hill? The Democrats say they're representing the common person, watching out for the poor and downtrodden. But God forbid they smell them.

Pompous douchebag.

Black December...?

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Dow index down almost 700 points. For those not paying attention that brings it mighty close to 8000. Depression, anyone? Looks like Hopey McChange will be starting his administration on a shitty note. And if anybody were paying attention, the striking realization that Democrats were to blame for this mess from back in the Carter and Clinton administrations should offer some clue as to what's going to happen next.

Please keep in mind that nothing will bottom out until everyone begins to sell at the same time. You can bet Mr. McChange will step in and make more imaginary money to stave off the bleed. This also gives our overly liberal (read: Marxist) majority the clout to dissolve the republic. They're already sending 20k troops into the US to handle 'emergencies.' One tends to wonder what kind of emergencies this contingency is supposed to handle. Terrorist activities don't happen in 90% of the nation, you know?

Blah. Conspiracy theories are stupid. Let's just watch and see what happens, shall we? Maybe I'll go back to football gambling to pass the time.