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So I finally settled down in a guild in World of Warcraft with my resto druid. Being the fluff type I actually enjoy being a healer. The priest is level 50, too, on the way to 70. Wrath of the Lich King should be released soon and I can get started on a Death Knight. Which will put everything else on hold. Of course, if I haven't got epic flight by then I will fish for 24 hours solid or something equally as stupid to make the gold so I can dedicate my time to being a freaky DK like 99% of the server.

Salads are awesome good. With frappucino. That rocks so hard.

The weather has been too hot to do much outside, but blissfully nice on the days I choose to mow the lawn. It's been easy to find reasons to get up off my chair. Hard to get them done once started. Thanks to this new boost, though, my vaccuum cleaner has been fixed (and a kitten terrified) and the walk is being weed-eater edged once every two weeks. I even started doing the laundry twice a month instead of the previous once. Really need to get up and moving because my body is failing faster and faster lately. It's kind of alarming. The dishes are done twice a day, little things like litter box duty is done twice as often, the convenience store visited less and less. *sigh* I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old.

Well, I am getting old. Whether I want to or not. Maybe it's better to get old on your feet than staring at a pile of flab from a pillow pile.

Avoiding work...

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A lot has been going on and I have been trying to avoid 90% of it. The game is coming along nicely on my own machine, but I have yet to transfer the bulk onto the game itself. Opting for pretty graphics, I built up the ethereal realm as something changeable and colorful. Since it is MY zone, I thought that was just fine. The rest I have on a couple of ascii maps. That's right. Ascii. Don't ask me why because I can't possibly tell you. It's one of those brain things that happens from time to time. And in any case I won't have to transfer anything over to make maps on the game itself. Though I may have to get out the pencils and rectify things. Meh.

RIP Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (even if you were part of a fruity little club) Nighters Shaft.

The home life is droning as hell. Summer means very few breaks in the monotony and lots of little bastards out of school to irritate the online life. Kind of pondered a move from ER to another server, but maybe waiting for WoTLK will weed out the worst of them. It seems as if everyone is rude, thieving, and opportunistic on ER anymore. Present company not necessarly excepted.

In global news, Russia has decided to invade Georgia. And no, not the state. The former province of the USSR. It seems as if the US isn't doing anything and the mainstream media isn't looking in their direction at all. If you know nothing of the politics of the region you might not understand why this is happening at all and why the US seems to be glossing over it. It's not nuclear weapons that we fear. Hahahahaha...as if. Nono. The US gave all the troops from Georgia that were in Iraq a free ride home. On us. I thought that was a cool gesture of support for a fellow democratic society fighting the reigns of a failing socialist republic.

I dunno, it's not a region I'm terribly familiar with. But it seems to me that the pro-democracy west is getting the wiggling finger for not aiding Georgia. When actually the only reason we like them is because they keep the oil flowing out the anus between the asscheeks of Russia and Iran. Time will tell, I guess. We still have yet to turn Afghanistan into a parking lot. Somehow I think Eurasia has already fallen and we simply don't know it yet.

Eh. Back to work. Or maybe a cool shower.


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All of which makes me anxious. At times unbearably so. - Gorillaz, Double Bass

Happy fluffy bunnies and kittens. Bounce bounce bounce....